You may be wondering how to tell how old a cat is, or if you can even tell how old your cats are. Cats have some interesting adaptations that allow them to live as long as they could possibly want. Their eyesight also helps them with hunting and their teeth help with killing prey. However, there are other ways to determine the age of your kitty in order to avoid potential problems down the line.,

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As your pet gets older, he or she will definitely change. But how can you know how old a cat is if you weren’t present when it was born? Knowing how old your cat is will help you provide suitable care for them. Let’s look at various methods for determining your cat’s age. 

determining the age of a cat

Many pet owners may not be aware of their new kitty’s age due to recent rises in cat adoption. Learning about the many phases of a cat’s life will assist you in determining your cat’s age with more accuracy. 

Life stages of a cat

A cat’s life is divided into four phases. The following age groups are included in the stages: 

  • Kittens are born and live for 6 months.
  • 7 months to 2 years for an adolescent cat 
  • 3–10 years old for a mature cat 
  • 10+ years old senior/geriatric cat 

House cat lifespan compared. wild cat lifespan

Did you know that indoor house cats and outside wild cats have vastly different average lifespans? Feral cats have a shorter lifespan than house cats, ranging from 2 to 5 years. This is due to their tougher living circumstances, which include traffic exposure, severe temperatures, predators, a restricted nutrition, and a lack of veterinary care. While home cats appreciate the security of knowing where their next food will come from and being in the right environment, there is sometimes worry about weight gain. Some domestic cats are overweight, which may contribute to future health issues. This may have an effect on their life expectancy. 

How can you figure out how old a cat is?

Siamese kittenUnsplash photo by Nirzar Pangarkar

Here are some features to look for when determining the age of your cat. 

Changes in the body

A kitten may easily be distinguished from a cat. Kittens may be identified by their adorable small paws and tiny noses. You’ll notice a difference in your cat’s physique as they become older. The physique will be a bit less defined and solid. As cats age, they tend to move less and become less lively, resulting in an increase in weight. 

Fur and skin 

Age may also be determined from the skin and hair. A kitten’s coat may be velvety and smooth, but an adult cat’s hair may be thicker and coarser. Younger cats like spending a lot of time brushing their coat in order to keep it glossy. This might alter as a cat gets older. It might be a combination of factors, including a loss of interest, weight increase, or even health problems. You may even detect some grey in the hair of your elderly cat! 


Your cat’s tail grows with them, and at the age of two, your cat’s tail stops growing. Keep a watch on their tail to see how much more growth they still have. 


How can you figure out how old a cat is? Examine their teeth more closely. Kittens don’t normally receive all of their teeth until they’re around 6 months old, and younger cats have whiter teeth. This is a good approach to figure out how old your kitty is. The older your cat grows, the more wear and tartar build-up you’ll notice.


You may be able to tell a little bit about your fur baby’s age by looking into their beautiful eyes. You may note that your kitten has lovely, sparkling eyes. Their eyes might get hazy as they grow older. However, not all cats’ eyes dim up; some might remain as brilliant as when they were kittens. 

Hormonal shifts

Unspayed female kittens may start coming into heat as early as 5 months of age. You’ll know your kitten is at least 5 months old if you see territorial marking, mating cries, or a desire to escape outside. (As well as the fact that it’s time for her to get spayed!)

Levels of mobility and activity

Remember how much your adorable kitty used to jump around and play? This alters a little when a cat grows older. Instead of jumping from counter to counter, your elderly cat may want to sleep more. Encourage your cat to be active as much as possible. 

Cats’ mobility may deteriorate as they age. A cat tower with many levels and climbing openings may encourage your cat to wander about while also adding style to your house. This tower will keep cats of all ages and levels of activity engaged and delighted. 

gaining weight

Encouragement of movement and exercise may also help cats lose weight. Because older cats tend to carry more weight, this might be a method to figure out how old your cat is. As your cat grows older, he or she may become less energetic and move more slowly. Your cat may choose to eat and sleep. You’ll want to make sure they’re getting the required quantity of food, but you’ll also want to keep an eye on their consumption depending on their age and weight. The Feeder-Whisker Robot’s app enables you to personalize your cat’s food quantities. This might help you keep track of and regulate your cat’s food consumption.

Is it typical for my cat to live beyond the age of 15?

An indoor cat’s typical lifespan is 10-15 years, although some cats live to be 20 or older! Keep in mind that 15 years equals 76 years in human years. Your cat’s lifespan may exceed 15 years, depending on its surroundings, breed, and general health. 

You can help your cat live as long as possible by giving them good diet, exercise, frequent vet visits, and plenty of affection.

What can I do to care for an elderly cat?

  • Keep track of your veterinarian’s appointments (twice yearly is recommended for senior cats) 
  • Make sure their food, drink, and litter box are all within easy reach. 
  • Assist them in grooming.
  • To avoid accidents, keep spaces well-lit. 
  • Make a schedule for your cat.

At any age, you should adore your cat. 

So, how can you determine a cat’s age? You’ll notice changes in your cat’s physical look and behavior as they get older. It’s important to pay attention to such changes and make modifications so that your cat can age comfortably. It might begin with something as easy as ensuring they receive enough exercise or offering simpler access to their litter box. 

Your pet’s litter habits may vary as they get older. Because it is self-cleaning and automated, the Litter-Robot 3 Connect helps to reduce cleaning and maintenance. It’s big enough for cats of all ages, and it keeps the litter box clean between visits. 

Is it possible to determine how old a cat is based on its whiskers?

Your cat’s whiskers will not alter as he or she gets older.

How can you tell whether a stray cat is expecting a baby?

Bigger mammary glands, a larger abdomen, and an increased hunger are all things to look out for.

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orange tabby cat - how can you tell how old a cat is?

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The “how to tell the age of a female cat” is a question that has been asked many times. There are some ways to find out how old your cat is, but most of them are not 100% accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine a cats age?

A: The age of a cat is very hard to determine. Cursory observation might yield an approximate estimate, but usually the best way to know for sure how old your cat actually is would be by taking them in for a vet visit, or their first annual checkup with you veterinarian.

Can vets tell how old a cat is?

A: This is not a question that I can answer.

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