This cat is a rare calico male, with unusual markings. He is very friendly and loves to be petted.

The male calico is a rare cat that has been spotted in the United States. It is believed to be a hybrid of a male and female cat.

Have you ever seen a calico cat that is male? Probably unlikely, since only around one in every 3,000 calico cats is born male, giving a calico cat a chance of being a boy of less than 0.1 percent. Prepare for a bizarre calico coincidence!

I just got an email from Shelter to Home Rescue in Wyandotte, Michigan, informing me of the arrival of a male calico kitten. I got an email from Our Farm Sanctuary in Tipp City, Ohio, less than a week later, informing me of their male calico! Let’s get to know the lads:

Stevie: When Shelter to Home Rescue received a litter of three kittens, the calico was believed to be female. Nope! Shelley Bawol, president of Shelter to Home, says, “We received the news when Stevie and his siblings went to the vet for a wellness check.”

Stevie is a rare calico boy. courtesy of Getty Images

It’s a great pleasure to see, according to Shelley. “We consider ourselves lucky to have had one come to our aid,” she adds.

Stevie was the tiniest of the litter, but she was the most outgoing. He was adopted (by a veterinarian, no less) and is now residing in Illinois.

Shelter to Home Rescue may be found at and on Facebook and Instagram as @sheltertohome.

After their mother, Rolo, arrived to the shelter as a pregnant stray, this little boy and his brother, York, were born in a foster home. “Riesen is a lovely, affectionate youngster who has been pampered a little by his foster family,” sanctuary worker Chelsea Robinson explains. “He enjoys following people about and insisting that they succumb to his regal pleasure of being stroked and loved at all times.”

Chelsea and the other volunteers feel Riesen is aware of his unique abilities – and they all agree!

Riesen is now looking for his permanent home. He has many adoption applications in seven states, so that shouldn’t take long.

Our Farm Sanctuary may be found at, and it can also be found on Facebook and Instagram as @ourfarmsanctuary.

The male calico cat health problems is a rare breed of cats that are found in the United States. They have a unique pattern of orange, black, white, and sometimes brown fur.

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