What’s your cat up to when you leave the house? This article will answer that question and more. From scratching post-to-fur ball, cats are fascinating creatures who have their own unique needs. Getting out of the litter box is just one part of being a feline owner.

The “how to stop my cat from playing in his litter box” is a question that has been asked many times. The article will give you some tips on how to prevent your cat from playing in their litter box.

Hello, my name is Simon Says Reimers, and I’m the proud owner of human Rita Reimers, the Cat Behaviorist. We can’t get away with much around here, no matter how hard we try, since my mother is an expert on cat behavior. We do know a few of methods to get past the regulations, but that’s another tale. I’m taking over her column today because I have something to say to you.

I listen in on Mom’s phone conversations and observe as she and Auntie Linda discuss their kitties with strangers. One of the topics they often discuss is the litter box and why some cats refuse to use it.

Of course, I’d never consider going somewhere other than my litter box, but I can tell you what us felines are thinking as we approach the box and what can be a deterrent to using it. Here are some of my pet peeves when it comes to litter boxes:

There is just one box.

Cats aren’t very fond of sharing their possessions. So, if your cats are sharing a single litter box, you’re going to have some unhappy cats who will seek out their own litter boxes. Humans don’t like it, but I don’t think it’s such a huge concern since we do it in secret and try to bury it carefully. Each of us cats should have our own box, with an extra just in case. Sweetie Pie, my prim sister, dislikes going into a box after we guy cats have used it. I’m not sure what to make of it either…

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Location of the litter box

What happened to my litter box? It was just a few days ago when it arrived. When company comes over, people have a tendency to shift the litter box or even conceal it, forcing us to look for it while the desire to go arises. Some cats must run upstairs to reach their litter boxes, while elderly cats simply cannot do it without causing an accident. Some folks even conceal the litter box within pots and furniture so that we don’t notice it’s there. Please position your cat’s litter boxes in easily accessible locations so that they can use them quickly. And don’t try to hide it, because we’ll end up peeing on EVERYTHING!

Insufficient scooping

It is not acceptable to approach a box and have the fragrance strike me in the face. When was the last time you scooped your cat’s litter box? It’s OK to exercise at least twice a day, but more is preferable. The last thing we want to do is stand in a filthy box filled with the messes of other cats.

Boxes with lids

Some of us cats won’t go inside an enclosed litter box or remain long enough to not only pee but also do our business. Another issue with the lid is that if a cat chooses to target one of its siblings, the siblings become sitting ducks, ready to be attacked with no way out. Without a top, you can get in and out quickly to dodge the litter box bully.

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Size of the litter box

Okay, I admit it: I’m no longer the svelte tomcat I once was. I’m a big guy, therefore I’ll require extra space. Even the tiniest of cats must ensure that their rear ends do not protrude from the confines of the box. If your cat can’t get into the box with enough space to turn around, they’ll most likely leave an unintentional gift on your floor when they use it. We enjoy it more when the box is longer!

Litters with a scent

I understand. The stench of the cat box does not appeal to humans, and neither do us. However, some of the litters you humans leave for us smell like a department store’s perfume shop. Some of us don’t like for perfumes or scented products and would rather have plain, old, unscented trash. Plus, when we wipe our paws, we won’t consume the fragrant things.

Litter that is chunky

Yes, our paws are quite delicate. How do you think we’re going to capture all those mice? Give us a litter that makes you feel like you’re strolling down the beach in Saint-Tropez. That feels lovely on my tiny beanie toes, sure!

There is an excessive amount of litter.

Mom used to tell me about one of her customers who used to fill the litter box all the way to the top! I’m sure that cats felt like they were walking into quicksand as they patiently tried to utilize that box, sinking deeper and deeper. It’s also a terrible idea not to put enough in the box since cats like to bury their waste to avoid attracting predators. We just need a few inches in the box to be happy and loyal litter box users.

A final thought

Of course, there’s one more point I’d want to make: the dreadful V word. Veterinarian, to be sure. Even though we whine and protest, if we’re avoiding the litter box a lot and it’s a new habit, we should visit the doctor for a checkup. It’s not your cat’s fault if he creates messes on the floor when he’s unwell. In the wild, ill cats avoid locations where other cats congregate. This includes specific locations for going potty.

So get that vet check, follow my easy instructions, and I’m certain your cats will join the I Use My Litter Box Club. That’s not a thing, is it? That’s exactly what it should be!

The-Litter-Box-%E2%80%94-From-Your-Cats-POVGetty Images/CasarsaGuru

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