One of the best ways to get a new pet is by adopting an “S” puppy name–a popular trend in 2018. However, some people may be reluctant because they don’t want to deal with tons of letters and numbers on their phone. Here are our top ten favorite names that start with S!

The “dog names starting with s male” is a list of the best dog names that start with S and why choose an “S” puppy name. The article also includes information about popular dog breeds, as well as tips for choosing a good name.

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It’s not simple to come up with the ideal name for your puppy. You’ll need to choose something that fits their personality, blends in with the rest of the family, and is easy for them to grasp and react to.

With this in mind, choosing a name that begins with the letter S is a fantastic option. 

Dogs can detect words beginning with S from background noise more readily than words beginning with other letters or sounds, making it simpler for them to recognize, remember, and react to their name.

Dog Names That Start With S

To assist you in making this selection, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest dog names that begin with the letter S to serve as inspiration. We’ve also included some helpful hints for picking the right dog name and teaching it to them.

Why do you want a dog name that starts with the letter S?

Why do you want a dog name that starts with the letter S? Keep in mind that dogs do not comprehend language in the same way that humans do, but they can detect sounds and correlate them with certain meanings.

This is how they learn orders and will learn their name as well.

Your dog must be able to separate the sound of its name from the ambient noise in order to identify it, which is far more difficult without the context of language.

If you compare how simple it is to differentiate words and sounds in your home tongue against other languages, you may have recognized this.

According to research, dogs have an easier time distinguishing the letters CH, S, SCH, SH, or K at the beginning of a word. Dogs react best to words that finish in vowels and have no more than two syllables, according to experts. 

So there you have it: the science behind why you should give your dog a name that begins with the letter S. If none of these S names pique your interest, check out our list of K name suggestions.

Popular Girl Dog Names That Begin With The Letter S

Are you planning to adopt a female dog as a family member? Take a look at these popular female dog names that begin with the letter S.

  • Sage — a sage person with great judgment, as well as the plant.
  • Sally is a lovely Hebrew name that meaning “princess.”
  • Sandy is a great name for yellow canines since it reminds me of Olivia Newton-John from Grease.
  • Sapphire is the right jewel for you.
  • Sari – a gorgeous dog dressed in an Indian sari.
  • Savannah is a southern term for a dog that enjoys running.
  • Serena is a tranquil name, perfect for a powerful woman like Serena Williams.
  • Shade is ideal for dogs with dark coats.
  • Simone is a refined dog name.
  • Siri is Apple’s personal assistant.
  • Skye is a huge dog that has enormous goals (and dreamy eyes)
  • For white dogs, snow is great.
  • Sophie – the name Sophie is taken from ancient Greek and signifies knowledge.
  • Sora is a gender-neutral Japanese name that roughly translates to “sky.”
  • When they have a cheeky glint in their eye, they are said to sparkle.
  • Star is a great option for dogs that like being the focus of attention.
  • Stella is a lovely name made famous by the film A Streetcar Named Desire.
  • Storm – for rambunctious puppies that leave a trail of damage in their wake.
  • Sunny – for the dog who brings joy to your life.
  • When they have a caring nature, they are referred to as sweeties.
  • Sylvie – a nod to the untamed woods and a great name for a rambunctious dog.

Boy Dog Names That Begin With S Popular Boy Dog Names That Begin With S

Are you getting a male puppy from a breeder or a shelter?

Consider the following male dog names that begin with the letter S.

