The Great Dane is the tallest breed of dog in the world, with males standing up to 29 inches at their shoulders. This massive size makes it difficult for owners to choose a name that fits properly on its collar without obscuring any markings. Here are some ideas for naming your new pup!

The “names for great danes female” is a question that has been asked many times. Here are some ideas to help you out with naming your Great Dane.

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Choosing the ideal name for your dog may be difficult, and it can also seem like a tremendous burden!

After all, your dog will have to wear it for the rest of his life. Plus, naming your puppy while you’re still getting to know him might make the entire process seem much more difficult.

When it comes to dog names, looking for inspiration in your dog’s physical appearance or breed is typically a good place to start, since these characteristics can last for years.

If you’re adopting a Great Dane, you’re in luck since they have a lot of characteristics that may be used as name inspiration, such as their large size and prominent ears.

Great Dane Names

Check out our selection of the top Great Dane dog names below. If you don’t discover the ideal name for your dog on the list, it should at least give you some ideas for future brainstorming.

I’ve also included some helpful hints for picking the perfect name for any dog.

Characteristics of the Great Dane

As I said earlier, finding for inspiration for your dog’s name may be as simple as looking at their physical qualities. 

Great Danes, often known as German Mastiffs or Deutsche Dogge, are German dogs. They are descended from German hunting dogs dating back to the Middle Ages.

The size of a Great Dane is one of its most distinguishing features; it is one of the world’s biggest breeds. They may grow to be 90 centimeters tall and weigh about 200 pounds!

They come in a range of hues, but the most frequent are black, fawn, blue, and harlequin. Their ears are naturally floppy, however they are occasionally clipped. Their snout is long and their mouth is large and droopy.

They are huge, athletic dogs that are also quite loving and want physical love.

Despite their frightening size and look, they like a good snuggle. Continue reading for more specific name choices sorted into useful categories if you’re still having trouble naming your Great Dane.

Male German Dog Names

Why not honor your dog’s lengthy German ancestry by giving him one of these fantastic German dog names?

  • Alger is a name that means “noble” or “bright.”
  • Arvin is a name that meaning “friend to everybody.”
  • Axel, which means “calm,” is the fitting name for these gentle giants.
  • Bernard is as bold as a grizzly animal.
  • Bismark is named after the well-known German politician.
  • Cayden is the name of a fighting spirit.
  • Clovis was a well-known German warrior.
  • Duxi translates to “people’s fighter.”
  • Gunther is a rough and unusual warrior name.
  • Hamlin is a name for someone who loves their house.
  • Hugo is a Latin word that means “intelligent man.”
  • “Hunter” is the meaning of the name Jaeger.
  • Leopold is a name that conjures up images of a courageous leader.
  • Luther is a word that means “fighter” and alludes to the first Martin Luther.
  • Manfred is a German name that meaning “peacemaker.”
  • Norbert is a German name that means “hero.”
  • Otto is a name that means “prosperous and wealthy.”
  • Oxxy is the name of a celestial spear.
  • Ritter is a name that meaning “knight.”
  • Schatzi is a German word that roughly translates to “sweetheart.”
  • Theobold is a name that meaning “the most daring.”
  • Zelig is a name that means “fortunate one” in Hebrew.

Female German Dog Names

But what if your colossal German beauty is a young lady? Try on one of these fantastic German names.

  • Ada – “noble” and “king” are two words that describe Ada.
  • Annika means “graceful” in German.
  • Beate is a feminine name that meaning “joy.”
  • Britta is a name that means “strong” in English.
  • Dagma is a character in the game Dagma. This one means “renowned and wonderful” in English.
  • “Noble” is the meaning of the name Elsa (and is a Frozen reference)
  • Frieda is a name that meaning “calm.”
  • Kaja means “living” in English.
  • Mareike is a name that means “obstinate and defiant.”
  • Milla (Milla) – “Industrious” is how this one is translated.
  • Nia is a name that means “bright.”
  • Nadja is a name that means “hope” in Arabic.
  • Olinda – means “protector of property,” and is an excellent name for a guard dog.
  • Sascha is a name that means “defender of humanity.”
  • Tilli is a battle maiden’s name.
  • Vala is a name that means “singled out” in English.
  • Vera is a Latin word that signifies “faith” and “truth.”
  • Another name for a battle virgin is Zelda.
  • Zenzi – basically translates to “expanding and prospering.”

Names for Large Dogs

Given that your Great Dane will undoubtedly be large, why not give him or her a name that reflects their enormous size?

