Cats are natural climbers, and many people have found that their cats prefer to use an elevated litter box. However, some cats will not use an elevated litter box because they feel insecure or uncomfortable on the ledge. To help your cat be more comfortable with using an elevated litter box, try turning it into a fun game for them.

The distance between litter box and food is the distance that must be kept between the cat’s litter box and its food. If this distance is not kept, it can lead to health problems for your cat.

An raised litter box may improve your cat’s restroom experience significantly. A elevated litter box will not only offer your cat with more privacy, but it will also provide dog-proofing capabilities, less mess, and an overall better experience! We’ll go through the benefits and drawbacks of using an elevated litter box, as well as how to persuade your cat to use one. 

What’s the Deal With Raised Litter Bins?

While all cats have different tastes when it comes to litter boxes, an elevated litter box like the Litter-Robot 3 Connect may make it more pleasant for your cat. But wait—an raised litter box isn’t only good for your cat! 

You’ll have less litter strewn around the house, and your home will be decorated with a chic method to conceal a litter box. Elevated litter boxes also aid in keeping other pets out of the litter box! Even if your cat has difficulty climbing higher surfaces, litter boxes like the Litter-Robot include a ramp that makes it easy for cats to access elevated boxes. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using An Elevated Litter Box For Your Cat?

Let’s take a closer look at how an elevated cat litter box may make your cat’s litter box experience better. Here are four reasons to use an elevated litter box for your feline companion!

While doing their business, cats need privacy.

Cats have a deep-seated need to remain on the lookout at all times. It’s no surprise that they choose litter boxes that are isolated and provide solitude so they may use the toilet without disturbing others. Raised and enclosed litter boxes will provide them with the solitude they need to have a relaxing litter box experience. Take privacy a step further with concealed litter box furniture like Litter-cappuccino Robot’s oak storage cabinet! 

Keeps Litter in Its Place

Some cats dig so deep in the litter box that they make a big mess outside the box, possibly spreading germs throughout your house. While you won’t be able to prevent your cat from digging, an elevated litter box will keep the litter where it belongs—inside the box! The litter rests deeper in the box and the borders are raised with an elevated litter box. Litter is much less likely to wind up all over your home when combined with a Litter TrapTM Mat. 

Dogs are kept out of the kennel.

The Litter-Robot 3 Connect is the ideal litter box for dogs. It will keep your dog out of the litter box and give your cat more confidence while going to the toilet. Furthermore, since the litter box is self-cleaning, it will sift waste from the litter before your dog attempts to eat anything your cat left behind.

More Fashionable

Your cat is primarily concerned with having a litter box that is clean, safe, and simple to use. You probably want all of that as a pet parent, but it wouldn’t hurt to have something a bit more appealing. The Litter-Robot 3 Connect may be used on its own or in a contemporary piece of furniture like as a credenza. Who says you have to sacrifice elegance in the sake of avoiding kitty waste?

What are the disadvantages?

Are you concerned that your cat may leap in and out of the box? We understand: Some cats may have medical or age-related problems that prohibit them from utilizing an elevated litter box properly. The good news is that the Litter-Robot 3 Connect includes an optional ramp attachment that allows your cat to utilize a higher litter box simply and safely. 

What Is The Best Way To Get My Cat To Use It?

So you’re probably wondering whether cats will utilize an elevated litter box. Don’t worry if your cat isn’t using the litter box right away; there are methods to make them feel more at ease with their new box. Cats are naturally inquisitive, and they will most likely explore the new box regardless of the circumstances. 

Place the raised litter box in the same spot as the previous one. Then transfer a cup of litter from the old box to the new box’s clean litter. Your cat will be enticed to explore by the familiar smell. Your cat will sense the litter once inside and know just what to perform. 

Give your cat the best litter box experience possible. 

There’s no better time to upgrade to the Litter-Robot 3 Connect than now. This raised litter box will not only provide your cat with seclusion while keeping your home beautiful and clean, but it will also provide you with a wealth of functions. The Litter-Robot 3 Connect will clean the box for you automatically, and the app will notify you when the box requires your attention. You may use the app to track your cat’s litter box behavior and decorate the litter box as you see appropriate! 

Orange tabby cat with handkerchief on ramp in from of Litter-Robot 3 Connect - will my cat use an elevated litter box?




The litter-robot 3 is a litter box that uses infrared sensors to monitor the amount of waste in the litter. It will automatically clean up after your cat and avoid tracking litter all over the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will cats use an elevated litter box?

Cats will not use an elevated litter box.

What kind of litter box do cats prefer?

Cats prefer either a litter box with a hood, or one without.

How can I get my cat to stop pooping on the floor?

This is a difficult question to answer. However, you can try putting a litter box in the room that your cat likes to poop in and then put some food nearby.

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