Cats are notorious for their litter box habits. If you have a cat, you know that they will use the same spot over and over again until it becomes a mess. This is why many people place a concealed litter box in their home to avoid this problem.

There are many locations that can be used to create a concealed litter box. The best location for a concealed litter box is the area where you have access to clean water and food. Read more in detail here: best location for litter box.

While having a litter box is necessary for a feline household, the beauty of it is lacking. As a result, a hidden litter box is an excellent choice. Litter boxes may be concealed in a variety of places, including behind furniture, under the stairs, and even in a spare room or closet. 

Discover simple methods to conceal your cat’s litter box and hide this unsightly pet need. 

There are ten simple methods to conceal the litter box.

While a litter box is useful, it may also be an eyesore, particularly in tiny areas. But there’s no need to be concerned. There are several creative litter box solutions that may help you maintain the appearance and feel of your house while yet giving your cat enough room to do their business. 

1. Put it away in a piece of furniture.

It’s a good idea to start by concealing your litter box inside a piece of furniture. To begin, think of upcycling a piece of furniture. Locate the appropriate piece and devise a layout that allows your litter box and cat to fit comfortably within. You may begin building after you have a plan. Make careful to paint and trim the room to fit your décor. If necessary, you may even add little steps on the side of the piece to raise it. 

Don’t worry if DIY isn’t your thing. Now is a great time to look at Litter-hidden Robot’s litter box furniture choices. Our white wood credenza is not only a wonderful location to store your litter box, but it also looks excellent with any farmhouse-style décor. Consider the cappuccino oak litter box storage cabinet if you want a more contemporary look or need additional storage space. Both of these options are excellent for keeping your litter box concealed in plain sight! 

2. A desk’s underbelly

Do you have a desk or a side table that isn’t getting much use? You may use the area as a litter box for your cat. If the corners of your litter box still peep out after tucking it beneath the desk, try tacking some cloth around the sides to keep everything concealed while providing your cat some privacy.

3. Under your stairwell or against the stairwell wall

If you have stairs in your house, you may already have a built-in corner for your cat to use as a private litter box. Many houses have additional room that may be used to conceal the litter box. You may install a cat door or just conceal the underused space with a curtain, whichever is most convenient for you. Just make sure your cat has his own area. Keeping other things in the proximity may make your cat feel uncomfortable in the place. 

4. Closet with extra space

Do you have an extra closet in a guest room or office that you might use? Reorganize your cat’s space. For additional play time, add a cat door or use a curtain in lieu of the door, or put a cat orb in front of the area. Regardless of whatever option you choose, your cat will appreciate the seclusion, and you will like having the litter box out of sight. 

5. Restroom

Another great location to put a litter box is in the bathroom. There are many locations where you may put a litter box if you have an additional bathroom or enough space in one that you use. Just make sure the bathroom you choose provides your cat with full access to their litter box at all times. A closed door forces your cat to look for other areas to go, which may result in a messe. 

6. laundromat

How often do you get visitors in your laundry room? We’d wager that it’s virtually never. That’s why your laundry room is an excellent place to hide your cat’s litter box. In addition, most laundry rooms include a lint bin, which may be used to dispose of any cat waste from their litter box. 

Make sure to leave the door to your laundry room open, or build a cat door, like we suggested in the bathroom. If your laundry area is entirely closed to visitors, it’s also completely closed to your cat. 

Maine Coon cat, Bengal cat, and tan tabby cat sitting on top of Litter-Robot storage cabinet concealed litter box

If you have an additional bedroom, it may be the perfect spot for a hidden litter box. You may simply put the litter box in the corner if the room isn’t used at all. Consider adding a beautiful piece of litter box furniture if you want to create an attractive and useful area for work, visitors, and your cat. 

You may create a room that impresses visitors while yet allowing your cat to have their own area. If you don’t often host visitors, this additional room may be converted into a suite for your cat—after all, cats love to be pampered!

8. A room’s corner

Apartments and smaller apartments may not have enough space or steps to transform into a private cat-only refuge. That isn’t to say that there aren’t alternatives for these small areas. Your litter box may be tucked away in a corner of any room and remain hidden. A piece of Litter-Robot furniture or a homemade side table can hide your litter box while making the area pleasant for everyone, even your feline family!

9. Under a TV console or a console table

You undoubtedly have extra storage space on your TV console that you aren’t using. Instead, reclaim that area and turn it into a litter box solution. You may conceal your cat’s litter box under the TV by making a small DIY repair to your current furniture. If DIY is too much of a lift for you, you may buy a Litter-Robot credenza that will serve both functions. The credenza can accommodate a TV that weighs less than 50 pounds while still concealing the litter box!

Use a privacy screen if you want to be more private.

Separate your cat’s litter box from the rest of the room with a privacy screen or room divider. Folding privacy screens provide you the freedom to place them anywhere inside a room or in any area of your house. This will assist to hide the litter box while still allowing your cat to use it.

Taking care of kitty’s mess

It’s simple to keep your cat’s litter box out of sight and out of mind when you use one or more of these litter box solutions to hide it. But don’t forget to keep your cat’s area tidy. 

Using a Litter-Robot 3 Connect that cleans itself is a fantastic option! You won’t be able to smell when the litter box needs to be cleaned since cat waste is removed minutes after your cat leaves. The good news is that when the waste drawer has to be emptied, the Litter-Robot 3 Connect will notify you. This will make your cat happy while also freshening up your home!

Begin a 90-day in-home trial now.

Is your litter box old, out-of-date, unattractive, or difficult to clean? Litter-Robot is offering a 90-day in-home trial of their fantastic new litter box! Our cutting-edge litter box separates your cat’s waste from the clean litter, saving you money on litter and keeping your home free of the nasty smells that litter boxes are notorious for. 

If you prefer a hidden litter box (despite the fact that the Litter-Robot design is more visually appealing than other boxes on the market), we offer the ideal litter box furniture for you. 

Is it safe for cats to use litter boxes that are covered?

The majority of cats don’t care if their litter box is covered or not. Covered litter boxes, on the other hand, provide a number of advantages, including reducing smells and litter tracking out of the box, as well as preventing access to the litter box by house dogs.

Which is preferable: an open litter box or a closed litter box?

That is entirely dependent on your cat’s preferences. A closed litter box, on the other hand, is the best option. It gives your cat the privacy they need to perform their business while also keeping the litter confined. The Litter-Robot keeps litter contained inside its globe while constantly offering a clean, fresh restroom for your cat.

Is it possible for cats to become ill from sharing litter boxes?

Your cats are at danger of acquiring any infectious parasites or viruses that may be shed in the feces of one or more of your cats if their litter boxes are not cleaned on a regular basis.

Long-haired Ragdoll cat sitting on top of Litter-Robot credenza - best locations for a concealed litter box


The hidden litter box furniture is a good location for a concealed litter box. This is because the furniture can be hidden away, and it will not be visible to your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to put a litter box in a small house?

I am not sure what you mean by best place.

Where is the best place to put a litter tray?

It is best to put a litter tray in the corner of the room. This way, you can easily clean it and also not worry about getting cat litter everywhere.

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