A cat mask, a bit of blue and yellow painted on its face. The superhero’s name is “Super Meow Cat.” Its mission: protect animals everywhere. Meow Wolf Entertainment — the company behind Super Meow — has been making waves in Denver for years now, but their newest venture (also called “Meow”) marks an expansion into the world of games with a variety of augmented reality experiences designed to engage players and help them adopt more environmentally conscious behavior throughout their day-to-day lives. Topics like endangered species conservation are sure to be included as part of this endeavor; if anything, it sounds like one helluva ride!

Cats are the world’s most popular pet, but it seems like there are some superheroes who can do more than just catch mice. Will cat-themed games become mainstream in the future?

Cats are the favorite superheroes of many people. Here is a list of cat superhero names that you can use to describe your own feline friend.

It’s no wonder that cats have inspired a long series of comic book superheroes, thanks to their elegant agility, snarky attitude, and proclivity for landing on their paws. Here’s a list of ten all-action, cat-based superheroes in celebration of these amazing felines (plus a nod to some of their pesky kitty-themed supervillains).


The Cat-Man narrative starts in Burma in 1940, with orphan David Merryweather being fostered by a tiger. Merryweather travels to the United States after obtaining huge cat-like talents and being awarded nine lives, where he works as a private investigator and pledges to track down crooks. During CatMan’s vintage escapades, he befriends Kitten, a younger companion.

Black Panther is a superhero film that was released in

In the 1960s, this Marvel stalwart made his debut in a Fantastic Four comic book, when he was touted as “the amazing Black Panther.” King T’Challa of the Wakanda clan obtains the power to change into Black Panther after consuming a heart-shaped plant that resembles catnip. He also receives improved agility and kinesthetic senses. With the release of the hit 2018 film Black Panther, in which Chadwick Boseman portrayed the hero, the character’s popularity skyrocketed.

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Angel Catbird is a species of catbird.

Angel Catbird is a new addition to the feline superhero clowder, created by Margaret Atwood, a writer whose works include The Handmaid’s Tale. The hero, Strig Feleedus, is a genetic engineer who was exposed to a DNA experiment gone wrong, leaving him with a combination of feline and avian features, inspired by Margaret’s childhood doodles of flying cats. Angel Catbird’s domain also includes the Catastrophe, a secret nightclub.


Catwoman is a well-known DC Comics villain who first appeared in the 1940s as a sleek and seductive thief who prowls the streets of Gotham and likes antagonizing Batman. Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry, and Anne Hathaway have all played the svelte role in different Batman films.


Greer Grant Nelson emerges with enhanced physical and mental abilities after participating in a hypothetical scientific experiment. Nelson reinvents herself as the orange-and-black-striped Tigra after flirting with a job as the crimefighter The Cat. Tigra is a member of The Avengers and has steel-cutting claws as well as the ability to summon Balkatar, an Earthly envoy for the Cat People tribe of humanoids.


Native American tribesman Thomas Fireheart was refined into the ultimate feline-enhanced warrior via a combination of genetic breeding and shamanistic procedures. Puma is a top-notch martial artist who can conjure large animal energies and survival strategies while utilizing his super-heightened sense of smell to hunt down prey. He has been a friend and opponent of Spider-Man on and off.


Feral is a Marvel Universe mutant that has both hero and villain impulses while keeping links to the X-Force team. She first appeared in the 1990s. Feral, clad in orange fur and equipped with night vision and the ability to manipulate her tail, has a cat brawl with Sabretooth, and Thornn, a fellow feline superhero born from the same litter, is one of her friends.


Since his introduction in 1943, the wicked Cheetah has appeared in a number of various forms as a dedicated adversary of DC Comics heroine Wonder Woman. After being vanquished by Wonder Woman at a charity gathering, debutante Priscilla Rich transforms into Cheetah, while British scholar Dr. Barbara Minerva claims her cunning abilities after finding an ancient ceremony conducted for a cheetah deity in a later plot.


Patsy Walker was raised in Centerville by a mother who exploited her childhood for financial advantage — until she stumbles into a cat outfit used by Marvel’s Tigra and decides to join the superhero ranks as Hellcat. Wearing the costume gives Walker feline-focused abilities as well as the capacity of telekinesis.

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Mr. Tawky Tawny is a character in the film Mr. Tawky Tawny

Mr. Tawky Tawny, a suave humanoid Bengal tiger figure wearing a tweed suit and working as a museum guide, is a lesser-known character. Mr. Tawky Tawny originally appears in Captain Marvel Adventures in 1947 and is often seen drinking dirty martinis and debating whether the occasion properly calls for him to level up into a saber-tooth tiger.

The “cat superhero powers” is a list of the top 10 cat superheroes.

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