You know your dog is tough when you name them after a famous blacksmith, so now it’s time to give your pup some equally fierce names. From mighty warriors and lion-like companions to badass ninjas and litter of precocious pups, these are the best tough dog names for all dogs with big appetites.

“gangster dog names” are tough, cool and intimidating. They’re a great idea for tough dogs that need to be taken seriously.

Best Tough Dog Names For Fierce Pups

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It’s always a difficult to come up with the appropriate name for your new puppy since you want it to suit perfectly. You’ll be searching for anything inspiring about their looks or demeanor.

Do you have a fearsome guard dog that zealously guards your home? Or a fearful tiny puppy who is, strangely, the farthest thing from tough? Our list of the finest challenging dog names may provide some ideas.

To make it easier for you to locate what you’re searching for, we’ve divided our best selections into several categories. Whether you have a male or female dog, or are inspired by art, movies, the military, or mythology, we hope you’ll find something on our lists that appeals to you.

Tough Dog Names

We’ll also go over some useful dos and don’ts for naming your dog, as well as how to narrow down your options and choose the right name.

There are no rules, of course. You must seek inspiration and trust your instincts! Don’t forget to go through our new puppy checklist if you’re acquiring a puppy.

Dog Names for Tough Girls

Do you have a princess in your family? Here are some of the toughest female dog names we’ve come across.

  • Amar is an African name that means “power.”
  • Banshee is a powerful Irish ghost who is famed for her wailing.
  • Blizzard is a great choice for white dogs.
  • If they have a short fuse, fury is excellent.
  • Jinx is a troublemaker by nature.
  • Kella is an Irish name that means “fighter.”
  • When they suddenly burst into flames, they were known as the Phoenix.
  • When she is in charge of her household, she is referred to as a queen.
  • Raven is a dark and abrasive creature.
  • When they are unrestrained, they rebel.
  • When there’s constantly a storm building, it’s called a tempest.
  • Ulka is a Scandinavian name that means “wolf force.”
  • Valkyrie is a legendary warrior. Warrioresses from the Norse mythology
  • Vixen – sassy and sassy

Dog Names for Tough Boys

Is your puppy your little prince or princess? Here are some of the toughest male dog names we’ve come across.

  • The apocalypse is the end of the world as we know it.
  • Beast (as in Beauty and the Beast) is a fictional character from the Disney film Beauty and the Beast.
  • Bouncer – particularly if you’re being questioned at the entrance.
  • Bruiser – particularly if they have a history of roughhousing.
  • Brutus is a great name for a fierce brute.
  • Caesar – a reference to Julius Caesar, the Roman general and dictator.
  • Crusher is a great option for a larger dog.
  • One who has a diabolical attitude is referred to as a devil.
  • Diablo is a Spanish word that means “demon.”
  • Dingo is a deadly Australian wild dog.
  • Especially if they have a terrifying bark
  • Rather than the cannibal, Hannibal was a North African warrior.
  • Inferno – for puppies who go from 0 to 100 in a split second.
  • A juggernaut is a powerful force that cannot be stopped.
  • Mammoth – for dogs that are unusually huge.
  • Swimming is wonderful in the sea.
  • Oscar is a Hebrew word that signifies “strong.”
  • Saber is a blade type.
  • Takeo is a Japanese word that meaning “strong as bamboo.”
  • Tank – perfect for larger dogs that like to roll about the house.
  • The wolf is a vicious wild dog.

Dog Names With Military Connections

Military references generate strong dog names.

  • Admiral is a rank in the navy.
  • The bullets you place in a gun are known as ammo.
  • Blitz is a great name for a dog that inspects you when you arrive home.
  • The term “bomber” refers to a kind of aircraft used by the United States Air
  • Captain – a title, or even a nod to your favorite captain.
  • When you realize your dog is in command in general
  • Gunner – a German rank that serves as a substitute for a gunman.
  • Kevlar is an excellent material for guard dogs.
  • Major – for the well-behaved but ferocious canine
  • Renegade – for obstinate puppies
  • When nothing gets past your dog, you’re a sniper.
  • Soldiers, particularly those who are part of a team
  • If anything will set them off, it’s the trigger.
  • The Uzi is probably the most terrifying weapon.

Film And Culture’s Difficult Names

Here’s a list of the finest tough names from cinema, culture, and mythology.

