The winners of the Purrific Photo Contest were announced on Tuesday, October 16th. Check out some of the most adorable photos submitted to see if your pet made it into the top 10!

The catster magazine photo contest 2021 is a contest that allows cat owners to submit their photos of their cats for the chance to win a prize.

Take a look at our fantastic photos and photo contest winners!

Lynx was the grand prize winner.

Cat Nap is a category in which cats nap.

Lynx, a 6-month-old Savannah, loves going on leash walks, observing birds, and playing. This chatty kitten meows whether he’s pleased, excited, hungry, or for no apparent reason. He begins purring the moment someone touches him, kind and loving.

Kathryn Luther, his human mother, works as a medical assistant in Woburn, Massachusetts. Lynx was adopted to help her cope with the death of another cat, and she considers herself fortunate to have him in her life. She loves photographing animals, hiking with Lynx, and spending time with friends and family when she is not working.

Kathryn contributes to a number of animal shelters and rescue groups. Steel City Adventure Cats, located in Pittsburgh, is her favorite rescue, which goes to great lengths to save as many kittens and cats as possible.

Jamie, a gorgeous 3-year-old black cat acquired from a local shelter, also lives with her. @deez nutz cat is Lynx’s Instagram handle.

Dr. Elsey’s will send Kathryn and her cats a year’s supply of Ultra Cat litter, one bag of cleanprotein kibble, and 12 cans of cleanprotein paté.

What method did she use to get this shot?

“Lynx was snoozing on the bed,” says the narrator. I simply wanted to photograph him asleep because he looked so sweet.”

Thomas, Brenda, and Theresa took second place.

Friends Forever is a category on Friends Forever.


Mora Pluchino and her family are kitten foster parents, and their home may contain anything from two to fifteen kittens at any one moment. The Maze Runners are three of a litter of seven puppies named Thomas (top), Brenda (middle), and Theresa (bottom). After they were born at the shelter, they were picked up by their mother. Mom was a neighborhood cat that, although not hostile to people, didn’t like her time with the Pluchinos. Her seven children, on the other hand, were all extremely lovely and caring, and they have all found happy, permanent homes.

Mora, a physical therapist, and her family began fostering kittens approximately two years ago as a means to give back to their community via the Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center in Blackwood, New Jersey. They began with two kittens and have already rescued over 100 more. They specialize in helping moms with babies and ill kittens that need medical attention.

Peach, an 11-year-old Golden Retriever, keeps an eye on the foster kittens in the house. She assists in the socialization of the kittens and teaches them that dogs are not to be feared.

On Instagram, @missmorap, you may follow Mora’s fostering experiences.

1633355341_860_Purrific-Photo-Contest-WinnersDr. Elsey’s will send Mora and her kittens a six-month supply of Ultra Cat Litter, one bag of cleanprotein kibble, and six cans of cleanprotein paté.

What method did she use to get this shot?

“Whenever I went into the kitten room, I’d find one of the seven siblings in a snuggle puddle. These three were very adorable, and the light was perfect for capturing the moment.”

Baby Girl took third place.

I Fits, I Sits is a category.


Baby Girl, a four-year-old kitten, is a lovely and sociable feline. She has never met a stranger. She is devoted to her human mother, Debbie Lepre, and takes her toy bird to sleep every night.

Debbie, a certified infection control RN in Louisiana for over 30 years, had intended to acquire only one cat but ended up with a bonded pair of 1-year-old kittens from a cat rescuer. They were pleasant, but not very friendly or fuzzy. “I have exactly the cat for you!” she was assured when she contacted the rescue. “We have a Baby Girl!” Debbie exclaimed to the other cats as beautiful, fluffy Baby Girl arrived.

Debbie admires the efforts of rescue organizations. Metairie Kittens Adoption and Rescue is her favorite charity.

Debbie likes both cats and dogs, but she only has cats in her house for now. She claims that all of her children have paws. Molly, Annie, and Kitty, a wild cat who is slowly acclimating to life inside the home, are other members of the family.

1633355342_774_Purrific-Photo-Contest-WinnersDr. Elsey’s will send Debbie and her cats a six-month supply of Ultra Cat Litter, one bag of cleanprotein kibble, and six cans of cleanprotein paté.

What method did she use to get this shot?

“Because Baby Girl is so inquisitive and likes to try new things, I shot this picture to capture the moment.”

Dr. Elsey’s is the source of this information.


Dr. Elsey’s (Veterinarian-Formulated Litters and cleanprotein Cat Food) Products:

Dr. Bruce Elsey has been a veterinarian for over 40 years and has over 8,000 cats in his clinic. Dr. Elsey’s products are all scientifically inspired and meticulously manufactured. Dr. Elsey’s has given over $13 million in financial assistance and goods to charitable organizations, shelters, and rescues throughout the nation since its inception in 1987. Your purchase of Dr. Elsey’s Cat Products contributes to the welfare of animals and people in need. Visit for additional information, and follow the business on Facebook at for updates.

The purina cat photo contest 2021 is a contest that will be held in 2020. It is for cat owners to submit photos of their cats, with the grand prize being $10,000.

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