Choosing the best doggy daycare for your pup is a difficult decision. You want to make sure that your dog will be well taken care of and happy while you’re away, but it can be hard to know what to look for when choosing one.

The best practices for dog daycare is a guide that will help you choose the best doggy daycare for your puppy.

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You’ve recently gotten a dog, but you’re still working full-time. What criteria do you use to choose the finest dog daycare for your puppy?

Putting him in a dog daycare facility may be a solution to your issue. It may also enhance your puppy’s quality of life.

However, you must choose the appropriate one.

Dog daycares first became popular in the mid-1990s and have continued to increase in popularity ever since.

However, since they are not regulated, you must determine whether or not it is well-run and fits your dog’s requirements.

Some daycares have bought “accreditations” from a company. Regular inspections aren’t needed, therefore this means nothing more than that they paid a membership fee.

There are a lot of things to consider while choosing the finest doggie daycare for your pet.

In this post, I’ll go through those factors as well as some questions to ask yourself before making a choice.

Why Should You Entrust Your Dog to a Doggy Daycare?

Of course, if you work long hours, your puppy cannot be left alone for extended periods of time. He has to go to the bathroom. 

He also need some physical activity and mental stimulation.

Adult dogs have the same requirements as puppies. 

A dog daycare facility may be beneficial if your dog is friendly to other dogs and humans.

A properly-run daycare will allow your dog to socialize and play with other dogs as well as the daycare personnel.

It should also offer mental and physical stimulation. So, in addition to canines and humans, your dog will be introduced to new experiences.

To grow into well-rounded adults, puppies must be socialized.

It may also assist dogs with separation anxiety or prevent them from getting it in the first place.

How To Select The Most Appropriate Dog Daycare For Your Puppy

Look for factors like how clean and safe the facility is, according to the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC). 

The PACCC is a non-profit organization that certifies that the childcare complies with specific requirements. 

If the daycare does not offer the information below, you should explicitly inquire about it while deciding whether or not to leave your beloved dog there.

When selecting a daycare, keep the following things in mind.

The facility’s rules, training, and pack management philosophy should all be clearly communicated to you by the personnel.

You have a lot of options for questions. 

Do They Put You Through a Temperament Test?

Dog daycares are not appropriate for all canines. Each potential client’s dog will be tested in a well-run dog daycare facility to see whether he should be there.

Even amiable dogs may get overwhelmed amid a crowd of other dogs.

They should evaluate the temperament and personality of each canine. And if a dog protects resources like toys, space, or humans, since these canines aren’t suitable for daycare.

Each dog owner should also provide a health and behavioural history.

When deciding whether or not a dog should join the daycare, the daycare should use a gradual introduction to other dogs. 

They should also evaluate how well your dog reacts to being handled by others. After all, the daycare workers will be handling your dog, putting on and taking off collars and leashes, caressing, and even lifting him up.

What kind of training do the employees have?

Animal behavior, particularly canine body language and warning signals of danger, stress, or sickness, should be taught to the personnel.

Basic canine care and safety practices should be taught to the personnel. And in the field of first aid.

Staff members should also be empathetic, kind, and patient.

What is the Dog-to-Staff Ratio?

The staff-to-dog ratio is critical for both safety and ensuring that all canines get enough care.

For every 15 canines, there should be one well-trained, experienced staff person. 

If the group is made up of high-energy dogs, this ratio should be lower. Then, for every seven to ten dogs, there should be one such staff person. 

Alternatively, one staff person for 20 dogs is sufficient in a less active group.

Is the facility appropriate and safe?

There should be no outlets or wires in the facility that may provide a safety hazard. 

It should also have secure entrances and exits. This usually entails a double-door system to prevent pets from escaping. Even safety locks assist in preventing dogs from inadvertently opening doors.

Fences should be a minimum of six feet tall. Dogs should not be able to escape via holes in the fence.

Also, dogs should never be left alone, whether indoors or outdoors, for more than a minute. 

Are there any procedures in place in case of an emergency?

Even though we want for everything to go well, things do sometimes go wrong.

A dog may be hurt, or a natural catastrophe could strike.

It’s crucial to find out whether the childcare facility has any emergency protocols in place in the case of an emergency.

They should have a strategy in place for when a dog has to be brought to the veterinarian. If required, the plan should include which veterinary facility the dog will be transported to and whether or not your veterinarian will be notified. 

It’s worth noting that the facility should have enough personnel to transport a dog to a veterinarian in the event of an emergency.

It’s also crucial to figure out how and when they’ll contact you in the case of an injury.

This should be done in writing, and you should double-check that you agree with everything before signing anything.

Will You Be Informed About Your Puppy’s Health?

It’s critical to figure out whether your dog is flourishing at daycare. Will you get daily or weekly updates on how he’s doing?

Is there a way for you to monitor him throughout the day via webcam? Is there any video or picture of the dogs in the daycare throughout the day?

Will the daycare inform you if your dog’s behavior or health deteriorates?

Although not every daycare will provide all of the above, you should be able to assess how he is doing while at daycare.

What Vaccinations Do They Need?

They should need DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza) and rabies vaccines at the very least.

As a result, the age at which a puppy may attend depends on when he received specific vaccinations.

Bordetella (kennel cough) and canine influenza vaccinations are also required for many dogs.

Some even need your dog to be on a flea and tick preventive in addition to vaccinations.

What are their policies on spaying and neutering?

The majority of institutions demand that dogs be spayed or neutered before they may attend. 

