If you’re still searching for the perfect Christmas present to give your best friend, consider these 6 gifts from our feline friends that will make any cat crazy.
1) A new scratching post and a few hours of playtime with their favorite toy; 2) More food than they can handle; 3) All the attention in the world (you know how much cats love being around humans); 4) A little bit more space underfoot — as long as it’s carpeted!5) Something to keep them entertained while you work hard during this holiday season; and 6), an incredibly stylish winter coat.

The “can i take my cat to a holiday cottage” is a question that has been asked many times before. In this blog post, I will be answering the 6 things cats really want for the holidays.

As the Christmas season approaches, we all consider what we’ll put in our all-important letter to Santa, even pets. We might expect them to ask for the usual toys and treats, but their feline minds are a little more creative than we might think. Here are six Christmas gifts that cats truly desire.

  1. Subscription to a streaming service

Humans would ask Santa for something considerably more important than a Netflix or Hulu membership, but cats would ask for something even more priceless: on-demand sun-streaming. What feline wouldn’t be ecstatic if they could call a sun stream whenever they needed a nap? They wouldn’t have to work around Mother Nature’s timetable; it’d just be sun puddles all the time!

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  1. Holiday get-togethers

Cats love a little Christmas surprise in their bowls, but they’re also interested in something considerably more exotic and enticing. Some kittens may want for a grand gathering of relatives and friends to be planned by their humans. You may wonder why they would desire it. Wouldn’t they simply hide behind the fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la- Well, maybe for part of the time, but after everyone was stuffed, the cats would go between the sloppiest eaters’ seats (think: kids’ table) and wait for leftovers to fall into the floor. “It’s pouring turkey!” exclaims the narrator.

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  1. A massive stocking for the holidays

Cats are part of the family, thus they have stockings carefully hung by the chimney. Unlike humans, who look forward to waking up to a filled stocking, cats would like to discover a huge, empty stocking to get into. It’s like having a hidden hideaway right now! This should come as no surprise to you, dear reader, since it is in line with the cat rule that states, “I don’t want the toy, only the box it came in.”

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  1. An escape hatch in a cat carrier

Although a few cats like the experience of being in a cat carrier, the great majority do not. Although the top doors are gentler on humans and cats than the front-loading ones, our felines would prefer sing you the “song of their people” than rest and enjoy the journey once inside the “chariot of doom.” As a result, some felines would request that Santa’s elves make a special carrier with an escape hatch. They could push a button to activate the hatch and flee as soon as they were trapped inside. Naturally, this would only work once since humans would eventually figure out what was going on. But, as cats know, we humans aren’t always as intelligent as we assume.

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  1. a portable computer

Is there a laptop for a cat? What?? Please bear with me for a bit. We all know that laptops are fantastic, portable devices that enable us to work or play virtually from the comfort of our own beds. Do you know anybody else who loves our laptops? Cats. Raise your hand if your cat enjoys lounging on the warmth of your computer keyboard. It’s understandable that cats would want their own laptop to avoid having to share with you. The trouble is, even if a cat had his own, he’d want yours as well.

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  1. Thumbs that oppose each other

Every cat fantasizes of waking up on Christmas morning with the gift of opposable thumbs. Doorknobs that annoy you? Opened! Faucet knobs? Turned! Cans of food? Popped! The joys (and pranks) that an improved appendage would bring would be endless.

1639428263_368_6-Things-Cats-Really-Want-for-the-HolidaysGetty Images/Bogdan Kurylo

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The “taking cats away for the weekend” is a decision that many cat owners have to make. There are 6 things that cats really want for the holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do cats want for Christmas?

A: Dear Santa, please give my cat these things.
1) A new toy 2) New food 3) More attention

What are a Cats 10 needs?

A: A cats 10 needs are food, water, sleep, scratching post/postage-stamp toy to bat around (or anything else that can be batted), playtime with humans or other cats and affection.

How can I make my cat fun for Christmas?

A: The best way to make your cat fun for Christmas is to give it a treat. Your cat will be more likely to enjoy the holiday if its belly is full, so feed it some treats before December 25th and on Christmas Day itself.

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