The cat is one of the most popular pets around the world. They are smart, playful, and can be a great companion to have. But they also have their own unique set of skills that you may not know about.

The catster is a website that allows users to find and share information on their local cat population.

Autumn is here, and it’s not only human youngsters that appreciate a smart trick (or a treat!) to mark the occasion. Here are six ways cats may be sneaky on Halloween – and throughout the year.

  1. Taking over a chair

You know the drill: get out of your chair for five minutes to get a pen or brew a cup of coffee. The seat cushion has suddenly sprouted fluff and outrageously adorable expressions when you return. They’re the ones that seem upset if you decide to be a complete monster and delete them. On top of everything else, we now feel guilty. So, like the all-day suckers that we humans are with our cats, we give up and go to a less comfy chair.

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  1. Pretend to be asleep.

Adult cats sleep 15 hours on average each day, including periods of deep sleep and shorter “one-eye-open” cat naps. Kitties, as we all know, have their own set of laws, and it’s best to leave a sleeping cat alone. However, there are occasions when we wish to wake up our sleeping cat: “Look at this wonderful catnip cigar!” “Did you see the new box in the kitchen?” says the narrator. “Say hello to Grandma!” If we get any kind of reaction, it’s typically a sardonic cock of the ear that says, “I hear you but choose to ignore you.”

When you ask the same cat whether they’d like a treat or the exciting pop of a cat food can opening, they’re at your feet quicker than you can say “seafood medley.”

  1. Hide and seek — sometimes just in front of your eyes

Felines believe they are masters at camouflaging themselves, keeping themselves concealed from view – and they are. They’ve been known to hide under pillows and in the backs of closets. Their deception is sometimes eclipsed by their failure to employ non-cat reasoning or tuck their tails: “They won’t see me if I stand absolutely still behind this sheer curtain” or “Sure, I’m fully hidden by the bed skirt.” The exposed tail, it seems, does not count. You’re very cunning, cat.

1631555352_809_Humans-Guide-to-Kitty-TrickstersGetty Images/Michael Burrell

  1. Teasing with cuddles

Who doesn’t like a good cat cuddle? When the cat climbs onto your lap, nuzzles your arm, and vibrates your whole body with enormous purrs, they’re the greatest. Watching a cat approach you with that adoring expression in her eyes and leisurely blinks galore is one of life’s greatest joys. Then she continues going, as if we were cheap kibble on the discount rack, passing us by. What is her final destination? Some inconsequential cardboard box that will never be as comfortable as our lap. They’re such teasers, those feline swindlers!

  1. Taking food from the table

Most cats follow the self-imposed rule of “What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine.” This contains the contents of our dishes for certain kitties. Consider the “dinner-and-a-show” strategy. We’re curled up on the couch, engrossed in the newest rom-com, our pizza slices heaped high on the adjacent TV tray. Slinking under the TV tray, the cat imitates his ancestor’s cunning hunting skills and waits for the ideal moment to attack the cheese victim. A lone paw reaches up to the plate and takes the slice into his grasp just as the screen fills with kissy faces. We sometimes notice the pizza slice is gone right away, and other times we think we ate it out of habit during the kissy-face moment.

  1. They’re acting as though they haven’t been fed.

This is a common occurrence: we return home after an excursion and our cats greet us as though they haven’t been fed in days. This kind of drama is typically reserved for poor TV movies, but these cats are believable. We take the bowls and prepare to feed the hungry furballs while we hastily reorganize our immediate priorities, putting our nearly-popped bladder at the bottom of the list. Meanwhile, our companion enters the room to inform us that the cats have been fed. The cats, as usual, maintain their innocence.

1631555353_548_Humans-Guide-to-Kitty-TrickstersGetty Images/Denis Valakhanovich

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As a cat owner, you might be wondering why your cat is distant. There are many reasons for this behavior, but the most common reason is that your cat has been tricked by another animal. Reference: why is my cat distant.

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