Black cats are traditionally considered bad luck, but they have a long history of being associated with prosperity and good fortune. From the ancient Egyptians to the modern day superstitions surrounding black cats, these felines have been linked to magic and mystery.

The famous black cats in anime is a tribute to the many famous black cats that have been depicted in various anime series.

The sleek, silhouetted shape of the black cat has always piqued the interest of pop culture artists and authors, particularly those working in film. Here’s a tribute to 10 stylish black cats on film, whether they’re starring in movies, appearing in TV programs, or even lighting up the social media landscape.

Felix the Cat is a feline that lives in a

Felix The Cat, a pioneering legend among animated felines, made his debut in the black-and-white silent film era. Felix’s antics catapulted him to fame, until he was overshadowed by a particular talking cartoon mouse from the Disney stable. Felix was the first cartoon character to have his image turned into a parade balloon. In the 1933 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, he made his debut.

Second Snowball

When Snowball, The Simpsons’ white cat, died in a car accident, Homer and the family replaced her with a black kitten. They gave the new kitten the moniker Snowball II to keep things screwy. Since then, Snowball’s genealogy has grown to include a fifth version of the cat, who has kept the name Snowball II to avoid having to purchase new food dishes.

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Saberhagen, Salem

Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s feline co-star Salem Saberhagen, an animatronic black cat from the Teenage Witch TV series, claims a fanciful origin story: According to legend, Salem is a 500-year-old witch who was condemned by the Witches Council to spend the next 100 years as a black cat by the Witches Council. What was Salem’s crime? It’s nothing more than seeking global dominance, as all self-respecting megalomaniacal felines are prone to do.

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In a TV comedy ratings war in the 1960s, The Munsters faced off against The Addams Family. Kitty, the no-nonsense kitty that ruled the roost at the Munsters’ 1313 Mockingbird Lane home, backed up the Munsters’ macabre antics. Is this Kitty’s business card? When agitated, he has a proclivity for roaring like a huge lion.

Binx Thackery

The opening scene of the 1993 family fantasy film Hocus Pocus shows Thackery Binx, portrayed by Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker, being transformed into a black cat by a trio of witches. Binx, who has been granted immortality, volunteers to protect the farmhouse on Halloween so that the meddling witches cannot be called back – a duty he takes on with great zeal and courage.

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The aspiring witch of the title zips about town on her broomstick doing good acts, while her black cat sidekick Jiji offers less-than-helpful snarky remarks, in the charming 1989 Studio Ghibli animated film Kiki’s Delivery Service. Jiji’s sarcastic asides are conveyed by the voice of Saturday Night Live comic Phil Hartman in the American version of the film.

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Rover is one of the black cat monarchs of Instagram, having ventured into the social media world. This opportunistic kitty has called himself “your favorite runway meowdel,” and he thrills his 300,000 fans by wearing fashionable clothes and walking along his in-home runway. “The tail is everything,” Rover boasts in one video while wearing a showy, fluffed-up feather scarf. Check him out on Twitter at @rover thecat.

Monster Truck Princess

In 2013, a Persian cat with an overbite fell out of a bush on a New York roadway, beginning the tale of the wonderfully called Princess Monster Truck. Ms. Truck now spends her days giving pro-adoption messages to her devoted army of Instagram followers after being given a permanent home by the people who rescued her. Follow her on Twitter at @princessmonstertruck.


Everyone loves a talking anime cat, and Luna from the Sailor Moon series is one of the genre’s most beloved characters. Luna, who wears a distinctive moon on her forehead, becomes a mentor to the Sailor Team, falls in love with astronaut Kakeru, and exposes her computer password, which translates to “the rabbit on the moon bakes mochi cakes.”


Isis is a sci-fi cat that lives the Star Trek world and wears a distinctive bejeweled collar. She is a shapeshifter who changes between human and feline forms. Isis made her first major appearance in 1968, in the episode Assignment: Earth, when she assisted in the sabotage of a nuclear missile. In the twenty-first century, Isis is credited for foiling a plan to kill Spock during the diplomatic Khitomer Conference in 2293.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most famous black cat?

The most famous black cat is the Cheshire Cat.

What are black cats a symbol of?

Black cats are typically a symbol of bad luck, death, and witchcraft.

Why is the black cat famous?

The black cat is a symbol of bad luck.

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