Cats on TV: Cat ownership is more popular than ever, with the number of households owning a cat at an all-time high. A new study ranked 18 cartoon cats from different eras of television programming to determine which characters were most beloved among feline fans.

The “famous cartoon cats names” is a list of the top 18 felines in cartoon television. The list includes such popular characters as Garfield, Snoopy, and Puss in Boots.

Long before television, cats were anthropomorphized. However, there’s something beautiful about seeing cartoon cats in motion, possibly because we get a glimpse of what all cats might be if they weren’t limited by reality. Check out our selection of our favorite cats on TV, whether you’re searching for vintage cartoons, cartoons for adults, or cartoons for kids!

Classic Cartoons with Cats on TV

garfield and friends poster - tv cartoon cats

Garfield and Friends, Garfield and Friends, Garfield and Friends, Garfield and Friends, Gar

The lazy, lasagna-loving orange tabby is, of course, at the top of our list of TV cartoon cats. Garfield, who is always delightful in literature, comes to life (as it were, because he is often sleeping) in the 1988 animated series, which includes adventures with Odie, Jon, and others.

the simpsons poster - tv cartoon cats

The Simpsons’ Scratchy and Snowball(s)

Because they symbolize such diverse characteristics, it’s a little unfair to put both (all?) of the Simpsons cats in one entry: Scratchy the black cat is gentle, but Itchy the mouse tortures him ceaselessly, and Snowball is a long-time family pet with several, ahem, identities. 

the tom and jerry show poster - tv cartoon cats

The Tom and Jerry Show’s Tom Cat

The eponymous character of this classic cartoon is a grey and white “tomcat.” He isn’t very communicative, although he is outspoken in his hate for Jerry Mouse. His trap-setting tactics almost always backfire catastrophically, much to Jerry’s delight.

the sylvester and tweety mysteries poster - tv cartoon cats

The Looney Tunes world, Sylvester the Cat

Cats’ sworn foes include: It’s a bird if it’s not a mouse! “I tawt I taw a puddy tat…,” we all know. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes Sylvester the tuxedo cat has died more times on the Looney Tunes than any other character, generally while pursuing after escape artist Tweety.

felix the cat poster - tv cartoon cats

Felix, Felix, Felix!

Felix the cat initially appeared in silent movies. Felix rose to fame on television in the 1950s. He’s the oldest and maybe the smartest of the cartoon cats on our list: His hidden bag of tricks aids him in many risky excursions, and he always comes out on top.

top cat poster - tv cartoon cats

Top Cat, Top Cat, Top Cat

An ensemble of streetwise felines, including the eponymous Top Cat, star in this 1960s cartoon comedy. The cunning yellow tabby is dedicated to his group, but he isn’t beyond deceiving them, as he did with Officer Dibble, the neighborhood beat officer.

the pink panther show poster - tv cartoon cats

The Pink Panther Show, The Pink Panther Show, The Pink Panther Show, The Pink Panther Show, The Pink Panther

From the late 1960s through the late 1970s, the pink-furred cat appeared in a series of animated cartoons. This brave, morally upright cat has the demeanor of an English aristocracy and a dislike for people and electronics. Despite this, he manages to make the most of the situation!

Cats on TV: Cartoons for Kids

the thundercats poster - tv cartoon cats

ThunderCats, ThunderCats, ThunderCats, ThunderCats, ThunderCats, ThunderCats

Okay, so these TV cartoon cats aren’t really cats—instead, they’re a mix of cats, humans, and aliens. The ThunderCats are forced to depart their home planet in search of a new home on a world known as Third Earth. It’s worth checking out just for the names of the characters: Lion-O, Panthro, Jaga, Tygra, Cheetera, and others are among the characters featured. 

catdog poster - tv cartoon cats

Cat, Dog, Cat

Siblings of a cat and a dog? Woof. These brothers have to navigate life together, devising plans along the way. Cat is the astute one (not surprising!) who yearns for fame and money. Unfortunately, Dog has a habit of throwing things off course.

rugrats poster - tv cartoon cats

Rugrats, Fluffy

Fluffy, Angelica’s Persian cat, looks and behaves much like her mother’s cat. (We’ll leave it to you to judge if this is a good or negative thing.) Fluffy is Tommy’s dog Spike’s adversary, often causing mayhem and blaming it on the dog. You’re a clever kitten! 

he-man and the masters of the universe poster - tv cartoon cats

The Masters of the Universe, Cringer/Battle Cat, and Cringer/Battle Cat

Cringer, Prince Adam’s indolent feline friend, changes into Battle Cat, He-massive, Man’s courageous steed, exactly like his human father. Cringer, like every other cat forced into service, despises being Battle Cat, yet he does it for his master.

the ren and stimpy show poster - tv cartoon cats

Stimpy, The Ren & Stimpy Show

This Manx cat and Chihuahua duo is the antidote to CatDog, leaving us to wonder whether the cat is the one that is stupid. Ren is a sluggish but kind cat, while Stimpy is, well, nuts. They confront strange experiences together, often with a dash of mature comedy added in. 

