The cat climber is a simple DIY project that can be accomplished in less than an hour. This kit allows for the creation of your very own cat climbing tree or tower, which will provide endless hours of fun and exercise to cats who enjoy playing with their toys on high spots.

The “diy cat tower” is a DIY project that turns any surface into an interactive and fun place for your cat. You can build it yourself, or buy one from a store.

Catification hacks put your imagination to the test, but they may provide something really unique and interesting. Simply adapt a piece of furniture or other object that wasn’t made for a cat to transform it into precisely what you want. This might be as easy as placing a blanket into a pretty basket for your cat to snuggle up in, or as complicated as this cat climber.

You don’t have to start from scratch if you hack existing objects. Look for items that provide the essential structure you need while also complementing your own style. You’ll need a few basic tools for more difficult tasks, but you don’t have to be a master carpenter.

Budget-friendly hacks are also possible. You may buy new pieces or repurpose ones you already have or locate at a thrift shop. The possibilities for creativity are infinite!

Purchasing the appropriate items

I went to IKEA to get some basic materials for constructing a cat climber. Because it has many compartments that change into levels for cats to climb on when the stand is turned on its side, I picked the BAGGEBO TV stand ($19.99) as the basis of the cat climber. It’s little over 35 inches long, making it the ideal height for a tiny climber or window perch, and it’s just $19.99!

I also purchased a tiny TRAMPA coir door mat ($7.99), which has a texture that cats like scratching and rubbing on, as well as several KRISTRUP polyester doormats ($1.29 each) to serve as non-slip pads.

Because not all cats will desire to leap the whole 35 inches to the top platform, I added three little stairs to the piece’s side to allow cats to climb up and down. I used three tiny APTITLIG bamboo cutting boards ($3.49 each) with SIBBHULT shelf brackets ($.75 each) instead of normal shelves.

DIY-Catification-Hack-%E2%80%94-Cat-ClimberKate Benjamin shot the photos.

Hack on categorization (definition) Taking ordinary items or furnishings that were never intended for usage by cats and transforming them into something completely unique that your cat would like.

Materials and tools

Everything else you’ll need for the job may be found at your neighborhood home improvement shop.

1648495217_161_DIY-Catification-Hack-%E2%80%94-Cat-ClimberKate Benjamin shot the photos.

  • Knife for everyday use
  • A cutting surface and a straight edge
  • Pencil and marking pen
  • Drill with an electric motor
  • Is it better to use an electric screwdriver or a conventional screwdriver?
  • White paint with a paintbrush
  • Double-sided carpet tape and/or contact adhesive with applicator brush
  • Screws and t-nuts are used to secure the stairs to the wall.

1648495218_992_DIY-Catification-Hack-%E2%80%94-Cat-ClimberKate Benjamin shot the photos.


  1. Assemble the TV stand according to the instructions, but leave the back panel and feet off.DIY-Catification-Hack-%E2%80%94-Cat-ClimberKate Benjamin shot the photos.
  2. To suit the lowest half of the side, measure and cut the coir door mat. This will generate a scratching surface that is vertical.1648495221_294_DIY-Catification-Hack-%E2%80%94-Cat-ClimberKate Benjamin shot the photos.
  3. To fit within compartments and on top perch, measure and cut the polyester doormats.1648495222_118_DIY-Catification-Hack-%E2%80%94-Cat-ClimberKate Benjamin shot the photos.
  4. Use heavy-duty contact cement to secure the coir mat for the vertical scratching surface. Look for an adhesive that is harmless when dried and work in a well-ventilated place away from your cats. Follow the instructions carefully; in this instance, I had to apply glue to both sides and wait for it to dry before gluing the pieces.1648495223_803_DIY-Catification-Hack-%E2%80%94-Cat-ClimberKate Benjamin shot the photos.
  5. Contact cement or double-sided carpet tape may be used to keep the polyester doormats in place for the non-slip pads.1648495224_670_DIY-Catification-Hack-%E2%80%94-Cat-ClimberKate Benjamin shot the photos.
  6. Brackets should be attached to the stairs. Pre-drill the holes in the bamboo cutting boards to avoid splitting. I used #8 panhead sheet metal screws that were 34″ and 1″ long (you’ll need two different sizes if you’re using the IKEA brackets).1648495225_454_DIY-Catification-Hack-%E2%80%94-Cat-ClimberKate Benjamin shot the photos.
  7. The TV stand is composed of particle board, which makes it difficult to attach objects to it, particularly stairs that must withstand the weight of a cat leaping on and off. T-nuts and machine screws were utilized to fasten the stairs. Drilling all the way through the side, inserting the t-nuts on the rear side, and screwing the brackets to the t-nuts are the steps required. I used 1″ and 14″ long 8-32 t-nuts and 8-32 round head machine screws, as well as a 3/16″ drill bit for the hole.1648495227_87_DIY-Catification-Hack-%E2%80%94-Cat-ClimberKate Benjamin shot the photos.
  8. Because we flipped the TV stand on its side, an unfinished particle board edge is visible. The exposed particle board may be readily fixed by painting it white.1648495228_920_DIY-Catification-Hack-%E2%80%94-Cat-ClimberKate Benjamin shot the photos.
  9. Fix non-slip bumper feet to the bottom of the table. I like to utilize screw-on versions over stick-on versions since they are more secure.1648495229_697_DIY-Catification-Hack-%E2%80%94-Cat-ClimberKate Benjamin shot the photos.
  10. A bracket is included with the TV stand to secure it to the wall. You’ll need to mount the climber to a wall using the bracket for stability, particularly if you’re adding steps.1648495230_318_DIY-Catification-Hack-%E2%80%94-Cat-ClimberKate Benjamin shot the photos.
  11. Install eyehooks on any overhead surface where you wish to hang a toy to make your climber even more interesting.1648495231_680_DIY-Catification-Hack-%E2%80%94-Cat-ClimberKate Benjamin shot the photos.

This is just one example of how you can construct a DIY Catification hack cat climber, but you can tweak it in a variety of ways. Design the scratching surface and non-slip pads out of other materials, add additional hanging toys, skip the stages if you don’t need them — simply make something that you and your cat will like.

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