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Calf with a Craving

December 22nd, 2010 | Author: Kitten |

    Maybe it’s just me but that carrot you’re eating looks mighty yummy. Think you could spare some?

    cute calf

    Source: Flickr

    • Katherine

      Awww what a cute little baby. Don’t even want to think about what happened to him later.

    • kitten

      I think he’s just a dairy cow. I mean, getting milked probably isn’t a lot of fun, but better to be a milk cow than a meat cow. I don’t see any tags on its ears either. Normally the sad fate cows have marked ears. I could be wrong, but I choose to believe that. It makes the picture a lot happier. So sad what happens to cows.

    • Katherine

      I hope you are right but if you look closely you can see some numbers on its right ear… though maybe that’s not its ear, not sure.