In the past few years, DNA testing has become a popular method for determining what breeds of dogs you might be able to own. However, experts say that this is not always the best option.

The best dog dna test uk is a question that has been asked many times. There are different opinions on whether or not the kits are worth the money.

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The merle speckled coat of your rescued dog is striking. 

People always want to know what breed he is. You, too, are intrigued.

So you’re considering purchasing a dog DNA test to finally put an end to your curiosity, but are dog DNA kits worth the money?

DNA Kits For Dogs - Yellow retriever holding red pouch in mouth.

I’ll go through the top-rated DNA kits in this post so you can make an informed choice.

What is the Purpose of a DNA Test?

Aside from satisfying your curiosity, there are many additional advantages to utilizing a DNA kit:

  • Knowing your dog’s breed composition can help you better understand his motivations and actions.
  • Knowing that your dog has sheltie and border collie in him can help explain why he surrounds you or nips at your heels as you walk. 
  • When you learn that he’s half Jack Russell and quarter Cairn terrier, his fascination with hunting squirrels may make sense.
  • Knowing his motivations will make things easier for both of you. You may improve your dog’s training and exercise routine.
  • Some DNA test kits also provide information on possible health issues that your dog may have. 
  • You may also be able to come up with a better diet and wellness plan for your dog.

The Top Three DNA Kits for Dogs

I’ll go through the advantages and disadvantages of three of the best-rated dog DNA tests. 

When determining if a DNA test is worth the money, think about what breeds and health problems it covers, as well as how accurate it is. 

Of course, the cost and time it takes to get findings are other variables that influence your decision.

A sample of your dog’s saliva from his cheek is used to gather genetic material for all of the tests mentioned. Each business provides a Q-tip-style swab. 

The swab is put in a vial containing a liquid to preserve the sample and sealed after collecting the saliva sample. The sample is then placed in a postage-paid envelope and sent back to be analyzed. 

On their websites, each business provides particular directions on how to proceed with the sample or swabs you must send.

Most businesses will replace the swab if it is destroyed. 

Before swabbing your dog’s mouth/cheek region, he won’t be able to lick, chew, or consume anything for a few minutes to many hours, depending on the test.

Due to concerns over private information, no business discloses specifics about their testing process. 


The highest-rated option is Embark, but it’s also the most costly. 

The Breed and Health Exam is normally $199, however there is often a $50 discount coupon, making the test $149.

The Breed Test is normally $129, however it is often on sale for $99.

The research was carried out in collaboration with Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

The 350 breeds, kinds, and variations tested by Embark include several street canines and the gray wolf.

It finds 200,000 genetic markers, which is twice as many as the competition. It assesses the risk of genetic illness in dogs for over 200 recognized health issues, much more than previous tests.

The data examined dates all the way back to the dog’s great-grandparents.

DNA is used in genetic health testing.

The findings are available in three to five weeks.

When the results are ready, you’ll get an email notification. 

The findings are available on Embark’s website, where they may be downloaded and shared as a report.

The study includes easy-to-understand graphics and charts.

The firm says that their tests are accurate to the tune of 95 to 99 percent.

Some test reviewers suggested that if a geneticist finds anything concerning, he or she would contact the patient directly before releasing the results.

A potential related finder is also included in the purchase, which compares your dog’s DNA to prospective family members in their computer database.

Animal shelters in the United States and Nepal get financing and genetic testing from Embark.

The Westminster Kennel Club’s approved dog DNA test is this one.

You may contact the business through e-mail or live chat if you have any queries or need assistance interpreting test findings.

A blog, a FAQ section, and a newsletter sign-up are all available on their website.

I just used this exam to learn more about Millie, my rescued dog. 

She was rescued at birth. Her mother resembled a genuine Australian shepherd, and the rescuers had no clue who her sire was. 

I provided no clue to the business about Millie’s appearance or disposition when I submitted her DNA sample.

In approximately three weeks, I received the findings. 

The Australian shepherd and Australian cattle dog are the two major canines in her lineage, according to the findings. 

Both of these explanations made sense, not just because of her looks, but also because of her high activity level and herding instincts.

Her coat was just as described–a merle, spotty, black coat. 

As stated in the test result, her coat is short to mid-length, and her muzzle is black and mid-to-long. 

The outcome also indicated that she had a normal-length tail, which she does. 

But it was the test finding indicating she was likely to develop dew claws on her back legs, which she did until they were removed after she was spayed, that truly blew me away.

As a consequence, I was pleased with the findings of my exam.

Canine Wisdom Panel 3.0 Premium DNA Test

This is one of the finest mixed breed tests available, particularly if your dog is suspected of being mixed with breeds that aren’t prevalent in the United States. 

