The month of January is filled with so many things to celebrate, including the return of our feline friends. Here are some cat-centric events happening in New York City this year that will make you smile.

Cats! Until Summer 2023! An Investigation of the Felines Who Inhabit Every Aspect of Our Lives

This unique show is dedicated to cats and how they have inspired our homes, art, and society. Come see how cats appear in our daily lives in a variety of ways. In Binghamtom, New York, at the Roberson Museum and Science Center. Click here for additional details.

Cat looking backward chasing or showing his tail or butt.This CFA cat exhibition has some stunning breeds. GlobalP | iStock / Getty Images Plus photography

3 Blind Mice Cat Show on January 8th

Crown City Cat Club is putting on this CFA-sponsored exhibition at Ontario Oaks Middle School in Ontario, California. There are pedigreed cats and family pets on display. More information may be found here.

8-9 January: Peace, Love, and Cats Show

The 69th Annual Charity Cat Display, hosted by the Houston Cat Club, will include pedigreed cats and domestic pets in ten show rings. The event will take place at the Hilton Houston North Hotel. Here’s where you can learn more.

New Jersey Super Pet Expo, January 21-23

Thousands of pet lovers will gather for three days of fun, learning, shopping, and entertainment! The event takes place in Edison, New Jersey, at the New Jersey Convention Center. Visit for more information.

United Cat Club Inc. Allbreed and Household Pet Cat Show, Jan. 21-23

This TICA-sponsored exhibition is held in Edison, New Jersey, in conjunction with the Super Pet Expo. It’s free to enter and available to the public, and it’s included in the price of Super Pet Expo tickets. More information may be found here.

Come One, Come All Cat Show on January 22nd.

This CFA-sponsored event features championships, premierships, kittens, and family pets, and is hosted by the Poppy State Cat Club. The event takes held in Dixon, California, at the Dixon Fairgrounds. More information may be found here.

Close up of a curious black and white cat up on a table.A inquisitive black and white cat perches on a table. Rrrainbow Photography | Getty Images .

The 22nd of January is National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day.

We’ve all hoped that our cats could communicate with us and tell us how they’re doing and what they want. On this particular day, we pay close attention to each meow in order to figure out what our cats are trying to say. “When do we eat?” is most likely the query.

Felines, Football, and a Fun Cat Show, Jan. 28-30

This exhibition, hosted by Gulf Coast Feline Foundation and sponsored by TICA, takes place in Deer Park, Texas, and promises to be an action-packed and entertaining weekend. This three-day tournament will include up to 225 purebred cats, kittens, and household pets. You may meet the breeders in person and learn all there is to know about the different breeds. A feline costume contest, Texas-style BBQ, face painting for kids (and adults), raffles, shopping, on-site adoptions, and much more will all be available. More information may be found here.

World of Pets Expo, January 28-30

This entertaining and informative event for the whole family can be found at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium, Maryland. There are educational opportunities, workshops, and seminars addressing specific pet needs in addition to the various displays and events. Click here to learn more.

The 45th Annual Saintly City Cat Club Championship & Household Pet Show will be held on January 29-30.

This CFA-sponsored event will include more than 130 cats and will be held in conjunction with the St. Paul Winter Carnival. There will be 26 breeds assessed in four categories: kittens, championship, premiership, and home pets. A special visitor will proclaim a “king” and “queen” cat from the family pet cat category on Sunday afternoon. The event will take place at the RiverCentre in St. Paul, Minnesota. More information may be found here.

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