  • Bears are both large and cuddly animals.
  • Behemoth is a colossal and enigmatic biblical beast.
  • BFG stands for “big friendly giant,” as in “huge friendly giant.”
  • Big Mac — the world-famous McDonald’s burger; ideal for food-hungry dogs!
  • Bozorg is the Persian word meaning “big.”
  • Brutus is a name that is a little scary.
  • Chunk — for dogs that are both large and strong.
  • Dreadnought is a well-known British warship.
  • Everest – as in Mount Everest; ideal for those who are a bit sluggish.
  • The hippopotamus is a large and deadly animal.
  • Hound — not only another name for “hound,” but also a character from Game of Thrones.
  • Jumbo – a jumbo jet; a large dog with large ears.
  • Mammoths, particularly those with long hair, such as the now-extinct wooly mammoth
  • Mountain is both an immovable object and a character from Game of Thrones.
  • Ookii is a Japanese word that meaning “large.”
  • Reef – as in the vast, expansive Great Barrier Reef; ideal for swimmers.
  • T-Rex (just don’t tell him they’re connected to chickens!) Rex – as in T-Rex (just don’t tell him they’re related to chickens!)
  • The fabled larger-than-human beast known as the Sasquatch
  • Sequoia is the world’s biggest tree.
  • Stilts are great for tall, slender dogs.
  • Nothing can stop your dog when they throw their weight behind them, Tank!
  • Thunder – as loud as a thunderclap; ideal for a dog that barks a lot.
  • Whales are the world’s biggest animals.
  • The Whopper is a tasty burger with a lot of flavor.

Dog Names With Divine And Mythological Origins

Because the Great Dane is recognized as the “Apollo of Dogs,” why not give your pooch a divinely inspired name?

  • Ajaz, the Trojan War’s powerful hero
  • Apollo is a Greek deity who protects people from evil.
  • The Greek goddess of knowledge, Athena
  • Atlas is the Greek Titans’ commander who carries the globe on his back.
  • Calliope is the epic poet’s muse.
  • Diana is a Roman huntress goddess.
  • Fauna is the goddess of animals in Roman mythology.
  • Freya is a Viking goddess of beauty and love.
  • In Greek mythology, Gaia is Mother Earth.
  • Hera, Zeus’s furious and vengeful heavenly wife
  • Hercules is a Greek hero and demi-god.
  • In Roman religion, Juno is the queen of heaven.
  • The Norse trickster giant Loki
  • Luna is the Roman moon goddess.
  • The Roman god of battle, Mars
  • Nyx is the night goddess.
  • Odin is the most important deity among the Vikings, and he is the god of both battle and knowledge.
  • Pluto is a Greek deity of the afterlife (and the Disney dog)
  • Thor is a Norse deity of thunder (and rock and roll)
  • Valkyrie is a Norse term for semi-divine warrioresses.
  • Vulcan, the deity of fire in Roman mythology
  • In Greek mythology, Zeus is the great lightning-bearer.

Names of Famous Dogs

Several Great Danes have graced our screens or created a name for themselves in different ways. Why not check whether one of these well-known names strikes a chord with you?

  • Astro, the future Jetsons’ dog, was a Great Dane.
  • In Chestnutt: Hero of Central Park, this Great Dane devises ingenious tactics to elude his new owners.
  • Duke and Turk, the two Great Danes from the Swiss Family Robinson film from the 1960s.
  • Dynomutt, the robotic dog, was a Great Dane as well.
  • In Oliver & Company, Einstein is the Great Dane.
  • In Walter Lantz’s Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the Great Dane’s name was Elmer.
  • Fang – despite the fact that Hagrid’s dog in Harry Potter is a boarhound, it is portrayed by a Great Dane.
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau gets knocked to the ground by an unknown Great Dane, enabling him to discover serenity and suspend his identity.
  • Just Nuisance is the only Great Dane to be formally enrolled in the Royal Navy, which was done primarily to boost morale during World War II.
  • The legendary comic book character Marmaduke is a Great Dane.
  • The names of the two Great Danes in Mel Gibson’s film The Patriot are Mars and Jupiter.
  • Rinka – was Norman Scott’s Great Dane, but he was tragically slain in a botched assassination attempt on his owner.
  • Schmeichel – Chesney Brown’s pet on Coronation Street (UK fans know what I’m talking about!)
  • Scooby-Doo is modeled on a Great Dane but is supposed to be the polar opposite of a pristine pedigree canine.

Lover’s of Great Danes in the Media

Why not give your Great Dane the name of one of the numerous celebrities that like the breed and own one?

If you find their names to be a mouthful, you can always shorten them!

