Cats are a popular pet and they have been for centuries. In fact, it is said that cats were worshiped as gods in ancient Egypt. But what makes the cat so special?

The cute cats are an amazing species of animals that have become more popular over the years. They are not only cute, but they can be found in many different colors and breeds.

Halloween would be celebrated all year if I had my way. So it goes without saying that I like scary stories — and much more so when cats are involved! While browsing Etsy, I stumbled across artist Braden Duncan’s work and was instantly attracted in. Pop culture, mythology, mysticism, Steampunk, cybernetics, and the natural world — including all things furry and feathery — all come together in her work.

Cats have an important role in her work. The Seattle-based artist adds, “I’ve always had a thing for cats.” “Everywhere I go, I make friends with them, and my own are all rescues who adopted me.” Her three cats (Ghost, Diesel, and Earl Grey) all serve as models for her.

She enjoys interacting with other animal enthusiasts over their shared appreciation of adorable animals. “Having the ability to declare with a straight face that I’ve converted ‘crazy cat woman’ into a legitimate career is one of my favorite parts!”

Cool-and-Creepy-CatsBraden is a full-time artist who who works as an animal rescuer. She’s donated paintings to local shelters throughout the years, and she recently served as the exhibitor organizer for Sea-Meow Con (Seattle’s first cat convention). Many animal shelters in the Pacific Northwest (and beyond) were compelled to shut their doors to the public when the epidemic struck. She discovered a method to remain in touch with her cat community despite the fact that adoption activities and cat conferences had been canceled due to pandemic restrictions. She developed Wildcats4Charity — a series of unique watercolor wild cat portraits with 100% of the sales benefitting a separate Seattle-area animal sanctuary — with no exhibitions or events to prepare for and plenty of spare studio time.

Braden sells prints, enamel pins, magnets, vinyl stickers, folded notecards, and postcards on her Etsy store, all of which feature her delightfully odd work. Visit,, Facebook @clockworkartshop, and Instagram @clockworkart for more information.

The creepy cat comic is a funny comic that features cats in various situations.

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