Litter boxes are the most important part of keeping your pet healthy and happy. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to find in a home without spending a lot of money on furniture. This article will help you find the best hidden litter box furniture that is budget-friendly.

The cat litter cabinet is a hidden litter box that you can place anywhere. It has a small footprint and is easy to clean, but it’s still large enough for your cat to use as a litter box.

How can you conceal the litter box without obstructing your cat’s ability to use the bathroom? With furnishings that hides the litter box! Learn why it’s a good idea to hide the litter box, particularly if it’s within a beautiful piece of furniture. Below are some of our favorite concealed litter box furniture options.

What Is the Purpose of a Hidden Litter Box?

There are many reasons to keep the litter box hidden. You may live in a tiny apartment and don’t want the litter box to be visible, or you may have dogs that like sniffing for “treats” in the litter box. A concealed litter box may be a great advantage to your pet home as long as it is readily accessible to your cat.

Small Rooms

If you live in a studio or tiny apartment, you undoubtedly have little space for a litter box—and even fewer choices for hiding one. Not only should a piece of concealed litter box furniture hide the litter box in your tiny area, but it should also be useful in other ways. Consider shelves, storage, or perhaps a TV stand.


Even a modern-looking litter box may clash with your home’s décor. It’s still an appliance that stores your cat’s waste at the end of the day! The best method to “dress up” your cat’s potty is to hide it within a beautiful piece of furniture. The chances are that your visitors will be completely unaware that there is a litter box in the home.

Dogs in the House

Unfortunately, many dogs will eat cat excrement if given the chance. For your foraging dog, a filthy open litter box is a wonderful treasure mine of food. This habit is not only disgusting, but it may also make your dog ill and cause a huge mess for you. While there are numerous dog-proof litter box alternatives available, investing in concealed litter box furniture may be the easiest option.

Controlling Odors 

It’s inevitable that the litter box smells. The better the odor control, however, the more barriers between the litter box and the outside air there are. Less exposure to air will result in less smells, whether it’s a covered litter box, a litter box enclosure, or concealed litter box furniture. Just make sure your cat has easy access to the litter box!


Using the litter box is a solitary experience for many cats. If your cat is forced to use the litter box in the open, where there is a lot of foot traffic, he or she may feel insecure. As a consequence, they may choose to relieve themselves outside of the litter box. Your cat will appreciate the well-deserved privacy provided by hidden litter box furnishings!

Which Furniture for a Hidden Litter Box Should I Choose?

It’s simple to build a case for litter box furniture that’s concealed. But where do you go for practical items that don’t detract from your home’s aesthetic? Learn why Litter-Robot by Whisker is the best option for both style and utility in litter box furniture.

Credenza with Litter Box 

Longhaired cat on top of litter box credenza hidden litter box furniture with Litter-Robot inside

The litter box credenza serves as both a hideaway for the litter box and a beautiful piece of furniture for any cat parent who like the rustic style!


The white plank litter box credenza is made of composite wood, which is more resistant to scratches and spills (even urine) than conventional wood. On one side of the credenza, there is a USB power hub. 


The three farmhouse-style cabinet doors provide plenty of space for the litter box (or a self-cleaning Litter-Robot) to be placed within. The open side entrance allows your cat easy access to the litter box. Flat panel TVs weighing less than 50 pounds may also be used with the litter box credenza. (Don’t use a TV that’s too heavy.)


This work, at 43.1 inches wide, may be too big for small living areas. Once the box is opened, the credenza is likewise non-refundable.


The pricing of the litter box credenza is $349. Affirm offers qualified clients the option of making four interest-free payments or paying as little as $32/month.

Cabinet for storing litter boxes 

Orange tabby cat inside Litter-Robot inside litter box storage cabinet and hutch hidden litter box furniture

The litter box storage cabinet with optional hutch is ideal for cat owners who wish to conceal the litter box while taking use of the extra storage space above.


The coffee wood finish on the litter box storage cabinet is stylish. With its cutting holes, the optional hutch transforms this item into a contemporary cat tree while also providing extra shelf space. It’s a place where you and your cat may relax and unwind.


The convertible open side entrance allows your cat to use the self-cleaning Litter-Robot or a conventional litter box within the cabinet. This storage cabinet, like the litter box credenza, is made of composite wood and can resist scratches and stains.


The storage cabinet and hutch are slightly over 70 inches tall, which may be too large for certain living areas. (Without the hutch, the cabinet is just 34.3 inches tall.) Once the package is opened, the cabinet is likewise non-refundable.


The litter box storage cabinet costs $329 without the extra hutch and $379 with it. Affirm allows qualified consumers to make four interest-free payments or pay as little as $30 per month.

Why is Litter-Hidden Robot’s Litter Box Furniture the Best Option?

Whisker, the company behind the Litter-Robot, makes the finest concealed litter box furniture available. These furniture items combine form and function, particularly when you can easily store the highest-rated self-cleaning litter box.

Look no farther than our Litter-Robot furniture packages if you’re searching for concealed litter box furniture and are weary of scooping! The Litter-Robot Credenza Bundle, which includes free delivery in the continental United States, a 90-day in-home trial, and a 36-month warranty, is now $30 off. 

Why put it off any longer? Today is the day to stop scooping and conceal the litter box.

Longhaired cat on top of litter box credenza with Litter-Robot inside- what is the best hidden litter box furniture?


The how to build a cat litter box cabinet is a question that has been asked many times before. It is important to have a hidden litter box furniture so your cat can use it without being disturbed by others in the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cats like litter box furniture?

Yes, cats like litter box furniture.

How can I hide my litter box cheap?

In order to hide your litter box, you will need to use a litter mat. These mats are made of a material that is meant to absorb the smell and keep it from coming out in the air.

How do I keep the litter box from smelling in my house?

The litter box should be cleaned regularly, and the walls of the house should be washed on a regular basis.

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