If you’re unsure about a dog’s breeds or think there are many uncommon breeds involved, this kit will test for over 350 breeds, kinds, and variations. 

The coyote, a Mexican street dog, and the wolf are also tested for. 

The findings may not be as reliable as the Embark test since it examines fewer DNA markers.

There are two versions of the exam available, same like Embark. 

The Premium Test examines a dog’s breed, illness, and personality characteristics. The Essential DNA Test is solely used to identify breeds.

The Premium Test costs $159.99.

The price of the Essential DNA Test is $99.99.

The premium version of the test examines 211 genetic disorders. However, unlike Embark, it does not notify owners of “at-risk” findings.

It examines more than 20 genetic factors to predict coat color patterns as well as physical characteristics such as ear erectness, leg length, and weight.

Mars Petcare created the test. The firm now says that their test is more than 98% accurate.

Unlike Embark, the business does not provide an online site for consumers to publish their findings.

The DNA sample is analyzed for hundreds of genetic markers that aid in the identification of the dog’s breed. 

They provide information about the dog’s genetic history, weight range estimates, and breed mix.

Within three weeks, you will get your findings through e-mail. You may also contact the business with any inquiries. 

Customers who left reviews appreciated the company’s response. On the company’s website, there are resources for DNA testing.

There is no choice for a relative finder.

Some animal rights organizations have formed philanthropic relationships with the business.

DNA Test for Orivet Dogs

The business, like the ones listed above, offers two DNA test options. 

The first is for mixed-breed identification, while the second is for mixed-breed identification as well as health screening. 

The price of the mixed-breed identification test is $99.95.

For $139.95, you can get a mixed-breed identity and health screening test.

For each exam, there is a different fee. The findings will take three to five weeks to appear.

On the company’s website, it seems that testing are exclusively performed for veterinarians or dog breeders. 

However, the business also conducts exams for dog owners.

Even for dogs that don’t want their saliva taken, the company’s website offers ideas for how to capture the DNA on its swabs. 

It also allows pet owners to have their veterinarian submit a blood sample from their dog instead of a saliva swab.

Its tests also offer a “life plan” for your dog, including dietary recommendations. Medical advice and health problems that need consultation and discussion with a veterinarian are included in life plans.

It includes percentage values for each breed as well as a weight prediction for the dog as an adult.

It may also provide information about your dog’s personality and behavior.

In its database, the breed test includes 220 recognized and emerging breeds. Over 150 canine health problems are covered by the health test.

The Genopet 5.0 test is billed as the world’s most comprehensive dog DNA test.

It’s dubbed the “ideal mixed-breed DNA test combination” by the business. It determines the breed of a dog and tests for all heritable illnesses and characteristics.

Geneticists are available for consultation at the business.

Within three to five weeks, the findings are sent to you. Customers have praised the company’s customer service.

Testing Cautionary Notes

Some experts advise treating the findings of any canine DNA test with caution. 

They point out that since the tests’ methods aren’t disclosed, it’s impossible to tell how reliable they are. 

And, as far as we know, each business could use a different one.

There are also no peer-reviewed papers explaining and evaluating the methods. Canine DNA testing are not regulated by the Federal Drug Administration.

Other experts are concerned that knowledge about breed identification may lead to prejudice against certain breeds. 

Pit bulls, for example, are often discriminated against in a variety of situations. Some rental properties, for example, will not accept a pit bull.

Furthermore, some specialists are worried that individuals may make medical choices based on the findings of the DNA test when it comes to the danger of developing health issues.

They point out that just because some breeds are more prone to certain health issues than others does not imply that your dog will acquire such issues. 

Even if a DNA test shows that your dog is more likely to acquire certain health issues, this does not guarantee that he will.

It’s also possible that some individuals may euthanize their pets based on the findings of the test, particularly if the test determines that the dog has a health problem.

I’ve also had friends get test results that are inconsistent with their pets’ looks and personality.

Last Thoughts

If you’re particularly interested in learning more about the breeds that make up your mixed-breed rescued dog, DNA testing are a possibility.

However, since their testing methods and findings are not regulated by an impartial body, the conclusions should be taken with a grain of salt.

Have you ever had the DNA of your dog tested?

What were the outcomes, and how pleased were you with them?


A dog DNA kit is a test that can be used to determine the breed of a dog. However, there are other ways to figure out the breed of your dog without spending money on these kits. Reference: how much does a dog dna test cost at a vet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dog DNA tests really accurate?

No, they are not.

What will a dog DNA test tell you?

A dog DNA test will tell you the breed, the sex, and whether or not your dog is purebred.

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