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Disagreement Duck

April 11th, 2008 | Author: thatdaveguy | No Comments »

No! I told you, I’m not Donald Duck! I’m not rich!


Cross Dressing Guinea

April 12th, 2008 | Author: thatdaveguy | No Comments »

Wasn’t my idea! Reallys! I just do the poses and get the suffering over with!


Engineer’s Guide To Cats

May 25th, 2009 | Author: thatdaveguy | 1 Comment »

This has its own captions and narration, I don’t have anythng to add 😉

Bottoms-up Dog

August 21st, 2011 | Author: Kitten | 1 Comment »

Scratch my belly. Scratch my belly. OHHHHHH, c’mon, c’mon! scratch it, scratch it, I need it, c’mon. PLEASE!

Source: Flickr

Kitty Confuses Doggy

January 24th, 2014 | Author: Kitten | 1 Comment »

Do I … do I still go in?