There are many ways to name your Yorkie, from the classic “Teddy” and “Hazel” to more creative names like “Roover Wogger.”

The “female yorkie names 2020” is a list of the best Yorkie names for your Yorkshire Terrier.

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Adopting a new dog into your family is a thrilling experience, and a Yorkshire terrier is an excellent option.

They thrive in households with no little children since their energy and desire for attention may be overpowering.

However, coming up with the ideal name for your new dog can be difficult. It’s a significant responsibility.

For the next 15 years or so, your Yorkie may be a member of your family. As a result, you’ll want to find something that fits you perfectly.

Yorkie Names

When it comes to picking a name for your dog, it’s often a case of exposing yourself to as many options as possible until you find one that feels right.

In light of this, we’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest and most popular Yorkshire terrier names.

We’ve also included some helpful hints for narrowing down your list of potential names and ensuring that you pick something that is at the very least appropriate and that your dog will pick up quickly.

It may also assist you in resolving family feuds over which name to choose.

Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkshire Terriers)

Yorkshire terrier, or Yorkie, is a small terrier breed that weighs between four and seven pounds. The Yorkie was created as a companion puppy in Yorkshire, England, in the nineteenth century.

A male called Old Crab, a female named Kitty, and another unnamed female are widely regarded the fathers of the breed.

Mrs. Mary Ann Foster had Huddersfield Ben, the dog who helped define the breed in the 1860s.

Terriers are distinguished by their shiny, smooth, straight, and silky coat, which is typically long and parted in the middle.

On the head, upper chest, and legs, they have a beautiful tan hue, with a dark gray or black tone from the back of their neck to their tail.

These puppies are very active and like being petted. They flourish when they can spend as much time with their humans as possible, yet they aren’t very subservient.

They can also be territorial and protective. They are curious and get into everything.

Yorkie Dog Names from the Past

Why not name your Yorkie after one of the famous little dogs who contributed to the breed’s development:

  • Ben is the name of one of the breed’s founding dogs.
  • Another dog that helped define the breed is the Huddersfield.
  • Kitty is regarded as the breed’s mother dog. 
  • The dog known as the “Father of the Breed” is Old Crab.
  • Smoky was a renowned Yorkshire terrier during WWII.

Yorkies are well-known.

Yorkies have made cameo appearances in a number of films and novels. Why not give your dog the name of one of these well-known Yorkies:

  • On the Lou Grant TV show, Barney is a Yorkshire terrier.
  • Manly Ortega plays Boi, a Yorkie in the film High School Musical 2.
  • Hootie, from the horror film Urban Legend, is a Yorkie.
  • On the TV sitcom Green Acres, Mignon is a Yorkshire terrier.
  • In the film Meet the Fockers, Moses is the family Yorkie.
  • The Yorkie Nemo from the TV show Groomer Has It
  • Pickles is a character that appears in the film Daltry Calhoun.
  • Milhouse’s Yorkie, Puppy Goo-Goo, from The Simpsons
  • Toto — Dorothy’s companion in the Wizard of Oz novel seems to be a Yorkie, however the film utilized a Cairn terrier named Terry. W.W. Denslow, the book’s artist, had a Yorkie!

Celebrity Yorkies and Their Names

Yorkshire Terrier breeds are popular among celebrities. Take a look at some of the names they’ve given their dogs for ideas:

  • One of Johnny Depp’s Yorkies is named Boo.
  • Cinderella is Paris Hilton’s Yorkie companion.
  • Daisy, Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro’s Yorkie
  • Doogie — Whitney Houston’s terrier, who also made an appearance on her reality program.
  • Model Miranda Kerr’s Yorkie, Frankie
  • Missy Elliot named one of her Yorkies Hoodie, which is a charming name.
  • Joy Mohr gave his small Yorkie the name Maibel.
  • Mr Famous was Audrey Hepburn’s Yorkie in the film Funny Face.
  • President Richard Nixon’s Yorkie, Pasha
  • Johnny Depp’s second Yorkie is named Pistol.
  • Poncho is one of Missy Elliot’s Yorkies.
  • Rosa is fashion designer Roberto Cavalli’s Yorkie.
  • Joan Rivers’ Yorkie friend, Spike
  • Natalie Portman’s beloved dog Whiz

Small Dogs’ Nicknames

Because your Yorkie is likely to be little, consider any of these popular names for small dogs:

  • Bambi
  • Bean
  • Button
  • Chip
  • Cub
  • Cupcake
  • Danny DeVito is a well-known actor.
  • Dot
  • Gidget
  • Micro
  • Nacho
  • Niblet
  • Pickle
  • Pippin
  • Popcorn
  • Scamp
  • Shrimp
  • Skittles
  • Squirt
  • Tic Tac
  • Tinker
  • Titch
  • Twiglet

