Cats communicate with a variety of sounds and body language. It’s important to know their normal behavior so you can tell when something is wrong. When cats meow excessively, it’s usually due to separation anxiety or stress from changes in the home environment like moving furniture.

Your cat is rubbing everything, including the wall and your furniture. It seems like they are trying to tell you something. We can help you figure out what that might be!

Have you ever wondered why your cat is meowing so much? Meowing may refer to a variety of things in cats, from newborn kittens to adult cats. When kittens seek attention, require food or milk, or are chilly, they meow to their moms. It’s typical for kittens to meow. 

Cats might meow for a number of reasons as they become older, including seeking attention or attempting to communicate with humans. Meowing may also be caused by more severe factors including as disease, loneliness, or stress. It’s important to spend time with and observe your cat on a daily basis to ensure that they’re healthy. If you see them meowing excessively, it may be time to take them to the vet.

If your cat meows a lot or won’t stop, here’s what you should know.

Yowling vs. meowing

Yowling is often more forceful and louder than meowing. Are you curious as to why my cat is yowling? Cats communicate with other cats by yowling, whereas they interact with humans by meowing. Your cat may be in heat or marking out their territory in the neighborhood if they’re yowling.

Top reasons cats meow excessively 

Excessive meowing in cats may occur for a number of causes, the most severe of which include disease, loneliness, stress, pregnancy, or old age. Alternatively, your cat may be seeking attention or pondering why their food dish is empty. Here’s how to distinguish the two and figure out why your cat won’t stop meowing: 


If your cat is left alone for long periods of time throughout the day, they may get lonely. This is readily rectified by enlisting the help of a friend or neighbor to care after your pet. Consider placing a bird feeder outside a window or keeping a variety of toys out for them to play with. Alternatively, get a new pet!


Cats meow in order to communicate with humans. When someone enters into the kitchen, a hungry cat may meow, expecting to be fed. It’s a method for them to say, “Hey, human!” “I’m starving!” 

When it’s time for them to eat, many cats become quite noisy. Wait until they cease meowing before feeding them to help minimize this kind of behavior. If you don’t feed them when they meow, they’ll figure out that this isn’t a good way to gain your attention. Another simple solution is to get an automated cat feeder that feeds food according to a schedule that you set. 

Attempting to attract attention

Some cats will meow to gain your attention if they are neglected or left alone. Don’t forget to spend quality time with your cat every day—don’t forget about them! You should spend 5-10 minutes each day playing with your cat and giving them plenty of love.

Medical or health-related difficulties

If your cat meows excessively after you’ve ruled out hunger and attention-seeking behavior, you should schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. Any unusual conduct indicates that something is awry. Urinary illness and nervousness are common problems in cats, so a smart first step is to check for any health concerns. Excessive meowing may be caused by a variety of factors, including stress or discomfort. 


Cats make a lot of noise when they want to reproduce. Males yowl when they scent a female in heat, whereas females yowl when they are in heat. They may become quite raucous, disturbing not only you but also anyone in the surrounding area. Spaying or neutering your cat is a fantastic approach to avoid this form of meowing.

Old age

Senior cats may have mental disorientation or cognitive impairment. Especially at night, they might feel confused and weep for no apparent reason. To avoid confusion at night, use a nightlight or call your veterinarian for assistance with any pain they’re experiencing. 

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Is it common for cats to meow excessively?

Excessive meowing is determined by the cat’s breed, living environment, and personality. Siamese cats and other oriental breeds are recognized for their proclivity for meowing. Similarly, some cats like to hear their own voices, while others want to engage in “chat” with the humans around them.

It’s critical to understand your cat’s usual behavior. If your cat has been adopted, inquire about their meowing habits with the shelter or prior owner. If your cat meows a lot, this will let you know that he or she is healthy and that the meowing is typical.

What should you do if your cat is meowing excessively?

Whether your cat won’t stop meowing or you’re not sure why your cat is yowling, you should check to see if it’s an indication of a health condition. When your cat meows, check on them to make sure they’re alright.

A cat should not be punished for meowing. Punishments such as striking, yelling, or spraying your cat with water nearly never work and will almost always end in your cat retaliating in some form (such as peeing outside of the litter box). Ignore the meowing and reward positive behavior until your cat knows that meowing will not get them what they desire. Cats are very bright and will learn new behaviors if they are rewarded.

Cats meow in order to attract your attention.

Cats meow for a variety of reasons. Because it’s the norm! Your cat’s language is meowing, and they use it to communicate with you or to want attention.  

But if you’re still perplexed as to why my cat is meowing so loudly, read on. Figure out what’s causing the excessive meowing and what you may do to assist. Seek the counsel of your veterinarian if you suspect a health condition. If your cat is lonely or just wants attention, try having a friend check on them or adopting another pet to keep them company. Also, when you’re at home, be sure to pay attention to them!

With a cat pyramid for your cat to play on when you’re not around, provide environmental enrichment for your cat while you’re not around. You may use a Feeder-Robot to feed your cat automatically if it meows for food at unusual hours of the day. You may also acquire a self-cleaning Litter-Robot to keep the litter box clean for them. It will is simpler to modify their meowing habit once you understand what’s going on.

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tan domestic longhair cat meowing - why is my cat meowing so much

My cat is meowing so much that I can’t sleep at night. Why is my cat meowing so much? Reference: my cat won’t stop meowing at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my cat suddenly meowing so much?

A: Cats often meow for no reason, so it is difficult to say. It may be possible that the cat has your attention now because you are not paying enough attention to them before. Or they might just want more petting!

Why does my cat walk around the house meowing?

A: My cat walks around the house meowing because he wants to play and youre not paying attention.

Is it normal for cats to meow a lot?

A: Your cat is probably separating you for attention. Cats will meow at anything or anyone that comes near them, making it seem like they are using different vocalizations to get what they want.

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