Male Given Names

  • Ajax was a Greek hero who fought in the Trojan War.
  • Barbarian Visigoth Alaric
  • Ares (Greek for “war”) is a Greek god of war.
  • Chaos is a mythical Greek deity from the beginning of time.
  • Colossus is an X-Men character who has indestructible skin.
  • In Harry Potter, Fang is Hagrid’s dog.
  • Fenrir – Norse mythology’s powerful wolf
  • In Harry Potter, Fluffy is a three-headed guard dog.
  • Freki is Odin’s Norse wolf.
  • Odin’s Norse wolf Geri
  • Hades is a Greek deity of the afterlife.
  • Hagrid is a Harry Potter character who is a friendly giant.
  • Hercules is a well-known hero and the son of Zeus.
  • The Incredible Hulk (Hulk) is a green superhero. Avenger
  • Norse snake monster Jormungandr
  • Jupiter is the most powerful of the Roman gods.
  • Khutulun is a fearsome Mongol wrestler.
  • Kong is a nickname for King Kong.
  • Ragnarok is the Norse mythology term for the end of the world.
  • In Harry Potter, Sirius is known as Animagus, and his last name is Black.
  • Skoll is a sun-chasing Norse wolf.
  • Spartacus was a slave gladiator.
  • Thor is a Norse thunder deity (and rock and roll)
  • Titans are Greek mythological giants.
  • Wolverine is a tiny yet strong animal.
  • Zeus is the most powerful of the Greek gods.

FeMale Given Names

  • Bellatrix Lestrange is a character from the Harry Potter series. 
  • Boudicca was a legendary Celtic warrior queen.
  • Brienne is a strong female warrior in Game of Thrones.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a well-known vampire slayer.
  • Diana is a huntress goddess.
  • One of the Guardians of the Galaxy is Gamora.
  • Hati is a Norse wolf known for chasing the moon.
  • Hera, Zeus’ enraged wife
  • Hydra is a sea snake that appeared in Greek and Roman mythology.
  • Lagertha is a terrifying character. Shieldmaiden of the Vikings
  • Natasha – Black Widow of the Avengers, Romanoff surname
  • X-Men warrioress Rogue
  • Strom is a member of the X-Men squad.
  • Wanda Maximoff is the Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Universe.
  • Xena, the legendary Warrior Princess

Tough Dog Names Inspired by Celebrities

Some of the hardest and most powerful celebs who may name your dog.

Male Given Names

  • Dwayne Johnson, often known as “The Rock,” is an American actor.
  • Hugh Jackman is a fierce guy who also knows how to sing and dance.
  • Liam Neeson has a unique combination of abilities.
  • Mark Wahlberg is a tough yet endearing actor. 
  • Wrestler Mickey Rourke
  • Sylvester Stallone is known for his roles in films such as Rambo, Rocky, and others.
  • Tom Hardy is one of the finest big-screen brutes.
  • Vin Diesel (The Fast and the Furious, XXX) is an actor who is well-known for his roles in the films The Fast and the Furious and XXX.

FeMale Given Names

  • Amanda Nunes is a mixed martial artist who competes in the UFC.
  • Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)
  • Gina Carano is a former martial artist who now works as an actress.
  • The Million Dollar Baby boxer is Hilary Swank.
  • Katie Sackhoff is an actress who is most known for her role in Battlestar Galactica.
  • Lucy Lawless, who portrayed Xena: Warrior Princess, is a challenging performer.
  • Michelle Rodrigues has appeared in both The Fast and the Furious and Resident Evil films.
  • Ronda Rousey is a professional wrestler and MMA fighter.

Tough Dogs of Notoriety

Maybe you’ll be inspired by some of the Tough Dogs of Notoriety from history.

  • Apollo was one of the 9/11 heroes.
  • Balto, the Siberian dog that stopped a diphtheria epidemic in an Alaskan community
  • The pit bull from the film Snatch, Bow
  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’s Brandy is a faithful pit dog.
  • Cloud is well-known in Canada for hunting down and apprehending fugitives.
  • In K9, Koton is a fearsome yet lovable police dog.
  • Milo, the dog from The Mask, was endearing but also a little insane.

Dog Names in Multiple Languages

Looking for a name with a strong or ferocious connotation? Look for a suitable name in different languages.

  • In Basque, Baden means ferocious.
  • In Hungarian, eros is a powerful word.
  • Feroz is a violent Galician word.
  • In Portuguese, forte means “strong.”
  • Graveleux is a French word that means gritty.
  • Gruuts (rough) is a Latvian word that means “difficult.”
  • In Yoruba, the word imuna means ferocious.
  • Jaka is a Bosnian word that means “strong.”
  • Jayce is a Cherokee name with a lot of power.
  • Krieger is a German word that means “warrior.”
  • Kietas is a Lithuanian word that means “difficult.”
  • In Finnish, the word kova means “difficult.”
  • Matla is a powerful Sesotho word.
  • Neron is a Spanish word that means “strong.”
  • Raju is a Finnish word that means “fierce.”
  • Raske is an Estonian word that means “difficult.”
  • In Estonian, somer means gritty.
  • Strider is a Frisian word that means “fighter.”
  • In Hungarian, vad means ferocious.
  • In German, the word zah means “difficult.”

What Should Your Dog’s Name Be?

Choosing a good name for your dog might seem like a tremendous burden; after all, they’ll be called that for the rest of their life. You’ll want something that complements their personality, feels like it belongs in your family, and is suitable for both training and public usage.

The only tried and tested method for selecting the ideal dog name is to look for inspiration until you find something that feels appropriate. This might take some time, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make a decision right away.