  • If they like swimming, a sailor is an excellent choice.
  • For frequent sinners, Saint is excellent.
  • Sam is perhaps the most well-known dog name of all time.
  • Samson is a fictional character based on the biblical hero Samson, who is known for his magical hair.
  • When you know your dog is a ninja, you may call him a samurai.
  • To make their name more identifiable, add a vowel to the end of Sam.
  • Sancho – when you know they’re going to cause a ruckus.
  • Saturn is named after the wicked deity Saturn.
  • Scrabble – if deciphering them is a challenge
  • Scooter – ideal if they are always stepping on your toes.
  • Scottish breeds and Star Trek enthusiasts will love Scotty/Scottie.
  • Scorpio – particularly if they are irritable and quick-tempered.
  • Scout is ideal for alert dogs that are always ready to learn and impress.
  • Scruffy – when you realize your lengthy mane will cause you problems.
  • Scuba diving is a great sport for swimmers.
  • Seals are ideal for grayhounds.
  • Sergio – for witty puppies
  • If they have a long coat, shabby is excellent.
  • Sharky — particularly if their teeth seem to be nasty!
  • Shep is a charming German Shepherd name.
  • Sherwood – particularly if they like stealing your socks.
  • Shiva is a kind and compassionate Indian deity.
  • Sid is the perfect name for rebels like Sid Vicious.
  • Silver is ideal for dogs with light gray coats.
  • Simone – Garfunkel and Simon? Isn’t that Simon Cowell? Any guy you like or despise
  • When they are at the front of the pack, they are known as the skipper.
  • Sly (as in Sly Stallone) or Sly (as in sly puppies)
  • Smoky is a lovely gray puppy name.
  • Sonny – as in Sonny and Cher – is a character in the film Sonny and Cher.
  • Spot is a frequent name for dogs with spots.
  • Fans of Game of Thrones know who Stark is.
  • Because their love is priceless, they are given the name Sterling.
  • Stuart is a sophisticated name that is ideal for little dogs.
  • Snoopy is the most well-known cartoon dog in the world.
  • Spike – for rambunctious puppies
  • Sprocket is a toy for energetic little dogs.
  • Sven is a fantastic name for a Nordic warrior.
  • Sumo – for breeds that are rounder and heavier.

Dog Names Inspired by Food

Many people name their dogs after foods since we all enjoy food and our dogs are usually tasty enough to eat!

Take a look at these food-related dog names that begin with the letter S.

  • In Portuguese, sabor simply means “tasty.”
  • Saffron is a pricey and pungent spice.
  • Sake is a powerful drink.
  • Salsa is a fiery companion.
  • Sashimi is the ideal complement to the ideal partner.
  • Satay is a spicy, nutty dish.
  • sassy – sassy – sassy –
  • Sausage is large and tasty.
  • Schnapps is the ideal aperitif.
  • Schnitzel is a delicacy that is particularly well suited to German breeds.
  • Schweppes is a delightful and frothy beverage.
  • Scone is a tasty yet substantial bread.
  • Shiraz is an excellent bottle of red wine.
  • Shortcake is a little yet tasty dessert.
  • Skittles are a fantastically enjoyable game.
  • Snickers — delectable and packed with nutty delights
  • Spaghetti is perfect for dogs who are tall or lengthy, such as Greyhounds.
  • Strudel is a delightfully sweet pastry.
  • For your darling, sugar
  • Sushi is a tasty dish that arrives in a little container.

Names Derived From Locations

David and Victoria Beckham named their children after the countries in which they were born. While we don’t encourage it for dogs, naming them after some of the world’s most beautiful locations is a fantastic idea.

Check out these names that start with the letter S and are based on cities, nations, and other places.

  • Safari is a place where you may go on unusual experiences.
  • The Sahara is the name given to the African desert.
  • Saigon is a lovely name for Asian dogs.
  • Saitama is a city in Japan.
  • Sakai is a small town in Japan.
  • Salem – for naughty puppies
  • Salvador was Brazil’s first capital.
  • Samara is a city in Russia.
  • Samoa is an island country in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Sanaa is Yemen’s capital.
  • Sangli is a unique Indian city.
  • Santiago is Chile’s capital.
  • Sarajevo is Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital.
  • Seoul is the capital of South Korea.
  • Seville is a well-known Spanish city.
  • Siberia is a wasteland in Russia.
  • The capital of North Macedonia is Skopje.
  • Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital.
  • Sokoto is a Nigerian city.
  • Soweto is a city in South Africa.
  • Soy sauce is a spicy dark sauce.
  • Suez (as in the Suez Canal) is a city in Egypt.
  • Summit is ideal for large dogs.
  • Surat is a historic city in India.
  • Sydney is an Australian city with a name that meaning “broad meadow.”