Although pups who have not been neutered are sometimes allowed to attend, many facilities demand that they be neutered between the ages of six months and one year.

This regulation is in place for the protection of the pack or group of dogs, not because of any specific neutering ideology.

What Kind of Discipline Do They Use?

You must establish if the facility utilizes punishments such as shock collars, shaking cans, or water hoses to discipline dogs who are aggressive or go above the threshold.

To begin with, violent dogs should not be kept in a daycare facility. Even at a well-run facility, things may get out of hand when dogs are playing.

That’s why it’s critical that the staff be well-trained and experienced, and that they pair the appropriate dogs together.

Punishment should never be used as a means of retaliation. It is not only harsh, but it may also lead to the escalation of undesirable behaviors.

Before things get out of hand, a well-run facility would employ methods to divert dogs. It would use praise, caressing, or play to encourage positive behavior.

Short time-outs may be used by some, which is okay if done correctly. Alternatively, if undesirable behaviors arise during fetch, the game may be terminated.

It’s critical that the facility provide a rest time for the dogs so that they don’t get excessively weary and agitated.

What are the routines in place?

When dogs have a good routine, they flourish. As a result, the daycare facility should include a range of activities in which the dogs may engage.

Some dogs have a greater drive than others and need additional exercises tailored to their needs.

Safe, low-agility equipment may be available at certain facilities. There are also kiddie pools. As well as retrieve balls.

Dogs should also have a dedicated, pleasant resting place where they may recharge their batteries.

Check the toy and treat policies as well.  

When other dogs get goodies, not all canines will be happy. As a result, they may have to offer goodies one at a time. Furthermore, certain dogs need specific diets.

What is the atmosphere like at the facility?

Before making a decision, you should be allowed to take a tour of the facility. 

You want to make sure it’s clean and doesn’t have any odors. 

Learn about their cleaning procedures. To prevent the transmission of germs and viruses, they should use disinfectants approved for use in veterinary hospitals.

There should be enough ventilation in the facility.

It’s also preferable if the dogs’ play area has rubber or epoxy flooring rather than slippery linoleum or chilly concrete.

The dogs will have more secure footing and will be less likely to be injured.

So that too many dogs aren’t crammed into too tiny an area, each dog should have 75 to 100 square feet of play room. For a play group of 15 dogs, a facility should have approximately 1500 square feet.

Is the Child Care Facility Bonded and Insured?

Your dog is a treasured friend. You want to know that if anything goes wrong and your dog is hurt needlessly, the daycare will be able to pay any costs.

Of course, when a puppy goes to daycare, there is always some danger. 

While playing, dogs may strain a muscle or receive a scratch. And such events are generally not covered by daycares.

How much does it cost?

Of course, you want the best for yourself. However, childcare is expensive. 

The price varies based on where you are in the nation and what kind of facility you use. Furthermore, some establishments demand extra costs for certain services, such as individual play with a staff member.

Find out how much you’ll be charged in advance. Some companies provide bundles that reduce the per-visit cost.

Daycares come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

There are many kinds of daycares, each with its own size and management style for the dogs in its care.

Dog Park Fashion

Indoor or indoor/outdoor amenities may be available. They’re usually bigger locations. 

Learn how they prepare for weather that is too hot or chilly for the dogs.

High-energy dogs benefit from the bigger spaces at this kind of facility since they have more room to play. 

This kind of facility is ideal for sociable dogs, and they thrive there.

This kind of facility is not recommended for dogs that are cautious or shy.

It’s worth noting that establishments with just indoor facilities may not offer an outside space where the dogs may relieve themselves. Potty training may be hindered if the dogs must go to the toilet indoors.

Style: Separated Play Area

Dogs are divided into various playgroups at this kind of facility depending on their activity level, play style, or size.

The groupings are often smaller than those seen at dog park daycare. 

Depending on the size of the space and the number of staff members, the groups typically comprise of 10 to 20 dogs.

In this kind of setting, cautious and timid dogs tend to perform better.

Daycare with a Personal Touch

This kind of childcare takes place at a person’s home. The number of dogs that may be present is governed by local legislation and licensing regulations.

Only a few dogs are usually allowed to attend. 

This smaller facility is generally preferable for more cautious or timid dogs who may be overwhelmed by too much activity at bigger facilities.

What to Look for When Trying to Figure Out If It’s a Good Fit

When selecting a daycare, it’s essential to examine the above criteria, but it’s also important to check whether it’s a suitable match for your dog.

Each dog is a one-of-a-kind creature. He may or may not like his presence. 

When you take him there, see if he appears pleased.

Is he willing to enter the facility, or is he pulling away and refusing to go inside?

Of course, it may take a few sessions for him to really enjoy himself. However, if he seems completely anxious before entering, it may not be a suitable match for him.

My Australian blend Millie is now enrolled in a two-day-a-week childcare program. When I brought her inside, she didn’t appear overjoyed at first.

But after approximately three sessions, she had gotten the hang of things, had become fond of the staff, and was eager to go inside. And when I take her up, she seems to be at ease and content.

Last Thoughts

Dog daycare may be a wonderful place for your dog to spend his or her time. However, you must ensure that the location fulfills specific criteria. It’s also crucial to choose one that matches your dog’s personality and requirements.

Have you ever taken your dog to a doggie daycare?

Please share your experience in the comments area below.


Choosing the doggy daycare prices is important for your dog’s happiness and health. It can be difficult to choose which day care will best suit your needs.

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Is Doggy Daycare good for puppies?

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