Names of Princes and Princesses

Your Yorkie will undoubtedly be the house’s prince or princess. Choose a name suited for a king or queen:

  • Adela is an English name that means noble and tranquil.
  • Adelaide is a noble and lovely German name.
  • Alexander – not Alexander the Great, but Alexander the Great! In Russian, it means “defender of men.”
  • In Greek, Alexia is the feminine form of Alexander.
  • In Russian, Anastasia means “she who will rise again.”
  • Arabella is a lovely altar.
  • Arthur – the legendary monarch who was aided by Merlin, whose name means “strong as a bear.”
  • Augustus was a revered figure and the Roman Empire’s first legitimate emperor.
  • Basil is a Russian word that meaning knightly.
  • Boris is a Russian word that means “fighter.”
  • Bertie is a nickname for Prince Alfred, Queen Victoria’s husband.
  • Edgar is a fantastic spear carrier.
  • Elena means “sunlight” in Spanish.
  • Emma is the universe’s healer.
  • Felipe – a Spanish word that means “horse lover,” as many little puppies are.
  • In Norwegian, Haakon means “honored son.”
  • In Russian, Igor means “bow warrior.”
  • Kira is a Russian name.
  • Lizzie is named after England’s fearsome Queen Elizabeth I and II.
  • Matilda – might face Maiden.
  • Mikhail is a Russian word that means “lord.”
  • Sofia is a Spanish word that means “knowledge.”
  • In Norwegian, Sonja means wisdom.
  • Tatiana is the Russian word for clan chief.
  • Queen Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa of England is known as Vicky.
  • In Russian, Xenia means “welcome.”

Yorkie Names in Old English

Because Yorkies are English dogs, why not name them after an Old English word:

  • In Old English, Alden means “old buddy.”
  • Arnie is a nickname for a strong eagle.
  • Bailiff is referred to as Bailey.
  • Outlaw or robber is referred to as a bandit.
  • In Old English, the name Baxter signifies baker.
  • Bentley refers to a grassy area with a bent shape.
  • Bindy is a lovely snake.
  • A biscuit is a kind of cookie or cracker.
  • A textile bleacher is known as a Booker.
  • Breezy comes from Briseis, Achilles’ love interest in Homer’s Iliad.
  • Buttercup is a brilliant yellow flower that blooms in the spring.
  • Chelsea is a famous chalk landing spot.
  • Coda — the last section of a piece that puts it to a conclusion.
  • Codi is a kind of cushion.
  • Corey Hill Hollow is referred known as Corky.
  • Cricket is a jumping bug and a popular pastime in England.
  • Dayton is a town known for its dales.
  • Dixie – a force to be reckoned with
  • Dudley – wood or Dudda clearing
  • After the Marmalade, Dundee
  • Frankie is a nickname for a free man named Frank Fee.
  • Fudge is a rich, velvety candy.
  • Mechanical device or gadget referred to as a gizmo.
  • Hailey – hay meadows or hay meadows
  • Jade is a valuable green stone.
  • Get yourself a black gemstone.
  • Happiness – joy
  • Kipp is a hill with a pointy top.
  • Lacy is a delicate and detailed fabric.
  • Lakota means “buddy” in Lakota.
  • Landon – a lengthy incline
  • London is a well-known English city.
  • Macaroni is a kind of tubed pasta.
  • Maisy is a gem.
  • Marley is a lovely wood.
  • Marlo is a lake that has been drained.
  • Nyle is the champion.
  • Oscar – the heavenly spear
  • Oxford is a well-known English university town.
  • Packard – a person who carries a lot of things.
  • boisterous – rowdy
  • sassy – vivacious and vivacious
  • A sawyer is a person who works with wood.
  • Scooter – moves quickly and unexpectedly.
  • Socks are ankle-length stockings that are worn above the ankle.
  • spirited – spunky
  • Stuart is the house’s defender.
  • Sylvia is a woody plant.
  • Tia – princess or one who has been crowned
  • Toffee is a chewy, hard, brown candy.
  • Yorkshire folks are known as tykes.
  • Whitby is known for its white farm.
  • Winston is a happy stone.

