Do you know what your new kitten needs? This list will help. What to buy and where to find it, plus why you should shop local when possible.

The “new kitten vet checklist” is a list of items that you will need for your new kitten. It includes things such as the food and litter, toys, and even the veterinarian.

Few things are more joyful than bringing a new pet home, particularly a cute kitten. Here are some items you’ll need before bringing your new family member home to set her off to a good start.

Litter container

Get a Litter container with a short entryway to make it easier for a kitten to get in and out. Once she’s bigger, switch to a larger one, and get an extra so she has options in two separate places.

Your-New-Kitten-Shopping-ListKitty Go Here is $19.99 and can be found at


There are many different kinds of cat litter available. Kittens are the focus of certain litters. Inquire with your breeder or shelter about the brand of litter your cat was using, and purchase the same for her to use in her new home.

Your-New-Kitten-Shopping-ListDr. Elsey’s Kitten Attract Clumping Clay Litter is available at for $15.99.

Dishes for food and water

The best materials to use are stainless steel, glass, or lead-free ceramic. To avoid messes, get a separate food and water dish. Purchase two of each item so that one set may be placed in the dishwasher.

1649895555_275_Your-New-Kitten-Shopping-ListLe Bol Cat $7.99. 1649895556_781_Your-New-Kitten-Shopping-ListDrinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain $89.95.


To avoid gastrointestinal problems caused by a rapid change in diet, give your new kitten the same food she had at the breeder or shelter at first. Consult your veterinarian about the ideal diet for your new cat in the future, and gradually introduce different foods to your kitten.

1649895558_464_Your-New-Kitten-Shopping-List$31.72 Wellness Kitten Pate (3 ounces, case of 24). is where you’ll find it.

Cat tree

Because cats like climbing and being in high areas, a cat tree is a must-have. It should be strong and hefty enough to withstand your cat’s leaping and playing habits. Place the tree near a window to give your cat a perspective of the outside world.

1649895558_341_Your-New-Kitten-Shopping-List$49.99 Armarkat Classic Cat Tree is where you’ll find it.

Surfaces that scratch

Buy scratchers for your cat to save your furnishings. Scratching posts made of sturdy sisal rope to basic cardboard scratch pads are available. Purchase many different varieties and position them in various locations so your kitty has a handy scratching surface at all times.

1649895559_49_Your-New-Kitten-Shopping-List$49. Mau Emory Cat Scratcher


Toys are necessary for cats of all ages. They keep your cat’s mind active, provide him exercise, and discourage him from engaging in undesirable activities (like scratching and biting). Interactive toys, which assist your cat build and nurture their link with you, are even better than chase and wrestle toys.

1649895560_197_Your-New-Kitten-Shopping-ListJackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand Teaser $13.84. Available on 1649895561_255_Your-New-Kitten-Shopping-ListPet Adobe Ball Track Tower Cat Toy $22.95. Available on


Although your cat may take your sofa as a sleeping location, it’s still a good idea to get her her own cat bed. Look for a bed that is simple to clean and provides a place for your cat to burrow and hide. Add some warm blankets for even more coziness.

1649895563_970_Your-New-Kitten-Shopping-ListBest Pet Supplies Round Bolster Cat Bed $24.99. Available on 1649895563_970_Your-New-Kitten-Shopping-ListK&H Pet Products Deluxe Kitty Sill Cat Window Perch $73.99. Available on


If you got your kitten from a shelter, she was most likely already microchipped. If she is, be sure to register it and update your contact information. A collar and tag is also a smart idea; if your cat manages to run away, anybody who discovers her will be able to securely return her to you. Breakaway collars are ideal for preventing your cat from becoming entangled in her own collar. Li’l Pals Adjustable Breakaway Kitten Collar $4.99


For vet appointments or automobile trips, you’ll need a carrier. Because cats link carriers with unpleasant medical visits, gradually introduce the carrier to your kitten and encourage her to explore it with goodies and positive reinforcement, making it a comfortable (not frightening) location for her.

1649895565_896_Your-New-Kitten-Shopping-ListUltralite Pop-Up Cat Carrier by Necoichi, $25.

Instruments for grooming

Cats groom themselves, but they still need human assistance. To make her look and feel her best, invest in a decent brush, a flea comb, nail clippers, and cat wipes for frequent maintenance. sells the Frisco Beginner Grooming Kit for $12.04

The “new kitten handbook” is a book that has been written to help new owners of kittens. It includes information on what to feed the kitten, how to take care of the kitten, and even how much your cat should cost.

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