Cats can be social animals, and they need to feel comfortable in their environments. Many cats will not leave the house if they don’t have a place outside where they are allowed to roam free. The following innovations help your cat enjoy nature from indoors and outside simultaneously:
1) Provide multiple perches around the home;2) Get some toys that stimulate natural prey-catching behaviors;3) Set up an outdoor enclosure with litterboxes, scratching posts, etc.;4) Put out food on top of elevated surfaces so kitties who like jumping down get exercise while staying safe!5). Create a “safe” room for playtime outdoors by covering windows or filling holes with tape or bricks (and also provide plenty of fresh water!).6).

The “how to make cat happy indoors” is a post about 6 ways to let your cat enjoy nature from indoors. The article also includes the “Must Have” text.

The activities of the big outdoors are a feast for feline senses in every season. Even indoor cats will find lots to see, smell, and experience if we provide them with appealing chances. Here are six ideas – keep reading, folks!

Open your windows (with screens)

In every climate, you may open a window and let fresh air in through the screen at some time throughout the year. Open windows give infinite stimulus from the world beyond their food dish, catnip toys, and litter box, which is why cats love them so much. Did you know that cats’ nasal cavity has 200 million smell receptors? Not only can they smell the BBQ going on next door, but they can also tell whether that freeloading raccoon has been raiding your trash can at night – again.

6-Ways-to-Let-Your-Cat-Enjoy-Nature-from-IndoorsAnnette Webb’s illustrations

Construct a catio

Why not construct a catio for your cat so he may relax in the safety of a fenced-in patio area linked to your house? Online, you may find a range of catio planning ideas, or look for smaller, transportable versions. Your magnificent kitty may imagine the catio is his own private lanai and that he’s on vacation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As if you were a personal attendant at a high-end resort, he’d expect you to bring him snacks and toys. What makes you think that’s any different from their ideas if they didn’t have a catio?

Climbing structures and scratching posts should be added to the mix.

Cats like climbing trees and sharpening their ferocious claws on the bark. Provide towering cat towers, shelves, and scratching posts to provide kitten a comparable indoor experience, and let them have at it! Many kittens like the model that appears in some homes around the holidays. It is referred to as a “Christmas tree” by humans.

6-Ways-to-Let-Your-Cat-Enjoy-Nature-from-IndoorsAnnette Webb’s illustrations

Cat grass should be grown.

Most cats are naturally drawn to the taste of fresh grass, which you may provide them with in the form of an indoor planter. In your local pet store or online, look for a range of cat grass kits. Cat grass makes them puke up hairballs or helps them move their digestion along like a laxative, which those clever cats intuitively know. They also know intuitively to send their hacked-up hairballs onto your shoe, your new carpeting, or all over the keyboard of your laptop.

Go for a walk

Bring the comforts of home outside to offer cat the best of both worlds! If your cat is a little more daring, a trip around the neighborhood in the comfort and protection of a screened pet stroller could be in order. He’d unwind, take in the scenery, smell the air, and let the passers-by appreciate him. Plus, nothing screams “this human is my servant” like a rolling cat chariot with an enclosed inside.

1650068975_962_6-Ways-to-Let-Your-Cat-Enjoy-Nature-from-IndoorsAnnette Webb’s illustrations

Include a perch within.

Whether a window is open or closed, a cat may watch his favorite Cat TV episodes. When you put a perch or cat tower near to a window with a clear view of action-packed trees or feeders, kitty gets a front-row seat to Say Yes to the Nest, Real Mousewives, and Gossip Squirrel. And there are no advertisements!

The “what do indoor cats need” is a question that many cat owners ask themselves. Here are 6 ways to let your cat enjoy nature from indoors.

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