Many cats blink slowly, a trait that is linked to their long fur and whiskers. The slow blinking helps them conserve energy while hunting by minimizing the amount of light they give off as heat. Their sleek coats also help protect from cold weather so it’s not surprising why some experts say this behavior leads to colder, more comfortable homes for our feline friends.

The “do cats blink to say i love you” is a question that has been asked for years. The answer is yes, cats do blink slowly to show their affection.

A fad a few years ago prompted individuals to test the hypothesis that inspecting the eyes could tell whether a grin was genuine or not. Squinty, wrinkled eyes showed a genuine grin, but eyes without wrinkling indicated a dishonest smile. According to the American Psychological Association, the Duchenne smile is described as a grin that involves the muscles around the eyes as well as the upturning of the lips. “Authentic Duchenne grins are thought to differ from posed, deliberate non-Duchenne smiles that lack the orbicularis oculi component.”

However, before dismissing a non-Duchenne smile as dishonest, a research conducted by Carnegie Mellon University in 2021 investigated the notion and found that eye wrinkling may be related to the intensity of the sentiments underlying the grin rather than its veracity.

The Duchenne smile is a well-known human psychology research, but it turns out that cats have their own smiles, which include expressing and interpreting emotions via the eyes.

A kitty grin

Cats are active communicators who use a variety of communication methods. They usually interact with their people using their voices. They communicate by rubbing their pheromones on items and using their ears and tails. They interact with one other and with others via their eyes.

In the company of other cats, cats close their eyes as a show of confidence and that they may be trusted. They are expressing their belief in the other person and that they are not a danger to them.

When your cat gently shuts his eyes at you, he is expressing happiness, security, and relaxation. It’s the farthest thing from a Duchenne kitten grin. And you’re smiling back as you return a leisurely blink to your cat.

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Positive Energy

Slow blinking may be a kind of good communication between cats and people, according to a new research published in Scientific Reports on Oct. 5, 2020.

In the first experiment, the researchers used 21 cats and their caregivers from 14 families, whereas in the second, they used 24 distinct cats from eight houses and total strangers. The persons in the second trial had never seen the cats before, and when they slowly blinked at them, they similarly extended their hand to them.

The cats provided more slow blinks to their caregivers when their caretakers were slow blinking at them, but not when their carers were merely in the room and not slow blinking, according to the researchers. Even when complete strangers blinked slowly at the cats, the kitties responded by narrowing their eyes. When strangers extended their hand, the cats were more inclined to approach them after slow blinking encounters than if the strangers maintained a neutral expression and avoided eye contact.

The findings of the study indicated that cats’ slow blinks seem to communicate good feelings, but further research is required before strong conclusions can be drawn. The findings of this research, which may be the first of its type to look at the importance of the slow blink in feline-human communication, tend to imply that the behavior conveys happy sentiments.

“Such results might potentially be utilized to evaluate the wellbeing of cats in a range of contexts, including veterinary clinics and shelter situations, as well as boosting cat-human connection in the human household,” the researchers stated, noting that the topic of study is currently under-studied.

Those of us who have lived with cats for a long time are familiar with the look our cats give us when they slowly shut their eyes and give us a look of complete happiness. It’s a look that makes us happy while also reminding us that we need to relax and smile more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why cats Do the slow blink at their owners?

A: Cats are known for their soft, doe-like eyes that make them look like theyre blinking slowly. The slow blink is meant to signal a cats contentment with being around humans and its happiness at being cared for.

Do cats blink slowly?

A: Cats blink slowly, and they have a sixth sense that helps them avoid danger.

Do cats blink slowly to Say I Love You?

A: No, cats do not blink slowly to say I love you.

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