  • Harry Clayton Lloyd was an American silent cinema actor and comedian.
  • Gary Cooper is an actor from the United States.
  • Carmen Dell’Orefice is an actress and model from the United States.
  • Cameron Diaz is an actress from the United States.
  • Glenn Hughes is a rock singer who has worked with bands such as Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.
  • Kendall Jenner is a model from the United States.
  • Karolina Kurkova is a Czech actress and model.
  • Hedy Lamarr is an American actress and inventor who has been dubbed “the ideal lady” by some.
  • Greg Louganis is an Olympic diver, LGBTQ+ activist, and author from the United States.
  • Jayne Mansfield is an actress from the United States.
  • Norma Jean, a.k.a. Marilyn Munroe, is an obvious bombshell.
  • Randolf Scott is an actor from the United States.
  • The first Batman actor, Adam West
  • Vanessa Williams is an actress and singer from the United States.
  • Lauryn Williams is a sprinter from the United States.

Are you looking for something a little more well-known? Some of the most popular dog names are mentioned here.

Dog Naming Suggestions

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to naming your dog.

Consider the following suggestions if you’re having trouble deciding between names or just want to double-check a name you’ve picked to be sure it’ll work.

1. Stay away from anything that is too long.

Remember that, no matter how smart your dog seems to be, he or she does not grasp English in the same way that you do. They can recognize sounds and correlate them with objects, but they can’t make new words out of them. This implies that your dog will be unable to understand particularly lengthy multisyllabic names.

Your dog will be able to detect and link you with anything short. It’s preferable to keep it to one or two syllables.

If you really want to give your dog a big and sophisticated name, think about a shorter nickname that you may use in their training.

2. Make It Stand Out Among Other Important Words

You don’t want your dog’s name to sound too similar to other essential terms they’ll need to learn, such as “sit” and “stay,” since dogs learn sounds rather than words.

While names like Sid, Ray, or Tay may seem sweet and uncomplicated, your dog may struggle to tell the difference between when you want their attention and when you want them to sit.

3. Select sounds that your dog can identify apart from background noise.

You’ll want your dog to be able to distinguish their name from the background noise of your local dog park, whether it’s a conversation you’re having with a friend or the background noise of your local dog park.

While most dogs can grasp a brief name, you may make things even simpler for them by picking a name that begins with noises they can identify from other ambient background noise. 

Consider names that begin with a sibilant or blend consonant, such as a S or SH, or a harsh, commanding consonant, such as a K or C.

4. Double-check that it’s appropriate.

You wouldn’t call your kid a name that would cause them to be mocked, and most parents spend a lot of time making sure they haven’t named their child anything that might cause them to be taunted.

Unfortunately, many people believe it is OK to call their pets names that are harsh or even derogatory.

While a really edgy name may seem to be fun and humorous at first, think about it in practice. Consider the situation when you need to regain control of your dog in a huge public park because it is becoming too friendly with a young kid.

Their actions are benign, but the youngster is becoming fearful. Because you’re a long way away, you’ll have to call their name loudly in front of everyone–and in the direction of the screaming youngster.

Imagine that instead of you shouting the name, it’s your kid, niece, nephew, or another young person who is temporarily in charge of the dog but isn’t in charge of naming it!

Because your dog is a part of your family and not a joke, their name should be as well.

Our comprehensive guide on puppy naming may be found here.

The Final Word On Great Dane Nicknames

It’s possible that the ideal name for your dog may suddenly come to you, but it’s also possible that you’ll have to do some serious research to discover something that’s absolutely right.

If you’re stumped for ideas, start with your dog’s physical qualities and anything unique about their breed.

Great Danes are a great source of inspiration. The “Apollo of dogs” is known for its enormous size and German pedigree dating back to the Middle Ages. Great Danes have also inspired a number of well-known canine characters.

Keep the following suggestions in mind while naming your puppy:

  • Choose a brief phrase with one or two syllables.
  • Choose a term that is easily remembered and does not sound too similar to other often used command words like “sit” or “remain.”
  • Avoid names that are derogatory, impolite, or edgy.

Hopefully, you’ll discover the ideal name for your Great Dane on this list, or at the at least, some inspiration to help you come up with a name for your dog that will stay.

What are your favorite Great Dane dog names? In the comments box below, please share your ideas with the community.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a unique name for a dog?

A: All dogs are unique, but the name of your dog will depend on what its personality is. You can try to come up with a name that reflects its personality if you dont know what kind of breed it is. For instance, I have a golden retriever who loves playing fetch so my dog would be called Fetch.

What is the rarest Great Dane color?

A: The rarest Great Dane color is black.

What is a good name for a strong dog?

A: Great Pyrenees is a good name for a strong dog.

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