There are a few signs to look for when determining whether or not your cat is pregnant. Here are some of the most common signs that you may notice in your cat’s behavior.

The pregnant cat week by week pictures is a guide that will show you how to tell if your cat is pregnant.

Have you recently observed a change in the physical look or behavior of your unspayed cat? If that’s the case, you may be wondering, “Could my cat be pregnant?” & How can you know if your cat is pregnant?

Because these symptoms occur throughout the gestation period for cats, there are a few important indicators to look for if you’re wondering whether your cat is pregnant. Knowing what to look for can give you a better idea of what’s going on with your cat. 

Here’s how you can tell whether a cat is expecting!

Is My Cat Trying to Get Pregnant? 

Cats usually have a gestation span of 64 to 66 days, or about 9 weeks. It may be a sign of cat pregnancy if you notice changes in your cat’s look or behavior, such as weight growth or napping more than normal. 

You may always take your cat to the clinic if you observe any of these changes in his or her behavior. However, there are a few additional indications and symptoms to check for before taking your cat to the veterinarian.  

There Are 9 Signs That Your Cat Is Pregnant 

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Other pregnant cat signs include increased hunger, loving behavior, nest building, and enlarged nipples, in addition to weight growth and increased sleeping patterns. Let’s take a deeper look at some additional cat pregnancy warning symptoms. 

1. Changes in Heat Cycles

Cats’ normal heat cycles last anywhere from 10 to 14 days. Your female cat will be more loving, groom herself more often, meow more loudly than normal, mark her territory frequently, and perhaps lose her appetite during her heat cycles. If your cat’s heat cycle abruptly stops, she’s probably pregnant. 

2. Gaining Weight

Females acquire about 2 to 4 pounds of body weight throughout their pregnancy. Keep an eye on your pet’s weight and take note of any changes. 

3. Increased Hunger

Your pregnant cat will be feeding herself as well as her offspring. As a consequence, when your cat is pregnant, you’ll notice she eats more food and does so more frequently—changes in feeding patterns are an indicator of pregnancy in cats. 

4. Habits of Nesting

Your cat will seek for calm, isolated locations to give birth in order to prepare for the birth of her litter. You may also notice her growing more territorial with other animals if they trespass on her territory. 

5. Changes in Sleep Patterns

When your cat is pregnant, she will spend more time napping. It’s likely that your cat is pregnant if you see her sleeping more often during the day. 

6. Changes in the Appearance of the Nipple

You’ll be able to see the nipples sticking out from under your cat’s hair if she’s pregnant. You’ll also note that her nipples seem to be larger and rosier than normal. Pinking up is the term used by breeders to describe the color shift. 

7. Abdominal Swelling 

You’ll see your cat’s tummy begin to expand about the midway point of the pregnancy. Swelling begins about five weeks into the pregnancy and continues until the baby is born, so a swollen tummy may signal that your pet is pregnant. 

8. Nausea and vomiting

Your cat may suffer morning sickness in the same way as human mothers-to-be do. Vomiting may also be a symptom of pregnancy. Take your cat to the doctor as soon as possible if the vomiting persists and no other pregnancy signs appear.  

9. It’s a Little More Affectionate

You may notice that your animal companion is seeking your attention more often than normal during pregnancy due to hormonal and neurological changes. This surge in loving behavior may be a sign that you’re expecting. 

If My Cat Is Pregnant, What Should I Do?

Because cats usually handle pregnancy well, there isn’t much you need to do in the weeks or days leading up to delivery. However, if you have never seen a cat’s pregnancy, you should contact a veterinarian for confirmation of pregnancy. Plus, the vet can examine your cat’s health and tell you how many babies she’s carrying. 

A visit to the vet for a formal diagnosis may not be required for cats that have regular vet appointments and have previously been pregnant since you already know what to anticipate. Here are a few things you can do to help your pregnant cat be healthy and comfortable. 

Maintain a Spotless Litter Box

Make sure your expectant feline has a clean litter box. It will assist her in being happy and healthy during her pregnancy. For maximum pleasure and health, scoop waste out of the litter box everyday and replace the litter once or twice a month. 

Using a self-cleaning litter box like Litter-Robot in conjunction with Litter-Robot cleaning supplies is a wonderful method to maintain your litter box as hygienic as possible for your pregnant cat. You won’t have to bother about scooping and cleaning the litter box on a regular basis, and your cat will be able to relieve herself in a healthy environment. 

You might also think about buying a litter box ramp! This will make it easier for your pregnant cat to access and leave the litter box. 

Visit the Veterinary Clinic

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Make an appointment with your veterinarian as soon as possible. An ultrasound will be performed by your veterinarian, which may identify pregnancy as early as two weeks. A vet may conduct an abdomen check between the seventeenth and twenty-fifth day of pregnancy to feel for kittens in your cat’s womb. 

When your cat is farther along, your veterinarian may take X-rays to determine how many babies she is carrying. After 42 days in the womb, the spines and skulls of kittens become apparent, thus abdominal inspections and X-rays are most helpful. 

Do you want to know how many kittens a cat has in her first litter? Smaller litters are more common with first-time pregnancies, but your cat may have anything from one to nine babies! Wow!

Maintain a Well-balanced Diet

Check to see whether your cat is getting enough food and drinking enough of water. During pregnancy, you may wish to switch to high-quality, easily digested foods. Some cat diets are developed especially for pregnant cats and are intended to aid in the growth and development of the kittens. These meals are great for supplying all of the nutrition that both the mother and her kittens need. 

Make a Nesting Area 

You’ll notice that when your cat comes near to giving birth, she’ll start looking for a quiet, comfortable spot to nest. For pregnant cat mothers, cat furniture, big cat beds, or even cardboard boxes stuffed with towels may offer a cozy nesting place for your cat. With the assistance of a nesting place where she may relax, destress, and prepare for her big day, she’ll always be secure and comfortable!

Make Your Pregnancy a Happy and Healthy Experience 

Treat your pregnant cat like the queen she is by taking the necessary precautions to ensure that she has the finest possible environment throughout her pregnancy. The Litter-Robot 3 Connect and the AutoPets Connect app are a great match for cats of all ages, pregnant or not.  

Litter-Robot will alert you when the litter box need your care. In addition, you’ll be able to track your cat’s potty habits directly from your phone! 

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After that, spay your cat.

While the thought of having a litter of kittens is thrilling, spaying your cat once she has recovered from giving birth is strongly advised. Not only is spaying your cat healthier for her general health, but it also helps to reduce feline overpopulation. Learn why a spayed cat will live a longer life. (Don’t forget to spay or neuter your male cats!)

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The pregnant cat labor signs is a guide that tells you what to expect when your cat is pregnant. It includes information on how long the pregnancy lasts, as well as what kind of complications are possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of a pregnant cat?

There are many signs of a pregnant cat. The most obvious sign is that the cat will be more affectionate and clingy to its owner. Other signs include weight gain, increased appetite, and nesting behavior.

How do you know if your cat is pregnant or just fat?

If your cat is pregnant, it will have a swollen belly. If your cat is just fat, it will be too lazy to move around and youll have to drag it around by its tail.

How long after mating can you tell if a cat is pregnant?

Cats can have a gestation period of anywhere from 63 to 90 days, so its hard to tell if theyre pregnant or not until about the 60th day.

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