Cats are an important part of the Halloween season. There are many ways to celebrate this spooky holiday, but what is your favorite way?

“Autumn the cat squishmallow” is a fun and creative way to celebrate autumn. This is a picture of a cat made out of squash.

Cats, ever resourceful explorers, have a propensity for discovering new and exciting parts of each holiday or season, and they’re all in when the calendar turns to Thanksgiving. Cats will always be appreciative for these six autumn-themed feline activities.

  1. Observing the fall of leaves

Thanksgiving’s abundance is enjoyed by more than just humans. The all-you-can-eat buffet of falling turkey parts from the kitchen counter or dining room table delights many cats. Smart cats hide under children’s chairs, appreciating their lack of fine motor abilities. And if there’s a large crowd gathered for the occasion, you’ll have a far better chance of grabbing a bite of a roll or a moment with some mashed potatoes. Furthermore, people are readily distracted by group chats and football games, resulting in unattended bowls and plates. Score!

(Keep an eye on your little feline thief throughout the lunch celebrations since certain human meals may be toxic to cats.)

Getty Images/Liudmila Cheklova

  1. Looking for Thanksgiving leftovers that have been left behind

Kittens are naturally captivated by flying items. They chase feathers linked to wands into the air and lose their wits when a fly buzzes just over their grasp. The cat that has a front-row ticket to see multicolored leaves fall elegantly from tree branches to the cool autumn ground is very fortunate. Indoor and outdoor cats equally devour Mother Nature’s visual candy, focusing their complete attention on the erratic motion of the falling leaves. It’s contemplative, but don’t discount the sheer thrill of it all.

1634941691_572_Celebrate-Autumn-%E2%80%94-Feline-StyleGetty Images/JasonOndreicka

  1. Under a cozy blanket, snoozing

Who doesn’t like a warm blanket? When the weather becomes cold, both cats and people wrap themselves in woven comfort. Blanket burrowing is a behavior that certain cats (and maybe people — no judgment) engage in, leaving just a lump visible to the naked sight. Autumn, sometimes known as “blanket season,” is particularly intriguing because throws, blankets, and comforters emerge from hibernation, allowing numerous layers of warmth to be more easily accessed. And it’s an immediate electric blanket when a person puts her legs beneath a throw where a cat has been napping! This is particularly wonderful with a dish of turkey and all the fixings. “You’re welcome” on behalf of all kitties worldwide.

1634941692_608_Celebrate-Autumn-%E2%80%94-Feline-StyleGetty Images/iagodina

  1. Cosier apparel to snuggle up to

Warm clothes is undoubtedly more favorable to snuggling pets or other people than summer shorts. When she’s soaking in perspiration, who wants to hug anything other than the contents of a freezer? And we’re willing to bet that most cats would prefer a soft fleece hoodie over a poly-blend tank top. When the old clothing moves from cool to comfortable, people become hug magnets. Everyone comes out on top!

1634941692_552_Celebrate-Autumn-%E2%80%94-Feline-StyleGetty Images/vnlit

  1. Squirrel on the lookout

Many animals prepare for the long winter ahead in the fall. Squirrels do this by gathering nuts and hiding them for later consumption. Our cats watch squirrels and other outside wildlife on “Cat TV” all year long, but it’s sweeps week when the zippy little bushy-tailed squirrels are racing against the clock to discover and hide their treasure. This is a lot more fun than seeing the same old Garfield float in the Thanksgiving parade.

1634941693_344_Celebrate-Autumn-%E2%80%94-Feline-StyleGetty Images/Daria Kulkova

  1. Waiting for the tree to appear

Thanksgiving is only one step closer to putting a tree into a home for cats that live in a Christmas-themed household. Dangling “cat toys” from the trees, napping areas underneath, and strange wrapped gifts to investigate are all part of this festive phenomena (and later play with after the holiday). Things become genuine if the people decorate with a live tree. The scents and images of fir only add to the festive feline frenzy.

1634941694_782_Celebrate-Autumn-%E2%80%94-Feline-Stylecourtesy of Getty Images

The “new cat hiding” is a fun way to celebrate the fall season. Cats are known for being great at hiding, so this activity will be perfect for your feline friends!

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