There are lots of different ways to care for your pet, and it can be hard to decide which is best for you. This article will help you find the right type of pet care for your needs.

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Because it is so excellent at what it does: autonomously cleaning your cat’s waste so that it is out of sight, the Litter-Robot is the highest-rated self-cleaning litter box on the market (and out of smelling range). But what happens when the trash can is full? Litter-Robot bags can very in in this situation. What are the best Litter-Robot bags, and why do we suggest custom-fit Litter-Robot liners? Continue reading to learn more.

How the Litter-Robot Works (Reminder)

A timer ticks down as your cat leaves the Litter-Robot, enabling the litter to clump before the Clean Cycle starts. The Litter-Robot separates your cat’s waste from the clean litter mechanically, putting the clumps in a trash drawer underneath the device. 

When the waste drawer is full, the app or the unit control panel will alert you. You just empty the drawer, replace the liner, and click the Reset button at that point. It’s as simple as throwing out the garbage!

Litter-Robot bags in grey waste drawer

Do Litter-Robot Bags Have to Be Used?

Although it is not needed for the device to operate, it is strongly suggested that you use a bag or liner to prevent the Litter-Robot waste drawer from deposited cat feces and pee clumps. This will not only make emptying the waste drawer a pleasure, but it will also significantly reduce smells and bacteria development caused by the drawer coming into touch with trash.  

Why Are the Best Litter-Robot Bags Custom-Fit Waste Drawer Liners?

Litter-Robot bags

Our custom-fit waste drawer liners are the finest Litter-Robot bags for the waste drawer. Our waste drawer liners fit precisely in every Litter-Robot model’s waste drawer. These trash bags have a capacity of 9-11 gallons.

Are you curious about the materials used to make these Litter-Robot bags? The liners are made of the following materials: 69.75 percent linear low-density polyethylene, 25% high-density polyethylene, 1.25 percent biodegradable additive, 2% slip additive, and 2% anti-block additive.

Is there a bag included with the Litter-Robot?

Three of our custom-fit waste drawer liners are included with the Litter-Robot. You may purchase additional Litter-Robot liners by subscribing to packs of 25, 50, or 100 with monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly delivery choices.

Litter-Robot Bags as an Alternative

The waste drawer does not need our custom-fit Litter-Robot liners. You may also use big plastic shopping bags or 10- to 13-gallon kitchen garbage bags. You may use it as long as it fits! This is one of the benefits of utilizing the Litter-Robot over other self-cleaning litter boxes on the market, which may need the purchase of additional equipment.

How Do Litter-Robot Bags Get Installed?

It’s simple! Roll down the edges of a fresh waste drawer liner or trash bag four times.

Begin at the rear and work your way forward, pushing the rolled edge of the bag through each of the four tabs while maintaining the bag tight. Pull the slack forward toward the carbon filter after making sure the bag is tight across the back and sides.

Make sure the bag does not extend beyond the tops of the waste drawer’s sides. To avoid the Drawer Full Indicator lenses seeing the bag and possibly reporting a false flashing blue Drawer Full Indicator light on the control panel, make sure it lies below the edges. 

Other Litter-Robot Custom-Fit Accessories

You’ll want to improve your litter box experience with additional custom-fit accessories after you discover how simple Litter-Robot liners are to use! All of these extras are optional extras.


Orange tabby cat standing on Litter-Robot ramp

The Litter-Robot ramp is intended to work with the current step mat in front of the unit. The ramp allows your cat to approach and leave the Litter-Robot in a friendly manner, minimizing litter tracking out of the box. 


Siberian cat stepping over Litter-Robot fence

The Litter-Robot fence attaches to the Litter-Robot globe’s entrance to provide your cat complete access. The fence serves as a barrier, keeping kicked-up trash contained and preventing messes that are half-in, half-out. It’s also available in four other colors!

Filters made of carbon

Litter-Robot carbon filter inside waste drawer

A carbon filter is included with the Litter-Robot to absorb smells in the waste drawer. We suggest replacing the carbon filter every three months for optimum odor absorption.

With the Accessory Kit, you may get custom-fit Litter-Robot Bags and Accessories.

All of these popular attachments are included in the Litter-Robot accessory package, which saves you money! For just $130, you can get the Litter-Robot liners, ramp, fence, and carbon filters.

Custom-fit waste drawer liners are a no-brainer. When it comes to Litter-Robot bags, however, you have a variety of choices! You’ll never have to shovel cat feces again, in any case. It’s as simple as putting out the garbage to clean the litter box.

Siberian cat stepping over Litter-Robot fence - what Litter-Robot bags should you use?




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