Coming to this blog is the story of a little-known artist, Louis Wain. He was born in Bristol, England on March 24th 1823 and became one of Britain’s most popular artists after his death in 1887. However, he died with no family or friends and nothing but debts. Though unrecognized today for his work as an illustrator for Charles Dickens novels many have enjoyed its impact through time over generations

The “the electrical life of louis wain” is a book that tells the story of Louis Wain, who was an English painter and illustrator. The book includes illustrations of his work and how he worked with electricity.

I was ecstatic to learn about this film since I love animals, art, and Benedict Cumberbatch. And it didn’t let me down. The Electrical Life of Louis Wain, which is available on Amazon Prime, follows the artist’s amazing exploits from the late 1800s until the 1930s. Louis Wain, sometimes known as “a guy who drew cats,” was a gifted artist whose whimsical paintings and sketches captured the hearts of a country and helped change the public’s opinion of cats forever, transforming them from basic outside mouse catchers to adored domestic pets.

His photographs of anthropomorphized cats show them riding bicycles, playing musical instruments, pouring tea, playing cards, fishing, and enjoying a night at the opera, to mention a few activities.

However, despite the apparently carefree fun of his artwork, Louis Wain’s narrative is tragic. Louis became the earner and leader of a home that included five sisters and his mother when his father died. He started out as an art journalist, painting a variety of themes.

At the age of 23, he fell in love with and married Emily Marie Richardson (played by Claire Foy), the governess of his sisters, generating a scandal owing to her lowly rank. Emily died of breast cancer after just three years of marriage. Peter, their beloved cat, a stray black-and-white kitten they had rescued, kept her company throughout her sickness.

Wain’s creative calling was profoundly influenced by his experience in Peter’s company. He started doing detailed drawings of Peter and focused his efforts on his pictures. In 1886, his first anthropomorphized cat illustration, titled “A Kitten’s Christmas Party,” appeared in the Christmas edition of the Illustrated London News, portraying 150 cats, many of which resembled Peter, participating in different pastimes.

The-Electrical-Life-of-Louis-WainPictorial Press Chronicle | Alamy Stock Photo

Wain was a prolific artist for the following 30 years, typically creating hundreds of drawings every year. He was also associated with various animal organizations and served as president and chairman of the National Cat Club.

His mental health, which had always been precarious, started to worsen, and he was declared crazy and sent to a pauper’s ward at Springfield Hospital in 1924. After a campaign led by fans of his writings, including H.G. Wells and even King George V, he was transported to Bethlem Hospital after being found by a visitor.

He drew and created new works until soon before his death in 1939, while being confined to the walls of an institution for the remainder of his days.

It’s simple to understand why he was once considered a national treasure by cat enthusiasts. And if there was ever a guy who served Britain’s love of cats, it was Louis Wain.

Hundreds of Louis Wain’s artwork will be on show at the Bethlem Museum of the Mind in Kent, England, until April 14, 2022, to commemorate the film’s debut. The museum’s online store is offering Louis Wain books and souvenirs to help finance the exhibition. For more information, go to

The “the electrical life of louis wain dvd” is a documentary about the life and work of Louis Wain. The film includes interviews with his family, friends and colleagues who share their memories of him.

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