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YouPet Review

February 3rd, 2009 | Author: thatdaveguy |

    I normally don’t post anything but cute images and videos, but I thought this is a really cute website you all might like! It’s at least a novelty and fun to play around with.

    What is it? YouPet. Think of it this way: Facebook for your pets. Cute eh? I thought so. You can build a profile centering around your pet instead of yourself. You can share their pictures, hobbies, and interests, just like your own Facebook profile :). You can even ‘interact’ with other peoples pets. Silly, but fun.

    You’re obviously here because you like seeing cute cats and dogs and whatnot, you can find more over there with all their cute qualities.

    I’ve just signed up over on YouPet this morning. Give it a shot if you’re curious.

    Click Here to Visit Youpet

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