There are many different types of cats, from the short-haired Persian to the long-haired Maine Coon. The most popular cat breeds in the United States include the Siamese, Abyssinian, and Burmese.

The maine coon biggest cat breed is a large breed of domestic cat that originated from Maine. It is the largest cat breed in the world.

You’re not alone if you’ve always wanted a pet leopard or panther. They’re magnificent, strong, and gorgeous. They’re very aggressive, despite their cute appearance. These cats have never been domesticated and never will be. They need a life full of adventure, hunting, and plenty of space. Instead, try one of the magnificent creatures listed below to get your fill of big cats. The world’s biggest cat breeds have set records for size while remaining the ideal family friend. They’re the ideal large cats to have as pets. 

17 of the most popular house cat breeds

Take a look at your cat’s weight if you want to know whether he or she is a large house cat. A mixed breed male cat weighs between 8 and 12 pounds on average. Anything weighing more than 10 to 12 pounds is considered big. Female cats are often less in weight than their male counterparts. 

Did you realize, though, that some cats may weigh as much as 25 pounds? We’ll go through these in more depth later.  

Coon (Maine)

Maine Coons are native to the state of Maine. This feline was originally found in North America in Maine, and it is the state’s official feline. It is one of North America’s earliest domesticated cat breeds. 

They make a wonderful friend because of their intellect, pleasant attitude, and goofiness. They love being near to their friends, but they dislike being cuddled.

Males may reach up to 18 pounds and females up to 13 pounds, making this one of the biggest cat breeds.


Ragdoll cat - largest cat breedsCC-BY-SA-3.0 / BlackIceNRW / Wikimedia Commons

If you want a big cat to snuggle with, the Ragdoll is the breed for you. They like falling into their family’s embrace. 

They were created in California in the 1960s as one of the most popular house cat breeds. These sociable, affectionate, intelligent cats get along well with youngsters and other pets in the house. Both male and females may weigh up to 20 pounds!


Siberian cat - largest cat breeds

This cat breed’s name definitely gave it away: Siberian cats are native to Siberia. Their origins may be traced back to the year 1000 A.D. 

These strong, clever cats are renowned for their ability to “solve problems.” Is there a doorknob in your way? They’ll find out a way to unlock it. Are there any nibbles hidden in the jar? They won’t be able to stay away from it till it’s open. That’s why using concealed litter box furniture to teach them would be a snap. These cunning felines would have little trouble fitting inside a litter box credenza.

Siberian cats are renowned for being clever and lively, and they like being around humans. Females are somewhat lighter than males, who may weigh up to 20 pounds. 

Folded Scottish

Scottish Fold cat - largest cat breedsCC-BY-SA-3.0 / Psihopat

Scottish Fold cats originated in Scotland, and all Scottish Fold cats can be traced down to one cat: Susie. She was a farm cat with flat ears who gave birth to kittens with the same folded ears. Scottish Folds became one of the most popular breeds in America and Europe as a result of this birth abnormality. 

These supernatural beings are usually cheerful and have a pleasant demeanor. However, due to genetic defects, Scottish Fold cats develop arthritis in their tails at a young age. The feline’s severe condition may make him less affectionate, therefore he needs to see a doctor right now. 

Whisker’s memory foam bed is an excellent spot for your Scottish Fold to relax. It offers them with a comfortable environment in which to sleep off any pain. 

Scottish Fold cats may weigh up to 14 pounds for males and 10 pounds for females. 


Chartreaux cat - largest cat breeds

The origins of Chartreauxs are unknown. They are thought to be from the 13th century in what is now Syria. The first Chartreauxs to come in the United States were in the 1970s in California. 

In terms of devotion, Chartreux cats are comparable to dogs. They form an attachment to one person in the house and follow them around. That isn’t to say they aren’t loving to the rest of the family; they just favor their individual.

Male Chartreux cats may reach up to 16 pounds, but female Chartreux cats are typically smaller, averaging 9 pounds or less.

Forest Cat from Norway

Norwegian Forest cat - largest cat breedsUnsplash photo by John Tecuceanu

This sociable, sensitive cat is native to Norway and is said to have been introduced there by Vikings about 1000 AD. Hundreds of years ago, legends about this strong feline may be found in European folktales and other literature. 

