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Cat Trix

April 23rd, 2012 | Author: Kitten | 1 Comment »

Okay Speezer … play dead!

Baby Giraffe

August 31st, 2014 | Author: Kitten | 1 Comment »

Can you turn the camera away? I’m a little bit shy.

Kittens Are Trouble

July 15th, 2013 | Author: Kitten | 4 Comments »

So … I’ve missed a few days. The blame can be placed on a few things. Let me lay them out for you real quick:

  • My computer hates me.
  • The internet hates me.
  • The kittens love me (my shoulders have the “No! I don’t want to get down!” scratches to prove it)
  • Kittens are more of a handful than I ever could’ve imagined.

I’m going to make up for my absence by doing double posts for the next few days (likely a photo and a video) but that starts tomorrow. Today, I want to share my adorable little demon kittens with you.

The Third

Let’s start with the sad news first to get it out of the way. So you may remember the little guy in the photo above from the last time I posted photos of the babies. Sadly, The Third did not make it. He struggled from the start but didn’t really get sick until he was about five weeks old. We took him to the vet but there was little they could do to help him and he passed away just after 10pm that evening. The vet was wonderful though and she helped us understand what we need to look out for in the other kittens just in case they got sick as well. He is very much missed but I’m glad to have had the chance to get to know him. With the sadness out of the way, let’s move on to the happiness.

Daddy Mookie

Daddy Mookie on the piano.

The last time I posted about the kittens, Katherine requested a few pictures of the Proud Papa so here is Daddy Mookie (or Morgan as you likely remember him). He’s certainly grown a lot since I posted his baby photos here more than a year ago. Currently, Mama Steve isn’t letting Mookie get too close to her babies but in the beginning, he watched over them like a proper Dad. If he looks upset in the bottom photo, it’s because he has just learned he was heading to the vet to ensure he will not father any more kittens.

Two Weeks Old

Baby Dewey: Two Weeks Old


This pretty little lady is Dewey, short for The Deuce. As her name implies, she was the second born. My mother and I got to witness this little one’s birth and I even helped a very exhausted Mama Steve get this little one cleaned up. So far, she seems to be the more skittish of the two, leading me to believe she’s going to take after her mother in the personality department. As far as looks go though, aside from being all white (aside from a small black spot on her tail) she takes after her Dad in every way. Unfortunately, there are no really good pictures of the second little one (whom you’ll meet in a moment) at two weeks of age because Mama Steve grew anxious about the babies fairly quickly.

Three Weeks Old

Dewey: Three Weeks Old

Baby Mullet: Three Weeks Old


You’ve already met Dewey (top) so allow me to introduce you to Mullet – named for the black mullet you can barely see in this photo. This little man has the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen. I swear, he could be in one of those SPCA ads with Sarah McLachlan playing in the background. Looks wise, he takes after his mother. I was going through Mama Steve’s baby pictures the other day and I couldn’t get over how much they look alike. This handsome little devil was the first baby born and he is the baby that Steve chose to have in my bed on my belly. Personality wise, he’s the perfect combination of his Mom and Dad. He’s feisty and loves to play (especially if play involves chasing something and especially if that something is his sister, Dewey).

Four Weeks Old

Dewey and Mullet

By four weeks old, it was getting harder and harder to get decent pictures of these little Boogers. They were no longer lying around and sleeping most of the time but had started playing and, most troublingly, trying to escape the box we had them in. The same evening I snapped these pictures we gave up on trying to keep them in a box and allowed them to roam under Steve’s careful gaze. Trying to keep them enclosed was impossible so we spend an hour or so “kitten-proofing” and let them out.

Week Five

cute edit dewey

cute edit mullet

Here are the babies at five weeks old. At this point, they were getting a little less dependant on Mama Steve and a little more dependant on my lap. They started exploring other rooms and having their own little kitten adventures but when it came time to sleep, my lap was the only place they wanted to be – unless, of course, I would let them on my shoulders. This is when a lot of the shoulder scratching began. They aren’t just content to sleep there. No, they also very much like to climb up the front of my shirt, take a position on one of my shoulders and start playing there. This leads to a little discomfort when one starts to fall and tries to dig into my flesh to hold on but it’s far too cute to stop them. It’s just a few little scratches, after all.

cute edit

cute edit

After week five, I had to stop my weekly photoshoots because the kittens just won’t sit still long enough to get decent photos most of the time. Besides, they’re doing such adorable things all of the time, I’m finding myself running for the camera every five minutes. These two photos are two of my favorite. In the top photo, we kind of see Dewey lying all stretched out in my husband’s arms. We tried to get a clearer picture but it was not meant to be. In the bottom photo, we get to see Mullet enjoying (?) my husband’s sneaker. It took me several tries to get this photo but I think it came out pretty well!

cute edit

I just snapped this photo earlier today while Dewey and Mullet were getting a little fresh air on the window sill, looking straight into the camera with their beautiful faces. It’s no surprise I couldn’t stand the idea of parting with these little ones. I was there from the moment they were born and I couldn’t imagine not watching them grow up. Besides, I don’t think I could stand separating them or taking them away from Steve. She isn’t the friendliest cat in the world (I’m fairly certain she’d have no use for me whatsoever if she could figure out how to open cans for herself) and has hated Mookie from the moment he came into the house (aside from that one fateful day/night that he got her pregnant) but she is one heck of a great mother. Plus, just look at those little faces. How could I give them away? What would they do without my shoulders to climb on? Besides, I know for sure with us they’ll have a great home with lots of food and more love than they could ever ask for. Are they a whole lot to handle? Yes. Is that only going to get worse as they get older? Oh absolutely but with no more kittens on the way (Mookie has been “taken care of” and Mullet will be as soon as he’s old enough) I’m confident I’m up for the challenge.

Puppy Masters the Stairs

November 17th, 2010 | Author: Kitten | 1 Comment »

Hey, it might not look that difficult, but it really is. I only have little legs! It’s scary, but I can do it! I brave!

Fresh Puppy

August 1st, 2014 | Author: Kitten | 1 Comment »

If I just have my nap here, will I stay fresh?