A South Korean cat’s owner is looking to create a prosthetic for her three-legged feline. She started a crowdfunding campaign on the website GoFundMe with hopes of raising enough money so that she can purchase and make one for herself. The goal would be achieved in about 30 days if it results in $5,000 USD being raised.

The “prosthetic front leg for cat” is a device that helps cats who have lost their front legs. The device can be attached to the back of the cat, and it allows the animal to walk around on its hind legs.

When witnessing a tripod pet, Dr. Beth Galles and other vets commonly comment that cats and dogs have “three legs and a spare.” However, some cats with special conditions, such as severe obesity, arthritis, or other mobility issues, may find it difficult to walk well on only three limbs. Dr. Galles says that’s where a prosthetic, which isn’t common in pets, could come in handy.

Olive, a three-legged brown tabby, was used as a guinea pig by University of Nebraska-Lincoln biological systems engineering students. This group of students utilized a 3D printer to make a prosthetic kitten limb for their final project. Olive, who is missing a portion of her left foreleg, was a soldier the whole time.

Meanwhile, Olive, a rescue from the Capital Humane Society in Lincoln, got her permanent home with Dr. Galles and his family, who fell in love with the kitten while the veterinarian was caring for her.

“Olive is the most adorable kitty!” According to Dr. Galles. “I took her home to foster her for this endeavor, and after about a day, I realized that if she left again, my children would be distraught.”

The study began in the spring of 2020, when a local humane society’s fat cat required a front-leg amputation. Concerned that the cat wouldn’t be able to walk on her own following the procedure, Dr. Galles and the shelter staff approached the university’s engineering department to inquire about creating a kitty prosthesis. Then the COVID-19 epidemic struck, and shutdowns threw the preparations into disarray.

Prosthetic-for-Three-Legged-CatOlive was fostered by Dr. Beth Galles, an associate professor of practice in the Professional Program in Veterinary Medicine, before she was adopted.

When Olive arrived at the shelter in the autumn of 2020, the team explored the notion of constructing a ready-made cat prosthesis for cats that would have a particularly difficult time adjusting to life without a limb.

“A temporary prosthesis may be quite effective in such circumstances while we treat and optimize the animal for life on three legs, such as with weight loss or treating and managing arthritic pain and inflammation,” Dr. Galles explains.

Early in 2021, Abby Smith, Harrison Grasso, and three other students began working on the project with Olive. Over the course of a few months, they had regular hour-long sessions with her. The assignment seemed difficult to Abby, who graduated in May. Nobody has much experience with cats, and the students weren’t anticipating to work with them.

“I believe we were really fortunate in that Olive is one of the kindest cats I’ve ever met,” Abby adds, astonished since she wasn’t expecting a cat to cooperate. “She was such a fantastic sport and was very kind to us throughout it all.” She never retaliated in any way against us, Dr. Galles, or the veterinary personnel. Throughout the endeavor, she was an absolute angel.”

After three or four iterations, the students utilized a 3D printer to create the polylactic acid prosthesis. With the aid of Velcro straps and a silicone sleeve, it adheres to the cat’s leg. They produced multiple prosthesis for the humane society so that if a cat in need arrives, the shelter would be ready.

Olive, who her family refers to as Ollie, lives with her human family, which consists of three young boys. She also shares her home with two other animals: Millie, a Beagle who she tolerates, and Halloween, a guinea pig. Ollie isn’t a lap cat, but she enjoys playing with her family and watching birds.

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The “prosthetic leg for cat cost” is a prosthetic that can be purchased to help your three-legged cat walk again. The prosthesis costs about $1,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they make prosthetic legs for cats?

A: I dont think so, no.

Can a 3 legged cat survive?

A: Yes, but it will be very difficult for them to do so.

How do you make a prosthetic leg for a cat?

A: This is not a question.

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