These big cats have claws that are very strong. They have no trouble climbing rocks and trees! But don’t be fooled by this; they also like being inside! To keep themselves occupied, Norwegian Forest cats will need cat trees, towers, and scratching posts.

These gentle giants have been known to weigh up to 20 pounds.

Van from Turkey

Turkish Van cat - largest cat breedsCC-BY-SA-3.0 Helen Filatova

The Turkish Van cat is native to Turkey’s highlands. Turkish Vans are regarded as a valuable commodity in their homeland. The Van is a big cat that is often mistaken with its Turkish Angora relative. Vans, on the other hand, outweigh their relatives. 

It’s difficult to imagine that any cat breed loves water, but the Turkish Van does. They’re strong, lively, and active cats that love splashing about. These felines have a muscular and athletic build that makes jumping a breeze.

Male Turkish Vans have been known to weigh up to 20 pounds.


Birman cat - largest cat breedsCC-BY-SA-4.0 / Thomas Günther

The origins and history of Birman cats are unknown. They were most likely brought from Burma to France and mated with Siamese cats to create the unique Birman cats we see today.

They are a sociable cat that enjoys interacting with all members of the household, including children and animals. Birmans also like receiving attention from others. Birman males may weigh up to 15 pounds. 


Ocicat - largest cat breedsCC-BY-SA-3.0 Heikki Siltala / Wikimedia Commons

The Ocicat is a good choice if you want a cat with a wild look. This cat’s moniker comes from its resemblance to the ocelot—but don’t worry, they’re fully domesticated.

They love human attention so much that they may act out if neglected or ignored, since they are descended from Siamese cats. As long as they have adequate playing and company, they have a lively and happy attitude. 

Ocicats may reach a weight of 15 pounds.


Savannah cat - largest cat breeds

The Savannah cat is another cat with a wild, exotic look. Some generations of this house cat have recently come under fire for not being deemed tamed. A Savannah cat is a mix between a domestic cat and an African wild cat known as a serval. 

These cats’ bodies are extremely muscular and strong. They have the ability to leap eight feet into the air! You’ll need to provide lots of stimulus for this breed, since they have such active personalities.

An adult Savannah cat may weigh up to 25 pounds, making it the biggest cat breed on our list. 

Blue Russian

Russian Blue cat - largest cat breedsUnsplash photo by Katharina Gloth

Another breed on the list takes its name from the country of origin. Russian Blues are believed to have been a favorite of previous Czars, and today’s Blues are descended from regal cats of the past. 

Russian Blues have a calm attitude despite their inherent curiosity. They are intelligent and like being noticed, but unlike the other cats on the list, they do not seek it out. They have a tendency to develop a strong bond with a particular member of the family while still getting along with others. 

In adulthood, Russian Blues may weigh up to 15 pounds, with females being smaller than males. 

Shorthaired British

British Shorthair cat - largest cat breedsCC-BY-SA-4.0 / George E. Koronaios

The history of the British Shorthair is complicated. The Romans are said to have introduced British Shorthairs to Britain in the first century. However, the breed experienced neglect after two world wars. Shorthairs have been mated with various domestic cats to preserve the breed since then, most often Persians and Russian Blues. Cats today are descended from such hybrids.

British Shorthair cats are calm and placid, yet they are also extroverted and sociable. They are an excellent choice for a family cat. It’s great for them to curl up on their pet parent’s lap. They do not, however, like being left alone all day: they need constant care and affection. 

These adoring felines may reach a weight of 18 pounds.

Rex Selkirk

Selkirk Rex cat - largest cat breedsCC-BY-SA-3.0 / Leinwand 

Only a few cat breeds have wavy hair, such as the Selkirk Rex. And, unlike the others on the list, this cat does not come from an aristocratic family. Instead, this breed was created at a Montana animal sanctuary. In 1987, a fluffy Selkirk Rex kitten was found and became the “mother cat” of all Selkirk Rex descendants. 

This warm, loving ball of curling hair is a gentle giant. They adore their family, children, and visitors! They are not, however, couch potatoes; they like playing games and being active. 

Selkirk Rex cats may grow to be as large as 16 pounds.