Famous Character-Inspired Names

It might be amusing to name our pets after famous people since it can be a playful allusion to their personality or something you like. Here are some of our favorite names that begin with the letter S and are based on well-known personalities.

  • Sabrina – the adolescent witch
  • Fans of The Vampire Diaries will enjoy Salvatore.
  • Sansa – named for Lady Stark’s auburn hair.
  • Saruman is one of Tolkien’s Middle Earth wizards.
  • For Lord of the Rings enthusiasts, there is Sauron.
  • Scooby – Scooby Doo, Where Have You Been?, which is ideal if they are a little silly.
  • Do they not like to share their possessions, Scrooge?
  • Fans of Star Trek: Voyager will recognize Seska.
  • Sheeba is the name of the Queen of Sheeba.
  • Sheldon – Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.
  • Shera is a cartoon character who is a warrior maiden.
  • Sherlock — for Holmes, the crime-solving detective who doesn’t follow the rules.
  • Shredder is the Ninja Turtles’ villain.
  • Shrek is a large, stinky monster with a golden heart.
  • Silas is another another Easter egg for fans of The Vampire Diaries.
  • Simba, the lion baby from The Lion King, is our favorite.
  • Sinbad is a good choice, particularly if they like water.
  • Sirius is a nickname for Harry Potter’s Sirius Black.
  • After the terrible Jedi in Star Wars, we have the Sith.
  • Socrates – a thinker’s thinker’s thinker’s thinker’s thinker
  • Solomon is a name for puppies who are in command.
  • Sonic – particularly if they’re pumped up.
  • Sookie – as in True Blood’s Sookie Stackhouse
  • Snape — Harry Potter’s bat-like evil guy hero
  • Spencer is a character on the show Pretty Little Liars.
  • For Star Trek aficionados, there’s Spock.
  • If you’re a fan of The Vampire Diaries, you’ll enjoy Stefan.
  • Stewie (from Family Guy) is a baby.
  • Stig – for Top Gear fans
  • Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch) is a character in the Disney animated film Lilo and Stitch.

Celebrity-Inspired Names

Celebrity culture influences a lot of current life, so why not name your puppy after one of your favorite S-named celebrities?

  • Salma – named after Salma Hayek.
  • Any fan of Law and Order or Friends will recognize Sam Waterston as the reason this works.
  • Sandra is a nickname for Sandra Bullock.
  • Saoirse is a nickname for Saoirse Ronan, a vivacious Irish actress.
  • Sebastian – as in The Winter Soldier’s Sebastian Stan
  • Sacha is a stage name for a comedian. Sacha Baron Cohen is a British actor.
  • Scarlett is a nickname for Scarlett Johansson.
  • Sean — in honor of Sean Connery, the one and only.
  • Selena is a nickname for Selena Gomes.
  • Seth – for Seth MacFarlane, a comedian and writer.
  • Shakira is a Latina singer who is well-known in the United States.
  • Shailene is a name for a young actress. Shailene Woodley is a well-known actress.
  • Sharon – for your flawless performance. Sharon Stone is a well-known actress.
  • Shia – for the tumultuous Shia LaBeouf is a well-known actor.
  • Sia is an eccentric Australian singer who is best known for her song Chandelier.
  • Sienna is a name given to British actress Sienna Miller.
  • Sigmund – as in Sigmund Freud – is a surname.
  • Skarsgard – for the Nordic actor group
  • Stallone (as in the Rocky actor) is a fictional character.
  • For the character actor, Stanley Stanley Tucci is a well-known actor.
  • – Steve Although there are several, Steve McQueen may be the finest.
  • Sylvester (as in Stallone) is a fictional character created by Sylvester Stallone.

Other S Dog Names to Think About

Have you still not found what you’re searching for? Here are some more S dog names to think about.