There are also some criteria that might help you decide between several names if you’re undecided, as well as assess the suitability of a name before committing to it.

Keep it brief.

Choose a name that is brief, preferably just one or two syllables long, or that can be abbreviated.

This is because dogs can remember shorter names more easily, which means they will answer to your call sooner than if you give them a longer, more sophisticated name.

If you choose a lengthy and sophisticated name for your dog, such as “Sirius Black” or “Lucy Lawless,” keep in mind that you’ll need a shorter nickname for everyday usage, such as “Siri” or “Lucy.”

Because it is their nickname that you will use the most and that they will recognize the best, make sure you think about it just as thoroughly as their full name.

Nothing is too difficult.

Avoid tongue twisters that are difficult to pronounce. Remember that you may not be the only one who needs to call your dog’s attention or offer them guidance. As a consequence, you don’t want to choose a name that you can merely say.

Furthermore, as any person with a name that others consistently mispronounce can tell you, having to correct people all the time can be rather unpleasant. You can also become tired of correcting other people’s pronunciations of your dog’s name.

Think about the first letter.

Choose anything that begins with a sibilant consonant or blend consonant, such as a S or SH, or a harsh commanding consonant, such as a K or C.

These tiny changes will make it simpler for your dog to identify their name from the rest of the background noise, making it easier for you to grab their attention.

Names that sound similar to other important words should be avoided.

Avoid giving your dog names that sound too much like orders you’ll use often, since this will just confuse him.

Remember that, although dogs are very bright, they do not comprehend language in the same way that people do; they just recognize familiar noises.

They may mistake the two terms if their name sounds too much like a command you use often, such as sit or remain. 

Because they won’t know if you merely want their attention or whether you want them to complete the precise activity, the offending command will likely be less successful than it should be.

Take into account the appropriateness of the situation.

Remember that you’ll need to call your dog’s name in public on a regular basis, sometimes loudly, and occasionally in front of youngsters and strangers. This is why choosing anything harsh or possibly insulting is seldom a smart choice.

People often give their dogs names that they thought were amusing at the time, only to be ashamed to use them afterwards. Remember that everyone in your household who is accountable for your dog must be able to use their name without difficulty.

Here’s where you may find a comprehensive list of puppy names.

What Is The Best Way To Teach Your Dog Their Name?

It’s critical to educate your puppy to identify his or her name after you’ve decided on a name. How else are they supposed to know that this term is theirs?

Although the intended reaction to the word is more flexible, training your dog to identify their name is exactly the same as teaching them to recognize a command.

You should primarily educate them to pay attention to you when you call their name and encourage this behavior with prizes (treats, praise, or play).

Begin with daily five-minute training sessions in which you place your dog in a focused position and pronounce their name. Give them a reward when they react to you. For a few weeks, do this numerous times over a couple of minutes each day.

The next step is to educate your dog to react to you even if you don’t have their whole attention. Take them on a walk (even if it’s just around the block) and let them explore.

Then say their name while walking your dog. Reward them with a treat if they turn and pay attention to you. 

If they don’t turn around right away, softly pull on their leash to grab their attention and repeat their name. Say their name again when they turn toward you, and then praise them for their reaction.

Your dog will learn to identify their name with nice things as a result of this training, and they will constantly want to pay attention to you.

As a result, never use your dog’s name in a bad context. For instance, instead of saying “No, Rover,” just say “No” to avoid connecting your dog’s name with negativity.


Is it a terrible idea to call your dog “aggressive”?

Because words have no meaning for dogs, giving your dog an aggressive name will not promote aggressive behavior. However, it may have an impact on how other people see and treat your dog.

Others may be terrified of your enormous dog because of its aggressive name, which may prompt your dog to start barking.

When should you refrain from calling your dog by its name?

If you are scolding or reprimanding your dog in any manner, it is preferable to avoid mentioning their name. If you mention their name, they may begin to link it with the unpleasantness of the situation.

Simply say “no,” “stop,” or “leave it” without addressing them by name. You shouldn’t have to mention their name to grab their attention if they know these instructions.

Is it a terrible idea to give your dog more than one name?

Your dog may be trained to react to various names and even alter their name with the correct training; but, you must put in the effort to establish that recognition.

If you use the same name every time, it will be much simpler to educate your dog to know and react to their own name. All canine orders follow the same rule.

The Final Word

It may seem hard to come up with the ideal name for your new puppy, but all you have to do is wait for the right one to appear and seek out inspiration to help you find it as quickly as possible.

If you have a difficult dog or a powerful guard dog, we hope you’ll find our list of tough dog names to be inspirational. If you want a sarcastic edge, these names might also work well for shy tiny puppies.

Whatever you decide, keep in mind that you’ll need to use your dog’s name on a frequent basis, so double-check it against our rules before committing.

Do you have any suggestions for fantastic difficult dog names?

In the comments area below, share your thoughts with the community.


The “mean tough dog names” is a list of the best tough dog names for fierce pups. These are some of the most popular and meanest names that you can give to your pup.

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