Adult cartoons with cats

south park poster - tv cartoon cats

South Park’s Mr. Kitty

Eric Cartman’s pet cat appears in a number of episodes of South Park. The majority of the show’s material is a bit too “mature” to detail here, but suffice it to say that Mr. Kitty follows in her owner’s footsteps by pulling off stunts like convincing a large number of cats to snort catnip. 

rick and morty poster - tv cartoon cats

Rick and Morty, Talking Cat

Talking Cat, voiced by Matthew Broderick, appears in the most current season of everyone’s favorite sci-fi show. The existence of the grey tabby is, of course, shrouded in mystery, particularly given his ability to communicate. All we know is that he has to travel to Florida for whatever reason.

bojack horseman poster - tv cartoon cats

Bojack Horseman’s Princess Carolyn

Princess Carolyn, Bojack’s agent and sometimes lover, is a pink Persian with whom many of us may identify. She attempts to strike a balance between employment, establishing a family, and satisfying everyone but herself throughout the series. Princess Carolyn, we believe in you!

futurama poster - tv cartoon cats

Futurama’s Thubanian Leader

Futuruma came before Rick and Morty. The leader of Thuban 9, the homeworld of a species of highly intelligent cats, makes the finest cat cameo in this sci-fi adult animation. This cute white cat can call a space saucer by meowing and uses humans as puppets. We are in agreement!

bob's burgers poster - tv cartoon cats

Bob’s Burgers, Mr. Business 

Bob’s Burgers provides the best of both worlds for both adults and children. Mr. Business, one of Aunt Gayle’s cats, makes an appearance in this episode. Mr. Business is always having a good time, whether he’s playing a cat-dragon in a Game of Thrones mashup or proving tough to train for a commercial. 

Live-action Cats on TV

Okay, we understand that this article is about cartoon cats. However, we couldn’t resist adding a couple of our favorite live-action cats on television. 

Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch is the best comedy cat. From the first episode of this eccentric 90s comedy, everyone’s beloved talking black cat makes a cameo. Throughout the series, Salem is performed by four cats and puppeteers. One thing remains constant: he’s a welcome furry presence in a witches’ home. (Bandit/Garbage on The Office and Larry on Modern Family get honorable mentions.)

Miscellaneous cats from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are the best cat(s) in an adult comedy program. On IASIP, there isn’t a single greatest TV cat cameo—there are a lot of them! From Dennis’s junkyard cat called Jack Bauer and Dee’s cat locked in the wall to the notorious “kitten mittens” advertisement and a clowder of cats whose meowing tortures Charlie and Frank at night, cats figure in this adult comedy in a variety of roles.

Salem from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is the best cat in adolescent television. Yes, there will be more Salem! In Netflix’s grim version of the adolescent witch Sabrina, Salem, unfortunately, does not speak. On many dark experiences, he is her trusty companion. Five cats take on the role of Salem. We like the white patch on his breast, which resembles the Celtic fairy cat Cat Sth.

Best TV cat in sci-fi & fantasy: Spot from Star Trek. Spot is Data’s female cat, at times played by an orange tabby and other times played by an Abyssinian. She lived with Data while he served aboard the USS Enterprise-D and -E. Data even wrote a poem about the cat, which he called “Ode to Spot.” Time to step it up, cat parents! (Honorable mention goes to Ser Pounce on Game of Thrones and Bast on American Gods.)

Siamese cats from Perry Mason are the best cats on TV drama. Several Perry Mason episodes feature Siamese cats prominently. In certain situations, the cat even assists Perry Mason, a defense lawyer, in solving the murder mystery. The tracked paw prints of the Siamese cat called Monkey end up helping the pieces fit into place in one specific episode!

Check out our complete list of our best TV cats from every genre!

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top 18 TV cartoon cats - posters for Ren & Stimpy, Tom & Jerry, Sylvester & Tweety, and CatDog


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The “cat cartoons shows” is a list of 18 cats that have been seen on television. The list includes the top 10 cat characters from different animated series, and the top 8 cats from live-action television.

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