In the fight for your pup’s soul, you’ll want to give them a name that is just as tough and unbreakable as they are. Here we have an exhaustive list of sassy female dog names that will help your pups win every time.

The “sassy dog names female” is a list of the best sassy dog names for your pup. The list includes some great ideas like, Sassy, Princess, and Bella.

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You can usually tell whether a new puppy or dog has an attitude within minutes of meeting them.

That’s when you realize they’re going to require a snarky moniker to match their demeanor.

However, finding a name that strikes the proper blend of snark and sweetness may be difficult.

We’ll also give you some pointers on how to narrow down your possibilities if you’re having trouble coming up with a name for your new canine buddy.

Sassy Girl Dog Names

Continue reading for our picks for the top sassy female dog names for dogs with attitude.

Female Dogs With Sassy Names

Here are our personal favorites for sassy female dog names.

  • Countess – It seems to be the ideal name for a puppy you want to pamper!
  • While both queens and empresses reign, empresses have a more distant demeanor, making them suitable for aloof divas.
  • Is there a jinx on you or them? Ideal for dogs that are always getting into (and out of) mischief.
  • The legendary swords wielded by Japanese samurai are known as katana.
  • Queenie – If you already know your dog will rule the roost at home, why not honor them as the queen they are?
  • Quinn — A play on Harley Quinn, the Suicide Squad’s deadly beauty.
  • Storm – For dogs that appear to leave a trail of destruction in their wake.
  • Vixen – A perfect name for a terrifying young girl who can also melt your heart with a single look.

Celebrity Divas Inspired Dog Names

Dogs aren’t the only ones that can be divas. Why not give your puppy a name inspired by some of Hollywood’s most famous (and notorious) divas?

  • Aaliyah – Despite the fact that the gifted singer died tragically, her name has become synonymous with living by your own standards.
  • Aretha Franklin – No one has more diva credentials than Aretha Franklin.
  • Ariana Grande – Ariana Grande is swiftly establishing herself as the next Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey.
  • Anjelica Huston is one of the few ladies who can look you down like Anjelica Huston.
  • Barbara – Barabara Streisand has a powerful voice, thus this is a great name for dogs that bark a lot!
  • No one can deny that Beyonce, the former Destiny’s Child vocalist and one of the world’s most popular singers, is a tremendous role model.
  • Cher – The singer reportedly informed her mother that she didn’t need a rich and powerful partner since she was already wealthy and powerful!
  • Lady Gaga – This is a great name for dogs that have huge personalities and march to their own drum.
  • Mariah – The diva behavior of singer Mariah Carey has become famous, but boy, can she sing!
  • Naomi Campbell is a model recognized for her beautiful beauty and no-nonsense demeanor.
  • Who runs the world, Oprah? Girls. And, in particular, Oprah Winfrey.
  • Wintour — Named after the well-known fashion journalist Anna Wintour.
  • Whitney Houston – No list of divas would be complete without Whitney, the perfect moniker for singing dogs.

Names for Dogs Inspired by Strong Female Characters

Many powerful and feisty female characters have been created by writers, resulting in a pool of wonderful names that will quickly communicate to people what your dog is all about.

  • As Game of Thrones shows us what small girls are capable of, Ayra has become an increasingly popular name for puppies.
  • Buffy — A perfect blend of charming and tough, this name quickly conjures up images of a dog that is gentle yet ready to fight if necessary.
  • Harley Quinn of the Suicide Squad is stunning, eccentric, and lethal.
  • Moana – The tiny Hawaiian girl who confronts anybody who stands in her way, ideal for little canines with a loud bark.
  • Natasha – The Black Widow has shown that appearances can be deceiving.
  • Ripley was a character played by Sigourney Weaver in the Alien films who didn’t mince words with anybody, human or not.
  • Rogue — This southern lass is one of the X-most Men’s powerful characters, particularly if you read the books instead of watching the movies.
  • Sansa – This name is ideal for a lovely dog with a strong will!
  • Ursula – The Little Mermaid’s renowned nemesis (or Phoebe’s evil twin on Friends!)
  • Wanda is the Red Witch’s given name, and she is charming yet deadly.
  • Xena – For the warrior heroine depicted by Lucy Lawless, name your strong pooch after her.

Goddesses-Inspired Dog Names

What better name for a strong dog than the name of a strong goddess?

  • In Greek mythology, the Amazons were a formidable race of female warriors.
  • Aphrodite – Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, and her name is ideal for dogs that don’t want to share their humans.
  • Artemis is the Greek huntress goddess.
  • The Greek goddess of battle, Athena.
  • Diana is a Roman huntress goddess and, of course, Wonder Woman.
  • The Greek goddess of shadows, Erebus.
  • Hera is the terrible wife of Zeus, and she is linked to witchcraft.
  • Freya is a Norse goddess of love and beauty who, like all Vikings, is also a fighter.
  • Juno was the most powerful Roman goddess, ruling over whatever she saw.
  • Minerva is a Roman goddess of battle and knowledge.
  • Valkyrie – The mystical Viking shield maidens are the inspiration for this name.
  • Venus is the Roman goddess of love who is untamable.

Drink-Inspired Dog Names

Why not name your dog after your favorite drink if it’s sweet but has a lot of bite?

