The second book in the WonTon series is “WonTon Takes a Trip to the Library”. It introduces new characters, animals and tales. One of these stories includes an old man who wants to see what’s up with all this technology stuff. He’ll be back!

WonTon the Bookstore Cat is a cat who loves to read. He enjoys reading books from his favorite bookstore, which is called “The Book Barn.”

As I stand outside Chop Suey Books, where a smart sign above the door specifies that the store sells “Used Books, Not Used Eggrolls,” a cartoon tuxedo kitten and the words “Home of the Caturday Miracle” make me laugh.

Then, as I come inside the shop in Richmond, Virginia’s Carytown district, I see WonTon, the independent bookstore’s resident tuxedo cat, standing directly behind the front entrance, staring at me with interest. I slip in a few of caressing strokes before following him to a stairwell, where he greets me with a thumping tail and takes me upstairs.

WonTon — an appropriate name for a feline at a bookshop themed after Chinese cuisine — has spent the most of his 14-year existence at the business, which is now in its second location. Customers love him at Chop Suey Books, which was rated the finest bookshop in Virginia by in 2019 for its extensive selection of new and secondhand books on a range of topics.

WonTon-the-Bookstore-CatAndrew Blossom is a character in the novel Andrew Blossom by Andrew Blossom.

WonTon may be seen patrolling the shelves or examining the book boxes, either above or below. WonTon, who stays and sleeps upstairs, does indeed bring business to Chop Suey Books, according to owner Ward Tefft, who refers to the cat as his friend. People either observed the cat lying behind a window or the glass door while walking past the business or heard about him on social media.

Ward laughs, “I believe people like WonTon more than they enjoy the shop.” “There are folks who come here seeking for him who aren’t clients.”

WonTon has a large following of loyal customers.

Maya Gilliam, 18, of Richmond, says as she browses the shelves, “I adore him so much.” “I think having a bookshop cat is so charming,” says the author. He enjoys doing his rounds.”

WonTon enjoys meeting clients at the business, but he isn’t a romantic and may be distant. He may allow you bring a few pets in, but he isn’t a big fan of guests. WonTon will just entertain them with his attractiveness and interest. Ward explains, “He enjoys being sociable, but he doesn’t like going too much beyond that.”

While staying with a lady next door to the business at its original site, a young WonTon found his future home. Ward mistook him for a stray when he began hopping inside the business via a window one day. The tuxedo kitten seemed to have made himself at home, and the crew began to look after him.

The kitty’s owner then said, “Why don’t you simply keep him?” It was fated to happen.

Ward recalls, “He felt he belonged here.” “I can’t imagine (the business) without him since he’s been here for so long.” Chop Suey Books has a unique approach to cat energy.”

T-shirts featuring a print of a cartoon tuxedo cat inspired by WonTon are available. The feline was also the inspiration for the “Saturday Caturday” branding, despite the fact that the business does not have a cat-themed event on Saturdays. has additional information.

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