Persian cat - largest cat breedsCC-BY-SA-2.0 / Nickolas Titkov / Flickr

The Persian cat has a unique look that we are all familiar with. Their stunning felines have long fur and a flat, flattened snout. They hail from Mesopotamia (modern-day Iran), and in the 1600s, they won over an Italian lord. They were Queen Victoria’s favorite when he introduced them to Europe. 

This cat is the most sluggish of the group. They are quite happy to lie around all day. They are not as attentive as other breeds and do not need as much stimulation. Persians, like the other breeds on the list, are tiny, weighing no more than 14 pounds. 

These sluggish friends are ideal for those who work long hours or travel often. They may be left alone, but with a helping hand. They, like other cats, like a clean environment in which to relieve themselves, therefore a self-cleaning litter box is a necessity. Stay on top of their feeding routine with a Feeder-Robot on days when you’re delayed at the office. Will they even notice you’re gone if all of their needs have been met?


Bengal cat with Litter-Robot - largest cat breeds

Another wild and exotic-looking cat has been added to the list! Bengals are descended from a mix between an Asian Leopard and a domestic cat, which explains their unique markings. 

Bengals have a highly energetic disposition due to their wild origin. They are, nevertheless, affectionate and kind. They like climbing and playing.

Bengal cats, which may weigh up to 22 pounds, are one of the biggest cat breeds on the list. 


Ragamuffin cat - largest cat breedsCC-BY-SA-4.0 / Togle1 / Wikimedia Commons

The Ragamuffin is a descendent of the Ragdoll, another cat on the list. This is why these two felines are so similar. Because of a dispute among Ragdoll breeders over which way to take the breed, they decided to split it into two breeds, which is how the Ragamuffins got their start.

Ragamuffins are loving, easygoing cats with a calm demeanor. They have such warm personalities that they often become the shadows of their friends. They adore their human companions!

Ragamuffin cats, like Ragdolls, may weigh up to 20 pounds. 


Manx cat - largest cat breedsCC-BY-SA-4.0 / Michelle Weigold / Wikimedia Commons

The origins of Manx cats are a hot topic of discussion. Manx has existed for at least three centuries, having been written down for the first time in 1807. They are said to have originated on the Isle of Man from a cat that had a spontaneous mutation that left it without a tail. Because the island was tiny and secluded, the mutation became the most common among the island’s cats. 

The island’s descendants now all share the same genetic mutation. However, despite their distinct look from other felines, they are still a loving, sweet-tempered friend. They are devoted to their owners and often follow them about the home, but they are not fond of youngsters or outsiders.

The Manx is a tiny yet powerful cat that may weigh up to 13 pounds. This isn’t one of the biggest house cat breeds on the list, but it is bigger than many others.

The most popular home cat breeds are in desperate need of your affection.

Is it true that the larger the better? These big domestic cat breeds certainly make us believe so! But, who are we fooling, we adore all breeds! 

Cats of all shapes and sizes, whether they have tails or not, deserve the greatest love and care you can give them. This includes a sanitary location to visit when nature calls. Help them control their desires to roam anywhere they want by giving them the Litter-Robot, a new, private, self-cleaning litter box. 

Is there a difference in size between Siberian cats and Maine Coons?

No, in most cases. Maine Coons are one of the world’s biggest domesticated cats. While Siberian cats are still big, they are smaller than Maine Coons.

Which domestic cat species is the largest?

The biggest domestic cat is the Maine Coon. Maine Coons are completely domestic, unlike many other big breeds, and are not a mix of a domestic cat and a wild cat, such as the Savannah cat.

Is it true that Siberian cats are friendly?

Yes. Siberian cats are affectionate and sociable. They are also devoted but not needy companions.

Sergei Wing’s picture for the cover was found on Unsplash.

striped Maine Coon cat - what are the largest cat breeds?




The big cat breeder is a type of animal that has been bred for its large size. The largest cat breeds are the Bengal, Savannah, and Maine Coon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the largest house cats?

The largest house cats are the Sphinx and the Siberian tiger.

What is bigger Maine Coon or Savannah cat?

The Savannah cat is bigger than the Maine Coon.

Which is bigger Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest cat?

Maine Coon is bigger than the Norwegian Forest Cat.

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