In the 1800s, black cats were considered bad luck and were often killed on sight. This changed with the rise of superstitions about witches, which led to a new understanding that black cats are actually symbols of protection.

The black cat coming to your house is a myth that has been around for centuries. It is often thought of as an omen of death, but the truth is that black cats are just like any other color.

Kate Benjamin is a cat book author and feline furniture designer who lives with a clowder of black cats. There are seven in all, with names like Jeremiah Beandip, Horacio Queso, and Pico de Gato. She calls them her little home panthers, a word of affection that has evolved into a global, modern-day tribute to these felines, whose mystery has won them respect and adoration since the ancient Egyptians regarded them as gods.

Kate began dyeing her hair black after acquiring her first black cat, Ando, and called her company Hauspanther, referring to the Bauhaus, the cradle of contemporary design, with the German word haus.

Black cats are emblems of good luck and prosperity in many cultures across the globe. Despite this, beliefs continue to identify them as unfortunate — and even wicked — making them objects of hate and violence.

Kate is on a mission to debunk the bad stereotypes about black cats and promote them as the amusing, sociable, and charming animals that they are.

Jeremiah Beandip (pictured as a kitten) is Kate’s cat and serves as a product tester, photo shoot model, and shining example of how adorable and lovable black cats can be. Kate Benjamin is a writer.

The facts alone

Now that we’re in the twenty-first century, it’s time to abandon superstitions in favor of contemporary knowledge. Many research have been done on black cats and how they compare to cats with different coat colors in terms of personalities and behavior.

Dr. Liz Stelow, the head of the UC Davis veterinary hospital’s Behavior Service, was an active participant in this study and summarizes her results in one sentence: “We found no evidence that black cats are more violent than cats with other coat colors,” she adds. “Furthermore, they didn’t stand out in any other good or bad aspects, either.”

Black cats (and dogs) are often ignored by prospective adopters, according to Dr. Gary Weitzman, president and CEO of the San Diego Humane Society.

“However, it may not be as important as we previously believed,” he says. “Some studies indicate that since black coloring is a dominant gene, there are just more black pets. As a result, there are more black dogs and cats in shelters.”

“At San Diego Humane Society, our duration of stay is minimal for all black pets – 31 days for cats and 14 days for dogs compared pets of other colors,” says Dr. Weitzman, who has written nine books including How to Speak Cat (27 days for cats and 15 days for dogs).

“Adopters may ignore black dogs unjustly, but the good news is that each animal’s personality comes through regardless of coat color. And there are some great individuals who will only acquire black dogs since they are aware that the problem is growing,” he says.

There are additional reasons why prospective adopters may ignore black cats. They are the last to find homes, according to a study by the British Broadcasting Corporation, because they don’t look well in selfies!

Policy Changes Regarding Shelter

“We have a fantastic team of professional photographers who donate their time taking beautiful pictures of our adoptable animals at the San Diego Humane Society,” Dr. Weitzman adds. “Because black animals are more difficult to photograph (selfie or not), having their help is essential in displaying the beauty of all the animals in our care.”

Like many other shelters throughout the nation, the group conducts special adoption campaigns aimed specifically at black dogs. Black Friday, Black Cat Awareness Day, and Black Dog Awareness Day are common examples of these events.

In contrast to many shelter regulations, San Diego Humane no longer prohibits black animals from being adopted at specific times of the year, such as before Halloween, for fear of being utilized in satanic rituals.

“It’s a complete fallacy that has stopped hundreds of animals from finding loving homes throughout the years,” Dr. Weitzman adds. “Putting up useless and needless obstacles isn’t the way to keep children safe.

“The truth is that San Diego, like other large cities, is full with caring, animal-loving individuals who want to welcome animals into their hearts and homes. We wish to provide them the opportunity to do so! Instead of obstructing adoption, we want to empower them and offer tools that promote it.”

The San Diego Humane Society also offers adopters lifetime assistance in order to help them maintain their dogs in their homes. “This open approach to adoption is saving lives,” says Dr. Weitzman, “which is ringing evidence that letting go a bit may be the greatest way to share the love.”

So, what can YOU do as part of the #pawsforthiscause campaign?

‘Erica Danger’ is a fictional character created by Erica Danger.

Use social media to debunk foolish and outdated myths about our black feline companions.

To emphasize the pleasures of living with these black beauties, ask friends and relatives to post pictures of their black cats on social media.

Adopt your own black cat! Kate Benjamin advises, “Don’t judge a cat by his or her color; get to know their personality first!” “In fact, all of my cats have a laid-back, calm demeanor. Be open to all options while looking to adopt a cat. You never know who you’ll be attracted to.”

Photographing a Beautiful Black Cat: Expert Advice

Isn’t it true that you want your cat to appear like the dazzling star that she is? Here are some techniques for getting the greatest photos of any house panther, whether you’re using a smartphone or a high-end SLR camera.

1632514689_261_The-Black-Cat-MystiqueErica Danger | Erica Danger | Erica Danger | ericadanger.

➽ To begin, set the scene. Don’t let the junk take over! Remove any potential sources of distraction from the area where you’ll be shooting. You may not always have time to take a picture of your cat, but if you can sweep away or lint roll any excess crumbs and stray cat hair on the surfaces surrounding them, your cat will always appear better. This may seem to be a mundane suggestion, but believe me when I tell it is a game changer!

➽ Locate your source of illumination. Natural light that is bright yet indirect, such as that seen near a window, is the most universally attractive lighting. However, indirect lighting is crucial: Harsh shadows and highlights are created by direct sunlight. If you don’t have a good window, illuminate the room with a bright bulb or two. Remember that each light source or bulb has a color tint known as its “temperature,” so if your pictures have some strange hues, consider switching to a different kind of light.

Experiment with color and contrast. Color and contrast are a black cat’s greatest friends when it comes to creating really eye-catching pictures! Brightly colored throw cushions, blankets, or simply an intriguing piece of cloth hung behind your cat can do the trick. Any color or pattern you want will do, but it’s interesting to experiment with colors that match or contrast with your cat’s eye color.

Experiment with different angles. You’re losing out on a lot of great pictures if you snap all of your photos while standing above your cat! Instead, make yourself at home on the floor and photograph from their eye level, off to the side, or slightly below. Alternatively, get up up and personal for a close-up beauty picture! Play around with different angles to create wonderful separation between your lovely subject and the backdrop behind them, and have fun trying new ideas!

― Cat photographer Erica Danger

The black cat egypt is a domesticated black cat. It was believed to be the first of its kind in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a black cat symbolize in Egypt?

In Egypt, a black cat is associated with the goddess Bastet. She was one of the most important deities in ancient Egyptian religion and mythology.

What is the spiritual meaning of a black cat?

Black cats are said to be associated with witchcraft and evil. They also symbolize protection, luck, and good fortune.

What deity is represented by a black cat?

The deity associated with a black cat is Bastet.

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