The cat is one of the most popular pets in the world. There are more than 500 million cats living on our planet, and their population continues to grow. That’s why it’s no surprise that there are so many games for cats out there!

Truman came in second.

Truman is an eight-year-old Somali whose human mother, Samantha, has taken him on the adventure of a lifetime since he is the ideal travel companion. He’s lived in Austin, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Boston, among other places. He is unconcerned about where he lives and has no trouble adapting as long as he is with Samantha. “Especially since quarantine, Truman has been a really happy cat. He has complete access to me at all times and is overjoyed. He enjoys following me around everywhere I go. Truman’s usual day starts with a short breakfast of greenies [his favorite food], followed by a few of laps around the house, including a tunnel or two for good measure. Then it’s time for a sleep. He gets up a few hours later to attend a Zoom conference or two, grab a bite to eat, and then go back to sleep.” Truman’s day-to-day looks like this in the late afternoon/early evening.

It wasn’t difficult to get votes for this dashing ginger. “Every day, I attempted to come up with at least one new social media post and one new Instagram story. Truman is a fascinating topic because he is so animated.”

Truman’s mother would want to congratulate all of the contestants. “The true reward is that every cat submitted has at least one human who loves him or her. All pets are wonderful. They provide unconditional love to their people and want the same in return.” @smltlk

Charlie came in third place.

Charlie is an 11-month-old Persian kitten with a beautiful face who had a difficult start in life due to his breeders’ neglect. Kenneth, his human, says, “If I could give anybody an useful bit of advice, always do your research on breeders before bringing home a new member of your family.”

Charlie is a sweet young boy, and his parents wouldn’t have it any other way, despite the fact that adjusting to waking up early every morning has been difficult. When he’s not bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm, he’s such a snuggle bug.

“Charlie kneads our faces first thing in the morning. If it doesn’t jolt us awake, he bites our noses and yells at us to get up and feed him. After he’s finished eating, he takes advantage of the fact that we’re both at home and comes over for a hug. I’m sure it’s his favorite pastime. He purrs and flops and lavishes caresses on us.”

Benny came in fourth place.


Benny is a happy 3-year-old grey and white tabby with a contagious personality and zest for life. People adore him, and he loves them in return. Benny was a victim of cruel animal cruelty as a kitten, but his lifelong neurological and physical impairments to his small body don’t stop him from enjoying his best life now – playing in the yard and resting on his mother, Beverly. Benny raises awareness about the connection between domestic violence and animal cruelty. He has collected $1,000s for Helen Sanders Cat Protection and Welfare Society (CatPAWS), the City of Long Beach Animal Care Services, who rescued his life and investigated his cruelty case, and a local women’s shelter.

Benny enjoys interacting with friends and acquaintances. When visitors arrive at the home or he goes for walks in his stroller, he welcomes them with sniffs and cat licks (nose to their skin). This foolish cat refuses to be defined by his history. @bennythecatsjustice

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