Yorkie Male Names

Consider some of these popular male dog names if you’re searching for a name for a boy Yorkie:

  • Baxter
  • Benny
  • Blaze
  • Bo
  • Boomer
  • Bowie
  • Charlie
  • Chip
  • Cooper
  • Diesel
  • Duke
  • Finn
  • Gunner
  • Gus
  • Jasper
  • Jax
  • Joey
  • Kobe
  • Levi
  • Loki
  • Marleye
  • Mac
  • Maverick
  • Max
  • Milo
  • Murphy
  • Oakley
  • Ollie
  • Oscar
  • Otis
  • Porter
  • Rex
  • Rocket
  • Rocco
  • Romeo
  • Rudy
  • Ryder
  • Sam
  • Samson
  • Scout
  • Teddy
  • Theo
  • Toby
  • Tucker
  • Tyson
  • Walter
  • Winston
  • Ziggy

Yorkie Girl Names

Try any of these popular female dog names if you need to name a girl Yorkie:

  • Arya
  • Bella
  • Cleo
  • Cookie
  • Echo
  • Ellie
  • Freya
  • Harley
  • Juno
  • Lexi
  • Lulu
  • Luna
  • Maggie
  • Maya
  • Millie
  • Nala
  • Olive
  • Pepper
  • Piper
  • Raven
  • River
  • Sadie
  • Sasha
  • Skye
  • Storm
  • Winnie
  • Xena
  • Zoe

How To Pick A Dog’s Name

When you’re trying to come up with a name for your dog, it’s easy to fall back on rules to help you narrow down your options. However, the reality is that there are no hard and fast rules.

There are, however, a few pointers to keep in mind to ensure that you choose something acceptable. 

  1. Choose a short phrase with no more than one or two syllables. If you desire something longer, think about how you can make it shorter for everyday usage. Shorter names are easier for dogs to remember, so they will respond to your call sooner than if you choose a longer, more complicated name.
  2. Avoid tongue twisters that are difficult to pronounce. Remember that you may not be the only one who needs to call your dog’s attention or offer them guidance. You don’t want to choose a name that only you know how to say. Furthermore, anyone with a long name knows how aggravating it is to have to correct people all the time. This is something you can prevent as well!
  3. Choose a consonant that begins with a sibilant or blend consonant, such as S or SH, or a hard commanding consonant, such as K or C. These little tweaks will make it simpler for your dog to identify their name from the rest of the background noise.
  4. Avoid giving your dog names that sound too much like orders you’ll use often, since this will just confuse him. Remember that, although dogs are very bright, they do not comprehend language in the same way that people do; they just recognize familiar noises. As a result, if their name sounds too much like a command you use often, such as sit or remain, they may mix the two words up. 
  5. Remember that you’ll need to call your dog’s name in public on a regular basis, sometimes loudly, and occasionally in front of youngsters and strangers. This is why choosing something rude or potentially offensive is rarely a good idea. People frequently give their dogs names they think are amusing at the time, only to be embarrassed to use them later. Remember that everyone in your household who is accountable for your dog must be able to use their name without difficulty.

You can read the rest of our article on how to name your dog here.

What Is The Best Way To Teach Your Dog Their Name?

It’s critical to teach your puppy to recognize his or her name once you’ve decided on a name. How else are they supposed to know that this term is theirs?

Although the intended reaction to the word is more flexible, training your dog to identify their name is exactly the same as teaching them to recognize a command.

You should primarily teach them to pay attention to you when you call their name and reinforce this behavior with rewards (treats, praise, or play).

Begin with daily five-minute training sessions in which you place your dog in a focused position and then pronounce their name. Give them a treat when they respond to you. For a few weeks, do this several times over a couple of minutes each day.

The next step is to educate your dog to react to you even if you don’t have their whole attention. Take them on a walk (even if it’s just around the block) and let them explore.

Then say their name while walking your dog. If they turn to face you and give you their whole attention, consider rewarding them with a treat. 

If they don’t turn around right away, softly pull on their leash to grab their attention and repeat their name. You may call their name again when they turn toward you, and then praise them for their reaction.

Your dog will learn to identify their name with nice things as a result of this training, and they will constantly want to pay attention to you.

As a result, never use your dog’s name in a bad context. To avoid connecting your dog’s name with negativity, don’t say “No, Rover,” instead simply say “No.”

The Final Word

When you first meet your puppy, the perfect name may just come to you. At other times, it may seem as if you will never be able to come up with the perfect name for your new family member. 

If you’re having trouble, try looking at lists like ours to expose yourself to as many names as possible in the hopes of finding inspiration. Then use our expert advice to narrow down your options and ensure you choose something acceptable.

Do you have any suggestions for the ideal dog name?

In the comments box below, please share your advice with the community.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What usually kills Yorkies?

A: Most common cause of death for a Yorkie is due to old age. A more likely cause of death, however, would be choking on food they have eaten.

What is a unique name for a dog?

A: For a dog, the most unique names would be something that is both creative and not too common. These could also include titles such as The Boss of All Dogs, or Best Dog Ever along with other similar words.

Is Yorkie short for Yorkshire Terrier?

A: Yes, the Yorkie is a breed of dog. Yorkshire was first used to name this type of terrier in England during the 16th century.

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