  • Amber is the ideal amber ale, as well as the ideal moniker for an amber-hued beauty.
  • Brandy is a classy name for a classy dog.
  • Champagne — It’s bubbly and cheerful, and it’s also a great name for dogs with lighter coats.
  • Kahlua is a smooth, chocolate-colored liquor.
  • Martini – Fancy puppies and posh drinks.
  • Mimosa – One of the few beverages that can be consumed first thing in the morning.
  • Riesling — If you like your dog as much as you adore wine, this is the wine for you.
  • Sake is a strong Japanese alcoholic beverage.
  • Sambuca is a strong and sweet liqueur.
  • Sherry – This is what your granny most likely drank.
  • Tequila is a sweet and effervescent drink with a powerful kick.
  • Whiskey is a spicy Scottish alcoholic beverage.

All of our suggestions for the finest dog names may be found here.

How Do You Pick A Dog’s Name?

The process of naming a new dog is similar to that of naming a new person. There aren’t many restrictions, yet it’s still easy to make a mistake.

Plus, although other people may share their experiences with you, you’ll have to kind of wing it until you discover something that works for your dog.

However, there are some broad guidelines that might assist you avoid using improper dog names and perhaps help you pick between two names if you’re stumped.

So, if you’re having trouble deciding, think about the following points.

Consider how your dog will react to the name.

Keep in mind that animals do not comprehend words in the same way that humans do. They instead learn to identify particular orders, requests, or items with certain sounds.

They lack the ability to recognize that the same sound might indicate various things in different situations.

As a result, names that sound too much like the major instructions you want to teach your dog, such as “sit” and “stay,” should be avoided.

They’ll probably figure out the difference between the two terms over time, but you’re making things more difficult for your dog than it has to be and risking obvious, frequent misinterpretation in the long run.

Also, keep in mind that your dog must be able to distinguish significant words, such as their name, from the background noise.

Choose terms that begin with letters that are simpler for kids to recognize to make this easier. Names that begin with more difficult sounds may be simpler for children to recognize.

It’s also simpler for them to remember their name if it finishes in a sharp “A” or a lengthy “Y” sound. As a result, names like Luna and Benny, for example, are ideal.

Finally, choosing a name with just one or two syllables is a smart idea. A five-syllable name will just be too difficult for them to comprehend.

If you’re going to give them a lengthy and intricate name, at the very least come up with a condensed form that you can use as a command to attract their attention.

Check to see whether their name is appropriate.

There aren’t many parents who would call their children names like that. In fact, many individuals spend hours mixing their first and last names to guarantee that nothing derogatory may be said about them accidently.

People, on the other hand, don’t always take the same care when naming their pets, and some even select names that are intentionally contentious. While an unconventional name may be entertaining at first, it may rapidly become a problem.

Consider the situation when you need to regain control of your dog in a huge public park because it is becoming too friendly with a young kid.

Their actions are benign, but the youngster is becoming fearful. Because you’re a long way away, you’ll have to call their name loudly in front of everyone–and in the direction of the screaming youngster.

Imagine that instead of you shouting the name, it’s your kid, niece, nephew, or another young person who is temporarily in charge of the dog but isn’t in charge of naming it!

Remember that your dog will be with you for the next 10 to 15 years, so don’t take naming them lightly.

Do you have questions about how to teach your dog its name? Here’s where you can find the rest of our tutorial.

Dog Names: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it permissible to rename a dog?

Your dog will grow linked to you in the same way that you would become attached to your name. If you’ve been calling someone a specific name for five years, changing it for no apparent reason is likely to create confusion.

You may, however, alter the name of a dog you bring home if it already has one. They will rapidly learn that the new term belongs to them if you use it often and reward them when they react properly to it.

What is the average time it takes for a dog to learn its name?

Your dog’s ability to learn orders and how much work you put into teaching them will determine how long it takes them to learn their name.

With positive reinforcement training, dogs may rapidly learn their names. Within two days, some dogs may begin to recognize their name.

Is it possible to give my dog a human name?

You may, and many people do, name your dog after a person.

Giving your dog a human name, on the other hand, is thought by some trainers to encourage you to anthropomorphize them and attach human characteristics to them. This might make it difficult for you to keep control and discipline.

Unless you’re training a dog for a particular purpose, like acting as a guide dog, this is unlikely to be a major worry.

The Final Word

It might be difficult to come up with the ideal name for your dog. It’s a quest for inspiration as well as something that simply feels right.

If your dog already has a feisty attitude when they come to your door, they’re offering you some name suggestions.

Focus on physical factors such as their color or the size of their ears if they aren’t revealing much about their personality yet.

When naming your dog, keep these fundamental guidelines in mind:

  • Choose something unique and simple to identify by your dog.
  • Avoid names that are too edgy or provocative.
  • Avoid using titles that sound too much like simple instructions like “sit” or “remain.”

Looking through as many names as you can in the hopes of finding one that inspires you is one of the finest approaches to come up with a name.

Even if you don’t find the name you’re searching for on our list, it should help you make connections that will lead you to what you’re looking for.

Do you have any fantastic suggestions for sassy female dog names? In the comments box below, please share them with the community.


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The “badass girl dog names” are a list of the best sassy female dog names for your pup. The list includes unique, cool, and bold names that will make your pup stand out from the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some badass girl dog names?

A: Moxxy, Evil, Duke

What is a good name for a female pup?

A: Puppy is a common name for female dogs.

What are the coolest female dog names?

A: Here are the top 100 most popular female dog names in 2019.
Mia, Bella, Hope – Dog Names

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