The hotel and spa in Tokyo, Japan is the first of its kind. It’s a cat themed one with all rooms named after cats – Flo, Gingerbread, Milk Chocolate and so on. The few hundred square foot space welcomes guests who want to spend their time playing with kitties instead of staying in traditional hotels that are not pet-friendly.

The “cat hotel near me” is a new establishment in the city of Calgary that provides a cat-friendly place for people to stay. The hotel has been designed with cats in mind, and has multiple scratching posts and cat-sized beds.

It’s important to note that the Happy Cat Hotel and Spa is neither a kennel or a cattery. It’s a cat hotel that’s both luxury and enlightening.

Happy Cat Hotel and Spa, the brainchild of Chris and Meg Raimo, whose last business endeavor was a house-call animal service that provided dog walking and pet sitting services, isn’t your typical boarding facility. It includes distinctively decorated luxury hotel rooms, full-day enrichment activities, and a range of facilities (such as play spaces, special-needs services, daytime lounge areas and sun beds, wall climbing systems, hammocks, sofas, beds, toys, games, TV, and more). A gift store is also available.

Chris, who refers to himself as Happy Cat’s CBP (Chief Believer in Possibility), concluded that serving cats wasn’t a viable business strategy. “It’s like cultivating grapes in an apple orchard,” he adds of combining cat and dog care. “Having the room doesn’t guarantee you have the ability and understanding to handle two very distinct pet care professions.”

The hotel was an immediate hit, and Chris never gets tired of hearing how people respond to it. “I enjoy it when people come in for a tour or to drop off their cat and behave as if they’ve been transported to another universe because it’s unlike anything they’ve ever seen.”


It’s still changing. “I like creating new floor plans and room designs, as well as testing new items and platforms for the kitties and then implementing the best ideas,” Chris explains.

What’s the greatest part? Of course, there are the cats themselves. Chris adds, “I believe felines to be such fantastic, interesting, and clever animals, capable of so much more than they are given credit for.” “They keep dispelling the falsehoods that have been perpetuated against them for so long.”

Ultimately, Chris and Meg would like to see Happy Cat Hotels & Spas change the way people think about cats all over the country. “We think the best way to achieve this is through franchising,” Chris says. “We’re ready to pounce on the opportunity to disrupt what we call the ‘Catus Quo!’”

There are three sites for the hotel: Windsor and East Granby, Connecticut, and Alexandria, Virginia, as well as franchise potential.

Visit, Facebook, and Instagram for more information.

You may also listen to its podcast at and find humorous cat videos on YouTube by searching for Happy Cat Hotel and Spa.

The “happy cat hotel promo code” is a website that offers discounted rates for cats. The website also has pictures of happy cats in the hotel rooms.

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