Saachi, Saber, Sadie, Saffi, Sail, Sal, Sandy, Sarah, Sassy, Satin, Sawyer, Saxon, Scott, Seamus, Sergeant, Shane, Shelby, Sherman, Shiloh, Siegfried, Sissy, Slinky, Solo, Sora, Sosa, Sox, Sparrow, Sting, Striker, Stone

A Guide Dog With The Letter “S” in His Name

Finally, we must mention Stetson, our very own guide dog puppy! I had to come up with a dog name that began with the letter “S” back in 2007.

Here’s my email conversation about Stetson’s naming:

ME: I figured I’d write you an email since it was late. Stetson, Snoopy (my dog’s name is Linus), Simba, Satchmo, and Sancho are a few other names that came to me. Those names appeal to me more than Stu’s. Please let me know if any of these suggestions work.

PUPPY MANAGER: I like Stetson, and I believe Sancho would be OK as well.

ME: I’d want to join Stetson on his trip. Is it okay if we use that name? If not, please let me know and I’ll email you a list of more names.

PUPPY MANAGER: Stetson is a fantastic dog!

That’s how Stetson, my first Guide Dog puppy, got his groove (I mean name).

What Is The Best Way To Teach Your Dog Their Name?

It’s critical to educate your puppy to identify his or her name after you’ve decided on a name. How else are they supposed to know that this term is theirs?

Although the intended reaction to the word is more flexible, training your dog to identify their name is exactly the same as teaching them to recognize a command.

You should primarily educate them to pay attention to you when you call their name and encourage this behavior with prizes (treats, praise, or play).

Begin with daily five-minute training sessions in which you place your dog in a focused position and pronounce their name. Give them a reward when they react to you. For a few weeks, do this numerous times over a couple of minutes each day.

The next step is to educate your dog to react to you even if they aren’t paying attention to you. Take them on a walk (even if it’s just around the block) and let them explore.

Then say their name while walking your dog. If they turn to face you and give you their whole attention, consider rewarding them with a treat. 

If they don’t turn around right away, softly pull on their leash to grab their attention and repeat their name. You may call their name again when they turn towards you, and then praise them for their reaction.

Your dog will learn to identify their name with nice things as a result of this training, and they will constantly want to pay attention to you.

As a result, never use your dog’s name in a bad context. For instance, instead of saying “no, Rover,” just say “No” to avoid connecting your dog’s name with negativity.

Dog Names: Frequently Asked Questions

What should your dog’s name not be?

Avoid dog names that sound too much like phrases you want your dog to know and react to, such as “sit,” “stay,” “heel,” or “no.”

This is because your dog may be confused by the noises and may think you’re merely attempting to catch their attention rather than giving a command.

While it’s entertaining to come up with interesting dog names, don’t go overboard. You’ll have to use the name in public, and other people may have to use it to keep your dog under control.

Anything that is difficult to pronounce, as well as anything that may be insulting or contentious, should be avoided. 

Is it a terrible idea to give your dog more than one name?

Your dog may be trained to react to many names with the correct training. You can even alter their name, but you’ll have to put in the effort.

If you use the same name every time, it will be much simpler to educate your dog to know and react to their own name. All canine orders follow the same rule.

Should you refer to your dog by his or her name frequently?

Despite the fact that your dog’s name is not a command, they will react to it in the same manner, as if it were a call for attention.

As a result, it’s best to avoid using it out of context. You should not, for example, use the name in conjunction with other instructions, particularly negative ones. As a result, the name will not acquire a bad meaning.

When you want to grab your dog’s attention, it’s advisable to say it once rather than saying it many times for similar reasons.

Are you interested in learning more about dog training? Take a look at these typical dog hand gestures.

The Final Word

When selecting the ideal name for your dog, there are several factors to consider. However, one factor that may make a significant impact is the first letter of their name.

Certain letters might help your dog discern their name from the background sounds more easily than others.

S is one of the greatest letters to use as the first letter of your dog’s name, and there are many of fantastic names that begin with the letter S. Hopefully, our list of the finest dog names that begin with the letter S can provide some ideas.

Do you have any recommendations for dog names?

In the comments box below, please share them with the community.


The “dog names starting with t” is a list of the best dog names that start with the letter “S”. The article will also tell you why it is important to choose an “S” puppy name.

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