People love holidays, and people love pets! This year you can combine the two with our 12 Days of Giving campaign to raise money for thousands of dogs in need.

The “12 Days of Fundraising” is a tradition that has been in place since the 1800s. It’s a time when people host events, such as dinners and dances, to raise money for charity. Read more in detail here: fundraising.

There are a variety of imaginative methods to aid animals in need. And there’s no better time to think about others and be kind than over the Christmas season. Check out these 12 Days of Fundraising ideas to get your creative juices flowing for your favorite shelter or rescue.

  1. Begin a holiday adoption period.

Macy’s in San Francisco has had a Christmas adoption display at its landmark Union Square shop stocked with available dogs for more than three decades, thanks to a partnership with the SF SPCA. Hundreds of dogs have found permanent homes after being featured here throughout the years. Take a page from this playbook and “sell” the concept to a local retailer. Consider following in the footsteps of the annual Kitten Bowl athletic event, which takes place on Super Bowl Sunday every year. Set up a game in the window of a store. Big cats, too, like batting balls!

  1. Make cookies in the form of cats.

There are several wonderful cookie cutters in the form of cats. ( has the Ann Clark 3-Piece Kitty Cat Cookie Cutters for $9.99.) Make making kitty cookies a fun fundraising effort by involving a local school. They can even assist in the sale!

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  1. Make something unique.

Host a craft day for your favorite shelter and produce a ton of colorful, fringed fleece blankets. There’s no stitching required; all you’ll need are some sharp scissors and a measuring tape. Cut the material to the desired size, then cut 5-inch squares out of each corner and cut the fringe all the way around, creating 1- to 2-inch incisions. Knot the fringes two at a time, and you’re done. It’s a simple and enjoyable activity to do with family and friends. (For more, read’s 5 DIY Projects.)

  1. Get artsy

Young children’s art may be entertaining and fascinating. Collaborate with a local school to host a cat-art painting project, which will be shown and sold. Consider arranging for some of the artwork to be shown at a local art gallery (or even a pet shop). All funds will go to help cats.

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  1. Make raffle baskets with a cat motif.

There is a wide range of fantastic cat-themed goods available, including earrings, T-shirts, socks, and wines. It’s all up to you! Manufacturers are typically quite helpful with contributions, and their websites often provide a means to contact them directly. Raffle tickets may be sold anywhere. You may upload it on the internet if you are computer competent. If not, enlist the assistance of any 8-year-old you know…

  1. Start snapping away!

If you have a camera, take advantage of a photo day at a cat café or a local shelter. Aside than a Santa Claus suit, you may rent other interesting outfits. Alternatively, you may volunteer your time and abilities by photographing cats for the shelter’s website on a regular basis. Great photos may greatly help a cat be adopted quickly!

  1. Make a cleaning schedule.

Organize a garage sale with a couple of your neighbors. It’s a fantastic way to “spring clean” while also contributing the earnings. It’s a win-win situation.

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  1. Make a schedule for yourself.

Pet owners like seeing their dogs on a calendar. Calendars for the wall and the desk are both simple to make. Collaborate with your favorite shelter to hold a contest where pet owners may submit an entry to have their pet highlighted (and charge for the submission). People may vote and contribute if you receive a lot of submissions. Use your Facebook page to inquire if anybody would want their pet to be included to the calendar. Run a “picture contest” on the Facebook page of a shelter. This requires time and preparation, so prepare ahead.

  1. Toss a furball

Every year, groups such as the San Diego Humane Society throw the Fur Ball, a glamorous event. It’s a terrific reason to get dressed up and have a nice time — and it’s all for a good cause.

  1. Take a yoga class.

Rock ‘n Rescue, a rescue group situated in South Salem, New York, offers some unique fundraising ideas you may use, such as kitten yoga sessions. Arrange for cats to accompany you to a yoga class at a studio, or organize up special sessions in your house for invited visitors who are willing to contribute.

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  1. Make a time donation

There can never be too many volunteers at a shelter. Make a weekly or monthly commitment to support your favorite animal group for a certain amount of hours. Let your coworkers know what abilities you have to offer so they can make the most of your time.

  1. Support a wonderful senior feline by becoming a sponsor.

There are a variety of reasons why someone may not be able to have a feline friend. Sponsoring a cat at a retirement facility is the next best thing. To learn more about the sanctuary’s sponsorship programs or how you can assist by buying medical supplies and other necessities for old cats, contact the shelter of your choosing. Hearts That Purr Feline Guardians, Blue Bell Foundation for Cats, Belleglen Sanctuary, and Milo’s Sanctuary & Special Needs Cat Rescue are just a few of the groups that provide such services. Sponsorship is a gift that goes on giving throughout the year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cycle of giving in fundraising?

A: The cycle of giving in fundraising is a way to measure the number of times an individual gives before receiving anything back. This can be used for charities and non-profit organizations that rely on donations from individuals.

What are the rules for fundraising?

A: The rules for fundraising are very strict. You must show a significant need and have strong evidence that you will use the funds appropriately. Your request cannot be something like I want to go on vacation or Im bored.

What time of year is best for fundraising?

A: I dont know.

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