Whether you’re a new dog owner or an old hand, pet insurance is something that comes in handy during the early years of your companion’s life. It can pay for unexpected and expensive vet bills if they are uncovered at the wrong time, but with so many options out there it can be challenging to figure which one best suits your needs. This guide will help cut through some confusion by listing six scenarios on how to decide what type of policy is right for you, plus offer tips about picking the perfect plan!

The “nationwide pet insurance” is a guide to help you understand the different types of pet insurance. It includes information about how much it costs, what types of coverage are available, and why you should consider getting a policy.

It’s time to grow.

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“I’d want to see the sector become more well-known,” says Matt Hiesiger, product analyst for Embrace Pet Insurance. “Many individuals are unaware that pet insurance is available, or they are unaware of it until their pet is older and has already developed problems.”

Nonetheless, the number of insured pets has been steadily growing in recent years. Dr. Jules Benson, Nationwide’s chief veterinary officer, said, “It’s been a very active period for pet health insurance.” “I believe that in some circumstances, pet health insurance is something that individuals have been meaning to do for a long time. Nationwide will cover 1,000,000 pets in 2021, which is a significant milestone.”

According to Kristen Lynch, executive director of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association, statistics shows that since the second quarter of 2020, all NAPHIA member firms have seen substantial increases in pet insurance membership.

“Part of it may be attributed to an increase in pet adoptions and purchases, as well as a significant shift in pet owners’ lives,” Kristen explains. “Everyone has been home from work and school.” People are learning more about their cats, and cats are learning more about their owners than ever before. When we consider this, as well as the influence of the epidemic on our income and spending patterns, it’s clear to understand why pet insurance is becoming more popular.”

Offerings that change

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Pet insurance used to be a one-size-fits-all offering decades ago. Pet insurance firms, on the other hand, are always tweaking their services to give pet owners greater flexibility, perks, and value.

Some current developments in pet insurance services, according to Kristen, include:

Pre-existing conditions are covered by higher-end pet insurance.

The option to skip the waiting time by having your cat examined by a veterinarian prior to enrolment.

Wellness benefits that may be included into your insurance or bought separately as a stand-alone program to go along with it.

What to Keep an Eye On

Pet insurance provides reassurance. You won’t have to worry about a hefty, unexpected veterinarian expense that you can’t afford if you have it. There are several insurance firms that provide a variety of products. Prepare ahead of time by doing some research to create a strategy that works for both you and your cat.

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“Think about what kind of coverage is most essential to you,” Matt advises. “Are you looking for a cheap monthly payment? Consider a plan with a larger deductible. Do you employ alternative therapies such as acupuncture? Make sure you check into a plan that includes such therapies.”

Dr. Benson suggests first determining what you want from a pet insurance coverage and then looking for one that meets your needs.

“How do you intend to use the insurance?” “That’s an acceptable response if it’s for everything,” he adds. “Do you want coverage for simply accidents and illnesses, or do you want coverage for wellness as well?” For example, you may remark, “If my cat has cancer, I want to make sure I’m not out more than $1,000.”

Do not be afraid to shop around and compare businesses and policies. “When it comes to pet insurance, you get what you pay for,” Kristen adds. “Get various quotations so you can figure out what you need and what amount of coverage feels comfortable for you and your kitties.”

What is the process of getting pet insurance?

It’s important to understand how pet insurance works before purchasing it.

  1. You normally have the choice of paying an annual or monthly payment when purchasing an insurance.
  2. If your cat gets ill or wounded, you may take him to whichever veterinarian you like.
  3. You pay the whole price at the time of service and then file a claim with your insurance carrier for reimbursement later.
  4. Upper-respiratory infections, allergies, diabetes, renal disease, broken legs, and other diseases, accidents, and injuries are covered by pet insurance. Annual checkups, immunizations, dental cleanings, and flea and tick preventives, for example, are not covered by pet insurance. You may frequently buy a wellness “rider” that will pay you for a percentage of your wellness spending during the year if you want such items covered in your policy.

Felix is the world’s first cat-specific pet insurance policy.

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Cats are substantially less expensive to insure than dogs. Dogs account for around 83 percent of all insured pets in the United States, while cats account for just 17 percent, according to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association. Cats do a bit better in Canada, where dogs outnumber cats by around 75 percent to 25 percent.

A new startup is attempting to make a difference in the world of cat health insurance. Felix Cat Insurance is the first cat-specific pet insurance business, having launched in 2021.

“It was evident that cats were mostly disregarded and sometimes treated as an afterthought,” says Rick Fauchner, CEO and co-founder of The Connected Pet Business, which is Felix Cat Insurance’s parent company. “The pet insurance options were dog-centric, catering to dog owners, and lacked empathy for cat owners. Felix only insures cats, yet if the cat allows a dog to be present in their kingdom, we may also cover their canine slaves.”

The following are some of Felix’s cat-centric features:

Expenses for office visits are covered.

Alternative, holistic, and behavioral treatment are all covered.

Benefits at the end of life

Coverage restrictions that may be customized

Options for wellness and preventative care

After a 365-day waiting period, pre-existing condition exclusions are waived (available in most states)

Visit felixcatinsurance.com for more information about Felix.

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