Cat lovers are always looking for ways to make their cats more comfortable and happy. One way is by taking them to the vet every year, which is something that Kat Dennings says she does with her cat, Louie.

Mobile veterinarian near me is a blog post by Kat Dennings, in which she urges cat parents to take their cats to the vet every year. Read more in detail here: mobile veterinarian near me.

Kat Dennings, a cat lover and actress, has partnered with Royal Canin, a worldwide leader in cat nutrition, to urge cat owners throughout the United States to make a commitment to take their cats to the veterinarian once a year. Dr. Diarra Blue, a veterinarian and reality TV star, and Hannah Shaw (Kitten Lady), a kitten rescue and humane educator, have joined Kat for the campaign and public service announcement to remind cat parents that even if their cats appear healthy, they need regular wellness visits with their veterinarian.

We all know how adept cats are at concealing signs of sickness or injury, which is why it’s critical that cats see the veterinarian on a regular basis.

Royal Canin’s Take Your Cat to the Vet campaign, now in its sixth year, aims to increase awareness about this critical problem of cat health and to break down the obstacles that hinder cats from seeing the veterinarian more often, thereby improving cats’ general well-being.

Kat Dennings (@katdenningsss on Instagram) provided this image.

Kat and I had the opportunity to talk about the project and the beautiful world of cats!

Catster: Tell us about your partnership with Royal Canin.

Kat: I’ve always had a soft spot for cats. Millie, my 8-year-old cat, is my obsession, and it’s critical for me to be informed about her health at all stages of her life. In fact, it was because I was concerned about her health that I learned about Royal Canin. I like what they stand for when it comes to cat health, fostering, and other issues. It was an easy victory for me when I heard about Royal Canin’s Take Your Cat to the Vet campaign. Unfortunately, half of all cats in the United States do not get regular veterinarian treatment. I’d want to help alter that since cats are incredible creatures that deserve to have the greatest and longest lives possible! Even though they seem to be normal or healthy, there may be underlying problems. Cat owners who take their cats to the vet on a regular basis will get a better understanding of their pets’ needs, habits, and warning indications that anything is wrong. That is why Royal Canin and I are urging everyone to make the commitment to take their cats to the veterinarian at least once a year. Visit to take the pledge!

Millie, tell us about your pet. What effect has she had on your life? 

Since the day I got Millie, she has been a huge part of my life. She has also been a rock for me throughout the last year and a half, both during the epidemic and in my personal life’s ups and downs. Because of our connection, I’ve been interested about her health and have made her veterinarian visits a high priority.

1631404988_81_Cat-Lover-Kat-Dennings-Urges-Cat-Parents-to-Take-TheirKat Dennings (@katdenningsss on Instagram) provided this image.

Have you always had a thing for cats? 

Yes! I’ve always had a soft spot for animals, particularly cats! I’ve always been involved in the cat world, particularly in terms of fostering. They had two kittens on site while filming the PSA with Royal Canin. I knew I had to assist when the cat handler on set informed me they were available for adoption. The kittens have found a permanent home and had a happy ending!

What are some of the ways you give back to the animal community?

Every year, millions of motherless kittens face death on the streets and in animal shelters. Fostering is one of my greatest passions. Kittens can’t live without specialized care if they don’t have a mother to look after them. I created a PSA in collaboration with Royal Canin to promote Orphan Kitten Club’s Mightycat grant program. The Orphan Kitten Club is a first-of-its-kind organization that supports the care and preservation of newborn kittens. The funding will enable groups committed to preserving kittens’ lives to continue their vital job. They’ve done some amazing things to help these most vulnerable felines!

What is it about cats that you adore? 

I adore the happiness that cats can offer. They provide us comfort, companionship, and unwavering love. They’re also very adorable.

Do you have any intentions for animal welfare in the future? 

I want to continue to use my platform to aid in the adoption of as many animals as possible!

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